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| March 23, 2019

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Donuts Filling the Domain Industry -

Donuts Filling the Domain Industry

domain laws

GTLD Domain Laws

Welcome, the Internet adds valuable new domain names that are luring the likes of Google Inc. and Inc. (AMZN), a little-known company called Donuts Inc. is making a grab that opponents say could fuel cybersquatting, the practice of stealing website identities. Is this true?  Can it be?

We did some investigating and found, Donuts, backed by more than $ 100 million in venture capital, is spending $ 56 million to bid for 307 of the 1,400  generic top-level domains, or TLDs, that will shape how the Web will soon flood the internet. Instead of .com, the new names include suffixes such as .book, .app and .law, this will surely change the way we do business over the internet.  The .com will still be the king and we doubt seriously if it will ever move far from the original .com.

domain laws

Domain Laws

A internet lawyer who represents TLD some the domain name holders is seeking to thwart Donuts’ efforts and is asking the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which authorizes domain name suffixes and is known as Icann, to investigate Donuts’ links to Demand Media Inc. (DMD) That company’s clients have used domain names to masquerade as other businesses, the lawyer contends. The CEO of Donuts came from Demand Media, and Donuts has an arrangement to sell Demand Media 107 of its TLDs if it chooses to release them.  Let’s see where this all takes us in the future.  If you are a lawyer make sure you trademark your domain with specificity in order to protect your brand.


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