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| March 25, 2018

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Syrian mortar shells land in Israel-held Golan

March 2, 2013 |

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel’s military says a series of Syrian mortar shells have landed in the Israeli-held Golan Heights.
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Obama: Fiscal Crisis Will ‘Inflict Pain’

March 2, 2013 |

Obama: Fiscal Crisis Will ‘Inflict Pain’

President Obama

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Hours after spending cuts officially kicked in Saturday, the President urged a divided Congress to work with him on a compromise.$ 85 billion total now at stake

Sequester storm gathers over D.C. economy

March 2, 2013 |

The nation’s capitol and nearby Virginia and Maryland will likely feel the worst of the impact. States heavily-reliant on federal spending – as far away as New Mexico – are also in for some rough weather. Business

Basketball buddies: Dennis Rodman, Kim Jong Un

March 2, 2013 |

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman declared his eternal friendship with North Korea’s supreme leader Thursday. – World


Ben Affleck — I Didn’t Kick the Paps … They Were Scaring My Daughter!

March 2, 2013 |

Ben Affleck didn’t kick anyone yesterday and was merely trying to get the paparazzi to back off … because they were scaring his daughter … this according to sources close to the Oscar winner.Ben was holding 4-year-old Seraphina yesterday when…

MOOCs and the Myths of Dropout Rates and Certification

March 2, 2013 |

When the second iteration of my free mathematics MOOC starts this weekend, I anticipate at least 30,000 students will sign up. Not as many as the 65,000 I got last year, when it had novelty value — and a lot less competition! — but still a substantial number.

By the end of week three, that number will likely have dropped to 10,000 (it was 20,000 last time round), and by the end of the course a “mere” 5,000 (10,000 before), with maybe as few as 500 taking the optional final exam in order to earn a certificate with distinction (1,200 in 2012).

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‘Like finding lost Rembrandts’

March 2, 2013 |

The Voisin brand has undergone a renaissance within the classic car world. The creation of a colorful Frenchman, the cars are worth millions of dollars today.

Peter Mullin cracks open the door of a 1935 Voisin Type C25 Aerodyne at the back of the auto museum bearing his name. He points out the intricate details of a vibrant Art Deco interior, restored to its original luster.

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Protests Halt Berlin Wall Removal

March 2, 2013 |

Protesters prevented construction workers from removing a section of one of the few remaining stretches of the Berlin Wall, part of a plan to build a road to a new luxury condominium. What’s News Europe