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| March 20, 2019

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PACE lender approved ‘potentially fraudulent loans,’ ex-employee alleges

March 4, 2019 |

A former employee of lender Energy Efficient Equity alleges in a lawsuit that the company fired him after he raised concerns it was approving “potentially fraudulent loans.”

Energy Efficient Equity, which was included in a recent Los Angeles Times article that examined the misuse of Property Assessed…

L.A. Times – Business

Ahead of Nigeria election, opposition alleges ghost voters

February 14, 2019 |

Nigeria’s opposition says there are more than 1 million ghost voters on the national register head of Saturday’s presidential election.
FOX News

Report Alleges Brother of Bezos’ Mistress Is Leaker

February 11, 2019 |

Ever since racy texts between Jeff Bezos and mistress Lauren Sanchez turned up in the National Enquirer , a big unanswered question has been the identity of the leaker. The Daily Beast now quotes multiple sources within Enquirer parent company AMI to point the finger at Michael Sanchez, brother of Bezos’…

Korean Court Case Alleges Government’s ICO Ban Is Unconstitutional

December 9, 2018 |

Korean Court Case Alleges Government's ICO Ban Is Unconstitutional

A constitutional complaint has reportedly been filed in South Korea alleging that the government’s ban on initial coin offerings is unconstitutional. It has been more than a year since token sales were banned in the country but the government has yet to introduce any regulations for them, causing problems for startups.

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Constitutional Complaint Filed

South Korean blockchain startup Presto announced on Friday that it has filed a constitutional complaint alleging that the government’s ban on all forms of initial coin offerings (ICOs) in September last year is unconstitutional, local media reported. The company has requested an appeal of the ban, according to Sedaily.

Korean Court Case Alleges Government’s ICO Ban Is Unconstitutional
Constitutional Court of Korea.

Presto CEO Kang Kyung-won explained that although his company had considered alternative means such as setting up an overseas corporation to issue tokens, the Korea Economic Daily quoted him as saying, “We trusted that the government will foster [this] new industry through follow-up measures.” However, it has been more than a year since the ban and the government has yet to introduce any forms of ICO guidelines or regulations. Kang was further quoted by Sedaily as saying:

As a blockchain startup company, we face a great deal of difficulties due to the ICO ban and the lack of legislation from the government and the parliament for more than a year. I am requesting confirmation of the unconstitutionality of the lack of legislation.

Lawyer Explains Why the Ban Is Unconstitutional

Korean Court Case Alleges Government’s ICO Ban Is UnconstitutionalLawyer Park Ju-hyun, who is in charge of filing this case, explained last week why the government’s ICO measures are unconstitutional, Zdnet Korea reported. He noted that the measures can be subject to a constitutional appeal if a request is filed with the constitutional court.

Park said the ban is unconstitutional on two grounds. The first is that it infringes on “the basic rights of the Constitution,” such as “freedom of occupation, right to property, [and] right to equality,” Sedaily wrote. His “second point is that the basic restrictions were imposed without legal basis,” which he cited Article 37 (2) of the Korean Constitution, the news outlet added.

Korean Court Case Alleges Government’s ICO Ban Is UnconstitutionalThe lawyer also referenced a recent court case where the court ruled that one of the country’s largest banks, Nonghyup Bank, illegally blocked transactions of cryptocurrency exchange Coinis. He reiterated the importance of “whether there is a legal basis,” noting that the bank’s action was illegal because it was done without a legal basis.

Presto emphasized that the ban infringes on “the right to equality because it arbitrarily discriminates against ICO companies without reason,” compared to initial public offerings or other types of crowdfunding methods, Sedaily conveyed.

Do you think the Korean government’s ICO ban is unconstitutional? What do you think the court will do? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Nissan Probe Alleges Ghosn Used Company Money to Buy Homes, Enrich His Sister

November 23, 2018 |

Nissan Motor’s board voted unanimously to oust Chairman Carlos Ghosn from his post, and allegations emerged that Mr. Ghosn used company money to buy personal residences and pay his sister for work she didn’t perform. US Business

Goldman Sachs vice president alleges gender discrimination after losing job while on maternity leave

November 20, 2018 |

Two years ago, Tania Mirchandani, a Goldman Sachs Group Inc. vice president in Los Angeles, told her boss she was pregnant with her third child. He was skeptical she could balance a large family with her demanding job, she recalled. That’s “a lot of mouths to feed,” she quoted him as saying.


L.A. Times – Business

Massive real estate scam based in Irvine bilked people out of $100 million, FTC alleges

November 8, 2018 |

The Federal Trade Commission announced Thursday that it’s looking to shut down the “largest overseas real estate investment scam” it has ever encountered: an unfinished luxury development in Belize whose owners, the agency said, bilked people out of more than $ 100 million.

The scheme’s perpetrators…

L.A. Times – Business

Chinese spies conspired to steal jet-engine technology, U.S. alleges

November 1, 2018 |

The United States unveiled charges against two alleged Chinese spies, accusing them of orchestrating a conspiracy to steal prized jet-engine technology from private companies — including in Los Angeles — as the Trump administration raises pressure on Beijing to address its trade grievances.


L.A. Times – Business

US Alleges British Sailor Sank Boat to Hide Wife’s Murder

September 16, 2018 |

The case of a British sailor who was initially arrested on charges he was smuggling gold and silver coins while on a voyage to Cuba has since had a murder count added to his list of woes. The FBI believes Lewis Bennett killed his wide, Isabella Hellman, as they plied…

Trader Alleges Bithumb is Losing $150,000 USD Daily to Washtrading

September 6, 2018 |

Trader Alleges Bithumb is Losing $  150,000 USD Daily to Washtrading

A trader has posted on Twitter alleging that an actor is taking advantage of Bithumb’s 120% fee payback to milk the platform of approximately $ 150,000 USD each day through washtrading.

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Twitter Trader Claims Bithumb’s Promotional Fee Schedule is Getting Exploited

The Twitter account of Alex Kruger, a cryptocurrency trader, has posted allegations Bithumb is losing roughly $ 150,000 each day to a single opportunist actor who is exploiting the exchange’s 120% fee payback schedule.

Summarizing his findings, Mr. Kruger asserts that “There currently are USD 250 million of fake volume traded at Korean crypto exchange Bithumb, every day at 11 AM Korean Time, since August/25.”

Trader Alleges Actor is Rorting Bithumb Through Washtrading

Trader Alleges Bithumb is Losing $  150,000 USD Daily to WashtradingElaborating upon his theory, Mr. Kruger posted “Bithumb offers 120% payback of trading fees as an airdrop,” before quoting Bithumb’s website – “Daily Limit 1 billion KRW, First Come First Served.” As of this writing, 1 billion KRW equates to approximately $ 890,068.

“Trading fees are 0.15% taker,” his post continues. “Wash trading conducted by entering two opposite limit orders => Total fees 0.3%. Rebate is for 120% => 0.36%. To collect the full KRW 1 billion rebate a wash trader must thus trade KRW 278 billion. That is USD 250 million in daily fake volume.”

31,000 BTC Traded at 11 AM on Bithumb Daily

Again citing Bithumb’s “First Come First Served” stipulation, Mr. Kruger links to a chart that shows 31,000 BTC being executed at 11 AM each day, stating “Notice how 31K bitcoin are traded at exactly 11 AM. That represents KRW 252 billion,” also asserting that “The remainder KRW 26 billion are traded in other coins.”

Mr. Kruger concludes that “some smart trader/s are milking […] Bithumb every day,” adding that “The amount traders collect from Bithumb is USD 150,000 daily. Or USD 4.5 million for the duration of the promotion. Expensive marketing campaign.” reached out to Bithumb for commentary, however, did not receive a response.

What is your response to the theory that a trader or traders are exploiting Bithumb’s 120% fee payback through washtrading? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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