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| October 20, 2019

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Mike McCormick Toughest Sheriff in Arkansas

September 24, 2014 | supports and endorses Mike McCormick for Garland County Sheriff!  Will Mike McCormick be the toughest Sheriff in Arkansas, we think so!

Interviewed by Investigations.LA: Retired, Captain & Interim Chief of Police, Mike McCormick of the Hot Springs Police Department is the top pick for the position of Sheriff for the Garland County Sheriff’s Department in the State of Arkansas! His choice to step up as an independent candidate for the position of Sheriff just proves his willingness and bravery to serve the citizens of Garland County. Remember, Mike has already served as a veteran police officer for 30 years protecting people from evildoers in life. He brings not only professionalism but practical experience to the table along with a pedigree of vast police assignments. He possesses the social skills, high education and disposition to deal with people on a down to earth level and moreover, he possesses love for Garland County is in his heart.

I interviewed Mike over the phone earlier today and boy was I excited. He is very intelligent and was a great listener, which in my opinion is just one sign of a great leader! Mike said he is ready to serve the community as Garland County Sheriff and is eager to work with the Quorum Court and the people of Garland County. I asked Mike if he had any plans to change things once he becomes Sheriff. He said, he believes he has some great ideas but when it comes to changing things, it is best to assess the situation, listen to ideas of the deputies and other employees so that the right decisions are made. Mike said it is important he stay within budget which he will scrutinize. Resources will be prioritized so that the needs of the people of Garland County are met as efficiently as possible.

Mike wants community involvement with the GCSO and would like to implement a citizens’ police academy, which was a program he successfully initiated at the Hot Springs Police Department. Mike believes that patrol is the cornerstone of any law enforcement agency and will work hard to get more deputies on the streets of Garland County. A new $42 million detention center will be opening in Garland County after the beginning of the year.

Mike states that it is imperative that it be properly managed to reduce crime and to make Garland County a safer place to live. I asked Mike about training issues within the Garland County Sheriff’s Department. Mike said, the people of Garland County demand their deputies be the best they can be and he must institute continual training not only for deputy officer safety but for the community at large. He explained training can be expensive but he has ways of working vertically with other departments to reduce costs. Mike will expect all employees to behave professionally and in a respectful manner. He considers all GCSO employees to be a direct reflection of the Sheriff. I wished Mike good luck and told him he is supported by Los Angeles Private Investigators and we certainly endorse him for the position of Sheriff, of Garland County Arkansas…. supports Mike McCormick for Garland County Sheriff in the great State of Arkansas. We believe he is a top notch candidate running as an “Independent Professional Leader” for the citizenry of Garland County! 


George Verdugo Domain Investor buys

August 25, 2014 |


George Verdugo, domain investor, left and Kevin Faler, C.E.O. of reports: In an exclusive interview with George, I learned he nabbed through a private deal.  George was approached by the seller through Facebook and offered for sale, so he bought it at full price with no negotiation. George said he just had the gut feeling he could make it go big, he hopes to fill it with all original content from the city roots and beyond giving rise to news articles, hot topics, real estate, entertainment and to say the least sports articles.  Remember, the Kansas City Chiefs are a hometown favorite team!  In speaking with George, he expressed his main challenge of building or developing the site as it will literally costs thousands to make it all happen and yes, we’re talking more than several thousand. 

Why?  Well, it is because of the dynamics of big business in Kansas City and because it is a  premium geographical domain name.  The .Net is an all time favorite for the S.E.O. geeks on the internet, they have taken the .Net and made it rank at the top of Google for many topics.  George has a vision to take his .Net to the next level and wholeheartedly believes it will capture the hearts and souls of the fine citizens of Kansas City! In other news, George also is the owner of which is a way cool geographical domain name.  George favors the Oakland Raiders, formally Los Angeles The city has a lot of history and goes back a 100 years… he admits the site will take time to build as nothing is done over night and with so many other sites he is having developed its like which one goes first?  I wish George luck in his endeavors as he is a great friend and great business partner! Goes Viral

April 22, 2013 | goes viral hitting the marketing like a new whipper snapper entering the arena of micro mini gigs which are popping up all over the internet. says it is similar to Coke vs. Pepsi and there is enough to go around.  There are plenty of competitors on the market with being the biggest and baddest of them all, but believes there is something for everyone on the web world wide and people need employment now.  You can’t just sit around and wait for the economy to return, Americans are to robust to just lay around the house and do nothing.  Please visit a new micro mini job site where people can have fun and make money to.