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| March 23, 2018

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Thai Tycoon Pulls Off Ping An Deal

February 3, 2013 |

Despite Dhanin Chearavanont’s extensive connections in China, the purchase of a big stake in Ping An didn’t run smoothly. That it still was approved despite a public hiccup underscores his standing in China. What’s News Asia

Tentative Ports Deal Reached

February 3, 2013 |

Longshoremen and companies at ports from Boston to Houston reached a tentative agreement late Friday night for a new contract regarding the handling of container cargo. US Business

FTC Targets Privacy on Mobile

February 3, 2013 |

The Federal Trade Commission wants the mobile industry to beef up privacy controls and allow consumers to opt out of being tracked by ad networks on their smartphones. US Business

Hope Stirs on Euro-Zone Jobs

February 3, 2013 |

Euro-zone unemployment rose to a record in December, capping a year that saw jobless ranks rise by nearly two million. Nevertheless there were some bright spots and signs labor markets are stabilizing. What’s News Europe

Four Held After China Road Collapse

February 3, 2013 |

Chinese authorities say a truck that exploded and caused an elevated stretch of highway to collapse, killing 10 people, was loaded with holiday fireworks that were illegally produced and transported. What’s News Asia

ABInBev’s Prize: The Mexican Beer Market

February 3, 2013 |

Anheuser-Busch InBev is expected to work every angle to salvage its $ 20 billion acquisition of Grupo Modelo of Mexico largely to gain a clear path to the beer market in Mexico—a potential bonanza. US Business

Bomber Targets U.S. Embassy in Turkey

February 2, 2013 |

A Turkish leftist group claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing outside the U.S. Embassy in Ankara that killed a Turkish security guard, the first deadly attack on an American target in Turkey since 2008. What’s News Europe

Refining Aids Exxon, Chevron

February 2, 2013 |

Strength in oil refining helped propel earnings at Exxon Mobil and Chevron, capping a year of wide-ranging crude prices. US Business

Sycamore Networks: From $45 Billion to Zilch

February 2, 2013 |

The dot-com bubble pushed the value of Sycamore up to unimaginable heights. By 2013, the company had no strategic direction and on Friday was liquidated. US Business

Boeing Stays Course on Stretch 787

February 2, 2013 |

Boeing is expected in the coming week to reach an assembly milestone for its stretch Dreamliner without a fix for what has bedeviled the electrical system. US Business