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| November 13, 2018

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5 Startups Show Their Connection To Parallels And Its Software Play In The Hosting World -

5 Startups Show Their Connection To Parallels And Its Software Play In The Hosting World

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A software company’s conference in Las Vegas for executives of hosting companies is not exactly where I’d expect to see a bunch of startups showing off what they do. But when the software company’s executive chairman of the board is also an investor in the startups, then the reason for their attendance becomes pretty clear.

Five startups, all funded by Runa Capital, attended the Parallels Summit this week in Las Vegas. Parallels develops software to manage infrastructure for hosting companies and service providers. Parallels Founder Serguei Beloussov is a senior partner in Runa Capital and also an investor in Anturis, which launched at the conference this week. These companies also integrate with Parallels software. Put those factors together and it makes perfect sense why these companies came to Las Vegas this week.

Nevertheless, they are still startups so let’s take a quick look at who showed up:

  • Jelastic offers hosting and scaling of Java and PHP apps with no code changes required. Parallels is a primary technology partner. 
  • ECWID is a SaaS solution for e-commerce that allows developers to create a web store by using a set of AJAX e-commerce widgets that can be integrated with existing sites managed by content management systems and social media sites. ECWID is the number one widget for eCommerce on Facebook. It has more than 220,000 storefronts in 175 countries.
  • StopTheHacker is a SaaS provider that protects websites from interruptions or harm to their online reputation. It includes anti-malware technology and can scan a website to detect security holes that hackers may exploit. It also offers uptime and reputation monitoring to detect if a site is blacklisted by any search engines.
  • Infratel sells a platform that allows small, web-based businesses of fewer than 10 employees to offer a voice-based customer service offering delivered over a company’s website.
  • Cellrox allows a company to have one phone line that routes calls to the right people in the company. It works with mobile phones and allows for calls to be taken from a website.

All these companies could fit in a hosting environment and integrate with the Parallels platform.


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