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| August 19, 2018

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Trump faces new accusations of racism after mocking LeBron James’ intelligence

August 4, 2018 |

President Trump faced renewed accusations of racism Saturday after mocking the intelligence of Lakers superstar LeBron James and broadcaster Don Lemon of CNN.

Trump took to Twitter late Friday night to bash Lemon after his interview on Monday with James, and ended up slandering the celebrity athlete…

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‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Leandro Dottavio Denies Sexual Harassment Accusations

August 4, 2018 |

‘Bachelorette’ contestant Leandro Dottavio says former ‘Bachelor’ contestant Bekah Martinez should have done some research before publicly accusing him of sexually harassing women more than a decade ago … when he was in…

CBS board to confront sexual harassment accusations involving CEO Leslie Moonves

July 30, 2018 |

After a weekend of behind-the-scenes discussions, CBS board members on Monday are expected to decide how to respond to allegations that Chief Executive Leslie Moonves sexually harassed women decades ago, according to several people familiar with the matter.

The 14-member board already was planning…

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On a New Continent, Accusations of ‘Fake News’

July 29, 2018 |

“Fake news” is at it again, this time on a different continent, reports the AP . Zimbabwe’s main opposition leader says the ruling party has conducted a “fake news” campaign against him with the help of foreign technicians ahead of Monday’s elections. Nelson Chamisa, head of the Movement for Democratic Change…

Coinmarketcap Responds to Accusations of Aiding Wash Trading

July 20, 2018 |

Coinmarketcap Responds to Accusations of Aiding Wash Trading

Coinmarketcap (CMC), the web’s most popular cryptocurrency tracker website, has responded to accusations that it is implicit in supporting wash trading. This week, a platform called Crypto Exchange Ranks published detailed allegations of how CMC incentivizes exchanges to report fake volume. In a new blog post, Coinmarketcap has detailed its determination to support “transparency and clarity”.

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Coinmarketcap Cleans Its Shop

“Honest Coinmarketcap” Claims to Provide Accurate Cryptocurrency DataAs reported yesterday, Coinmarketcap has been taking flak for blindly publishing suspicious data from certain crypto exchanges. The exchange at the center of the furore on this occasion was a little-known platform called Bitforex that virtually no one had heard of until recently. Through wash trading – simultaneously buying and selling on its own platform to create the illusion of high volume – Bitforex managed to leapfrog into the top 10 according to CMC’s rankings.

Following the story, Coinmarketcap has hit back with a blog post detailing its determination to clamp down on such behavior. It identifies three issues that have been brought to its attention: fee-free/transaction mining models, low fee models, and artificial volumes/wash trading. In regards to the latter, it explains: “In order to ensure that their listings remain active on certain exchanges, sometimes projects are instructed to maintain a minimum level of volume. This causes projects to heavily employ market making services and bots to trade their own coin to inflate their volumes.” It adds:

Even though we try our best to verify the data with the exchanges on our site, we are not in the practice of censoring or policing others. In an open ecosystem like the one we are in, we believe that the best policy – that we follow closely – is to over-provide on data and let users make their own informed choices about what to do with that data.

CMC Changes Its Data Policy

Acknowledging that some entities are blatantly gaming the system, CMC goes on to explain its decision to remove minimum volume requirements for exchanges. What this means, in practice, is that platforms are not required to reach a minimum trade volume to be listed on the site. It is hoped that this will deter exchanges from inflating volume to meet CMC’s entry criteria. The site is also introducing measures such as 7-day and 30-day volume metrics that are designed to prevent the likes of Bitforex from gaming the system.

“Honest Coinmarketcap” Claims to Provide Accurate Cryptocurrency DataThe crypto tracking website has stopped short of promising an outright ban or downgrade for exchanges that create blatantly fake volume, concluding: “Our philosophy is to provide as much information as possible to our users, so that they can form their own conclusions and interpretations – and not introduce our own bias into that mix.” As of today, Bitforex still stands at 15th place on CMC by 24-hour volume, with $ 138 million reported, $ 37 million more than Bitstamp.

Do you think Coinmarketcap’s latest measures to combat fake volume will be effective? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Bitmain Hits Back at “Dirty Tricks” Accusations

May 15, 2018 |

Bitmain Hits Back at “Dirty Tricks” Accusations

Chinese mining behemoth Bitmain has strongly refuted allegations that it pressurized an ASIC manufacturer into shutting out a foreign competitor. In a widely shared blog post, Siacoin’s lead developer David Vorick lifted the lid on the cutthroat ASIC mining business. In a response, Bitmain praised Vorick’s input to the industry – but took exception to one particular section of his writeup.

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Bitmain Breaks Its Silence

Bitmain Hits Back at “Dirty Tricks” AccusationsBitmain is a company of few words, preferring to let its ruthlessly efficient ASIC miners do the talking. It was stirred into breaking its silence, however, after an explosive blog post by David Vorick was published three days ago. The lengthy article contained a number of revelations and allegations about the cryptocurrency mining business, and Bitmain’s role in particular.

As we reported: “Siacoin’s lead developer repeats claims he has heard that “Bitmain plays dirty”. Vorick was allegedly told that Bitmain would use its power to stop other ASIC companies from manufacturing in China. Despite going to great pains to conceal Obelisk’s involvement in such a deal, the Chinese manufacturer backed out suddenly in a move that reportedly cost Obelisk $ 2 million. There is no proof that the manufacturer was leaned on by Bitmain, but David Vorick leaves no doubt as to where his suspicions lie.”

Not content to take this accusation lying down, Bitmain has hit back, retorting: “Considering the truly vast number and diversity of suppliers in China, it’s difficult to consider that Bitmain could possibly exert such powerful control over a competitor’s supply chain to the degree the article suggests.” Interestingly, Bitmain doesn’t outright deny the allegation, focusing instead on the fact that “six percent of [Vorick’s] total article” is taken up with exploring these supposed dirty tricks.

A Few Words From One of the Industry’s Most Furtive Organizations

Siacoin Developer: ASICS Are “Money Printing Machines” for Manufacturers
The new Obelisk ASIC miner

David Vorick’s blog post was a 5,300-word tour de force. Bitmain’s riposte, in comparison, runs to just 380 words, which provide just enough space in which to refute allegations of “dirty tricks” and the notion that “Bitmain floods the market with its mining rigs”. It’s curious that the mining company should choose to address this latter point, because nowhere in Vorick’s article does he accuse the company of flooding the market with rigs per se. He does though accuse the company of various other underhand tactics, such as mining with its own units and then shipping them once they’re no longer profitable, but Bitmain makes no mention of this.

As David Vorick acknowledged in his blog, it is extremely difficult to prove his audacious claims. If a large ASIC manufacturer was to conspire with a domestic supplier to thwart a rival, there would be no paper trail to go on. As a result, readers can only speculate as to who they believe is telling the truth: Siacoin and Obelisk developer David Vorick or Bitmain.

Do you believe Bitmain? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Craig Wright Shrugs Off Plagiarism Accusations

April 13, 2018 |

Craig Wright Shrugs Off Plagiarism Accusations

Nchain chief scientist Craig Wright is a prolific blockchain researcher, with dozens of papers and patents to his name. He’s also a controversial and outspoken figure who has ruffled numerous figures in the crypto space. Some of these opponents have taken it upon themselves to scrutinize his work, and claim to have found incidents of plagiary.

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Craig Wright Accused of Not Citing His Sources

Nchain, led by Jimmy Nguyen and chief scientist Craig Wright, is a blockchain-based research company that is famous for the number of patents it has filed. Only this week, reported on Nchain’s first approved patent by the European Patent Office, for blockchain-enforced smart contracts. The originality of some of Dr Wright’s work has been called into question, however, with a couple of detractors raising concerns.

“The Fallacy of Selfish Mining: A Mathematical Critique”, published in July 2017, is one of Craig Wright’s better known papers. It was another blockchain chief scientist, Bitcoin Unlimited’s Peter Rizun, known Wright antagonist, who spotted the alleged plagiarism. The gambling system heavily referenced in White’s paper makes no mention of the paper it apparently draws its inspiration from, “A strong limit theorem on gambling systems” published by Wen Liu and Jinting Wang in 2003.

Craig Wright Shrugs Off Plagiarism Accusations
The 2003 paper Wright is alleged to have copied
Craig Wright Shrugs Off Plagiarism Accusations
A similar section from the 2003 paper appears in Craig Wright’s

Craig Wright Goes on the Offensive

In response to the accusations of plagiary, Craig Wright asserted via Twitter that it was the job of the “professional academic editing company” who vets his work to check sources and citations. Since Wright failed to mention Wen Liu and Jinting Wang’s paper, however, the editing team would not have known to acknowledge this. Plagiary is not uncommon in the crypto space, with whitepapers by the likes of Tron and Dadi also subject to copy+paste claims.

Craig Wright Shrugs Off Plagiarism Accusations

Craig Wright has also been called out by Omni blockchain’s developer over one of the features in Nchain’s recently awarded patent. The Omni dev claims that one of Wright’s proposals for embedding data in public keys was first used by Counterparty and Omni as far back as 2013. Wright remains defiant though, and has invoked the Streisand Effect, claiming that his critics’ scrutiny helps his work reach a far wider audience than it would have otherwise have received.

Craig Wright Shrugs Off Plagiarism Accusations

Do you think Craig Wright is guilty of plagiary, or are his detractors being unfair? Let us know in the comments section below.

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U.K.’s Labour Party Faces Anti-Semitism Accusations

April 2, 2018 |

Britain’s opposition Labour Party is facing accusations of anti-Semitism that reached the party’s senior leadership and triggered a resignation of a close ally of party leader and veteran leftist Jeremy Corbyn. What’s News Europe

Paul Marciano giving up daily duties at Guess following sexual harassment accusations

February 21, 2018 |

Guess Inc. Chairman Paul Marciano is relinquishing his day-to-day duties at the company in the wake of sexual harassment accusations by model Kate Upton and other women.

The board and Marciano agreed that he should step away from the business — without drawing a salary — until the completion of…

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Foes Blame Scientology for Haggis Rape Accusations

January 16, 2018 |

The co-hosts of A&E series Scientology and the Aftermath are defending fellow ex-Scientologist Paul Haggis, suggesting the church may be behind sexual misconduct accusations against him , which include two allegations of rape. In an open letter , Leah Remini and Mike Rinder say it is “very suspect” when people “seek hush…