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| September 17, 2019

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Senator, Sources: Terror Talk Beyond Anything Heard Since Before 9/11

August 4, 2013 |

Sen. Saxby Chambliss and Fox News sources say so-called ‘chatter’ about a terror plot that led the administration to close 22 US embassies and consulates Sunday across the Muslim world goes beyond anything heard before the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

  • White House Holds Meeting to Discuss ‘Very Specific’ Al Qaeda Threat
  • VIDEO: Major Terror Plot Reportedly Underway
  • VIDEO: US Diplomatic Posts Closed
  • Petition Calls for White House to Declare Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Group

    GOP Feels Heat on Immigration

    August 4, 2013 |

    House Republicans are facing heavy pressure from both sides of the immigration debate as they return to their home districts for August recess with no clear indication as to how they’ll vote on the issue.

  • US Businesses Help Immigrants Obtain Citizenship
  • Obama Reassures Democrats on Health Care, Immigration
  • Democrats, Republicans Hint at Shutdown Before Budget Talks

    FBI Can Turn On Your Phone Mic?

    August 3, 2013 |

    To keep up with suspects who communicate in ways that cannot be wiretapped, sources reportedly say the FBI has programs that can remotely activate the microphones in phones running on Google’s Android software to record conversations.

  • Snowden Gets Job Offer From Russian Social Media Company
  • OPINION: Can Snowden Survive Russia and Putin?

    Rep Says Terror Threat ‘Very Specific’

    August 3, 2013 |

    The Al Qaeda threat that prompted the State Department to issue a worldwide travel alert and close down 21 embassies and consulates for the weekend is ‘very specific,’ Rep. Peter King says.

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  • Benghazi Witnesses Forced Into Silence?
  • 9 Afghans Killed in Suicide Bombing on Indian Consulate