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| June 17, 2019

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Recommended Lawyers -

Would you recommend your lawyer?  Well, this is a question many lawyers would like to have answered. However, how do you know if people or clients are telling the truth?  I am not sure  how you would be able to tell but seriously if you think about it, really the best way to tell is if  you are getting referrals.  Many people who love their lawyers will tell their family and friends without pause.  Why?  It is because when a lawyer comes through for a client the client of course thinks the lawyer is the best thing since popcorn and believes the lawyer can do it all and pull it off for them every single time.  Now then, the truth of the matter is clients do not always win their case and sometimes the lawyer did all he or she could do.  As we all know every situation is different and even though sometimes it doesn’t appear to be a win in the long run it would be considered a win.

Lawyers are good at not leading their clients into falsehoods and the longer they practice the more likelihood is they will tell the client the straight up truth whether they will take their case and sometimes give them a measurement of the chances of winning.  Of course, it would depend on the circumstances of each case.  If you are willing to recommend your lawyer to a family member or friend, the best advice you could tell them is to keep an open mind.  A lawyer is a representative not a money maker.  When recommending lawyers, there are plenty of categories to consider when hiring a lawyer.  I have listed below some categories people like to see in a lawyer:

  • Friendly
  • Answers the phone
  • Reasonable rates
  • Truthful
  • Timely in court appearances
  • Returns phone calls, texts, emails
  • Courteous

Okay, well as you well know these categories are not difficult or are they?  What most people want is communication and if you merely tell your client up front that you field a lot of calls and you’re busy they will understand.  Please do not tell your client you will call them and then don’t.  Most clients will sit by the phone waiting patiently for you to call for hours after hours trusting you will call.  After all, you’re a lawyer and they trust you.  A simple suggestion is you tell your client you will have your paralegal, legal secretary or whomever give you a return phone call within the next couple of days.  If you do not have either then you could tell your client you will receive a phone call within 48 hours. In this way, you should fair well and your client will be happy as malarkey.  Remember, the client just wants to communicate with you.  Yes, I realize most clients, generally speaking will call you with meaningless conversation and will keep you on the line for who knows how long when you could be doing other things. So, remember if you want to receive referrals from your clients treat them well and they will keep coming back for more!

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