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| August 23, 2019

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George Verdugo Domain Investor buys -



George Verdugo, domain investor, left and Kevin Faler, C.E.O. of reports: In an exclusive interview with George, I learned he nabbed through a private deal.  George was approached by the seller through Facebook and offered for sale, so he bought it at full price with no negotiation. George said he just had the gut feeling he could make it go big, he hopes to fill it with all original content from the city roots and beyond giving rise to news articles, hot topics, real estate, entertainment and to say the least sports articles.  Remember, the Kansas City Chiefs are a hometown favorite team!  In speaking with George, he expressed his main challenge of building or developing the site as it will literally costs thousands to make it all happen and yes, we’re talking more than several thousand. 

Why?  Well, it is because of the dynamics of big business in Kansas City and because it is a  premium geographical domain name.  The .Net is an all time favorite for the S.E.O. geeks on the internet, they have taken the .Net and made it rank at the top of Google for many topics.  George has a vision to take his .Net to the next level and wholeheartedly believes it will capture the hearts and souls of the fine citizens of Kansas City! In other news, George also is the owner of which is a way cool geographical domain name.  George favors the Oakland Raiders, formally Los Angeles The city has a lot of history and goes back a 100 years… he admits the site will take time to build as nothing is done over night and with so many other sites he is having developed its like which one goes first?  I wish George luck in his endeavors as he is a great friend and great business partner!


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