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| February 22, 2019

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BOJ Move Roils Bond Yields

April 8, 2013 |

The Bank of Japan’s plan to stimulate the economy is sending bond yields sharply lower in the U.S., Germany, France, Canada, the U.K. and Belgium. What’s News Asia

Silicon Valley’s Mouthwatering Tax Break

April 8, 2013 |

A debate among tax experts has emerged over whether daily fringe-benefit meals offered by tech firms like Google and Facebook are taxable. US Business

Ferry, Barge Collide in Hong Kong

April 8, 2013 |

Passenger safety on Hong Kong ferries is in the spotlight again after a collision with a barge injured 39, three of them still in serious condition Saturday. What’s News Asia

Chinese Firm Moves on European Theaters

April 7, 2013 |

China’s Dalian Wanda is holding talks to purchase a European movie-theater chain, just months after grabbing a chunk of the U.S. market. US Business

Japan Fears Leak at Nuclear Plant

April 7, 2013 |

Regulators said water with radioactive substances may have leaked into nearby soil from a storage pool at a crippled Japanese nuclear-power plant. What’s News Asia

Confidence Ebbs in Tycoon’s Deals

April 7, 2013 |

Liu Han, who threw lifelines to mining firms in Australia and the U.S., is locked up in China, accused of helping a brother evade arrest. Since then, deals that Mr. Liu has pledged $ 2 billion to support have come under doubt. What’s News Asia

Icahn Says Proxy Fight Remains Possible for Dell

April 7, 2013 |

Carl Icahn said he is still considering a proxy fight to force Dell Inc. to pay a large dividend, even as a board committee asked him to waive that right and make a formal bid to buy the company. US Business

Judge Eases Age Restrictions on Plan B

April 7, 2013 |

A federal judge ordered the FDA to make the Plan B emergency contraceptive pill available to young teens and girls without a prescription, overturning a 2011 Obama administration decision restricting access to the drug for girls under age 17. US Business

Iran Talks Hit Rocky Start

April 7, 2013 |

The latest negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program hit a rocky start, as Western diplomats dismissed Iranian offers as lacking serious content and Iran—highlighting the trust gap—painted a contrasting picture What’s News Europe

Portrait Studios Shut Abruptly

April 6, 2013 |

The photographer that ran the portrait studios at Sears and Wal-Mart has abruptly closed its business, ending a long-time retail tradition—at least for now—at those stores. US Business