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| December 13, 2018

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House of Nakamoto Opens in Amsterdam

October 25, 2018 |

House of Nakamoto Opens in Amsterdam

The House of Nakamoto, an Austrian project helping newbies enter the cryptocurrency world, has recently opened a new store in Amsterdam. Residents and guests of one of the most bitcoin-friendly cities in Europe can now learn about electronic money, get a starter kit with a hardware wallet and load it with digital coins.  

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Store Offers Services for Cryptocurrency Beginners

House of Nakamoto Opens in AmsterdamThe Amsterdam branch of the House of Nakamoto serves as an information center, a retail store for cryptocurrency-related products, and even houses an improvised Bitcoin museum. Visitors can learn the basics of cryptocurrencies and receive advice from qualified consultants, the German outlet BTC Echo reports. They can also buy their first wallet and purchase some cryptocurrency, including bitcoin cash.

The offered starter kit includes a booklet with a comprehensive but easy to understand introduction to Bitcoin, a hardware wallet from Ledger and a bitcoin gift card with 15 euros worth of digital cash. The company also sells what it calls “bitcoin securities” that look like paper wallets with a bitcoin address and the corresponding private key.

The House of Nakamoto was established in early 2017 in Vienna, another popular European tourist destination. Its main store is located in a busy shopping area of the Austrian capital. It’s advertised as a “retail store for bitcoin,” but the people behind the project say cryptocurrency enthusiasts and experts can use it to meet up and exchange views, ideas and knowledge.

House of Nakamoto Opens in Amsterdam

Both offices are equipped with cryptocurrency teller machines. The BATM in the store on 2 Führichgasse Street in Vienna is a buy-only device that supports bitcoin cash (BCH), bitcoin core (BTC), ethereum (ETH), dash (DASH), and litecoin (LTC) with a daily limit of 15,000 euros, 5,000 per transaction. The one on Amsterdam’s 3 Oude Spiegelstraat is a two-way device that offers purchases and sales of the same cryptocurrencies and with the same limits.

Amsterdam Expanding Its Cryptocurrency Infrastructure

The Dutch capital is a popular destination, not only among tourists but cryptocurrency enthusiasts as well. Holland’s largest city, which is a leading financial center and home of the oldest stock exchange in Europe, is also famous for the Bitcoin Embassy which opened in 2014. It organizes cryptocurrency conferences, various other events and informal meetings of the crypto community. The venue welcomes cryptocurrency enthusiasts and entrepreneurs from around the world.

House of Nakamoto Opens in AmsterdamAmsterdam has one of the most developed cryptocurrency infrastructures in the Benelux region. According to a report  by Statista, it ranks first among Dutch and Belgian cities in the number of operational bitcoin ATMs, with 12 teller machines supporting a number of digital coins. In comparison, the second largest city in the Netherlands, Rotterdam, has two devices, and The Hague, the administrative capital, has only one.

Cryptocurrencies enjoy growing popularity in a country where the fintech industry, including crowdfunding through coin offerings, is not heavily regulated. The Dutch Blockchain Coalition, which unites over 20 organizations, has announced it’s working on proposals for a comprehensive regulatory framework, while the country’s financial markets regulator has called for adopting common European rules.

Do you think projects like the House of Nakamoto effectively promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies? Tell us in the comments section. 

Images courtesy of the House of Nakamoto.

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James Bond-Like Villain in $2 Million Bitcoin Heist Caught in Amsterdam

April 24, 2018 |

James Bond-like Bitcoin Villain in $  2 Million Heist Finally Caught in Amsterdam

Amsterdam police have announced the re-arrest of Sindri Thor Stefansson. He was initially arrested days ago in Iceland in connection with a bitcoin hardware mining caper that included 600 computers worth $ 2 million. In a James Bond-like villain move, after his first capture he managed to escape, reportedly hitching a ride on a plane carrying Iceland’s prime minister.

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Bond-Like Bitcoin Villain Re-Arrested

Mr. Stefansson, after have absconded, wrote to a popular online site to plead his case. “I simply refuse to be in prison of my own free will,” he explained to Frettabladid, “especially when the police threaten to arrest me without explanation. I’m not trying to say that it was the right decision to leave, I really regret it…I didn’t expect an international arrest warrant to be issued against me, as I was legally free to leave, and believed it was out of the question that I would be labelled a fugitive. I would never have done this if I didn’t believe I was a free man.”

James Bond-like Bitcoin Villain in $  2 Million Heist Finally Caught in Amsterdam
Sindri Thor Stefansson shown on CCTV while at large

It’s something straight out of a movie. Media outlets are claiming Sindri Thor Stefansson to be a “mastermind”. He, at the very least, was implicated recently in a major crime for the country of Iceland: $ 2 million in computer mining hardware is missing, believed to be part of an elaborate theft conspiracy, involving a gang of 11 others including Mr. Stefansson’s wife.

Mr. Stefansson escaped what local press refers to as “low-security” confinement after first being arrested. He was held in Sogn, an open prison 59 miles from the country’s international airport (95 km). It’s so loose it doesn’t have a fence, and detainees can even surf the net.

Thought He Could Avoid Capture Indefinitely

The mastermind slipped out through a window. He somehow later made it to the airport, procuring a flight boarding pass under an assumed name (though he paid with his own debit card), and managed to put himself on a flight to Sweden carrying Iceland’s prime minister, Katrín Jakobsdóttir. He wasn’t discovered missing by guards until well after the plane was airbound. An international warrant was soon issued for Mr. Stefansson.

James Bond-like Bitcoin Villain in $  2 Million Heist Finally Caught in Amsterdam
Downtown Amsterdam

The Big Bitcoin Heist, as it has been tagged on the frozen island, involved bitcoin mining rigs grabbed in conjunction with four data center break-ins. Iceland has become a magnet for crypto miners due to relatively cheap electricity and its cold climes, helping the notoriously overheated instruments cool as they mine.

Mr. Stefansson’s unorthodox public letter while on the run insisted he could remain elusive to authorities for “as long as I like”. Dutch police disagreed, arresting him downtown without incident and are presently arranging for his extradition back to Iceland. 

Do you think bitcoin mining rigs present a lucrative target to thieves? Let us know in the comments section below.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock. Dutch police.

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British Man in Amsterdam Allegedly Laundered €11.5m in Bitcoin Drug Money

February 28, 2018 |

British Man in Amsterdam Allegedly Laundered €11.5m in Bitcoin Drug Money

A UK man living in Amsterdam is facing up to five years in prison for allegedly helping people by exchanging fiat cash for bitcoin which was used to buy drugs. He supposedly started by growing cannabis himself but soon found the bitcoin business to be more profitable by itself.  

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Amsterdam Bitcoin Mule

British Man in Amsterdam Allegedly Laundered €11.5m in Bitcoin Drug MoneyThe Dutch Public Prosecutor has demanded that the court give a 38-year-old British man five years in prison for allegedly laundering about €11.5 million in bitcoin between 2014 and 2016. This money is suspected as originating from illegal drugs deals and the trade of other prohibited goods on dark web marketplaces, the Public Prosecutor said on Wednesday.

According to the allegations, the man living in Amsterdam profited by taking bitcoins from his clients and exchanging them for fiat cash, charging an “unusually high” commission of between 5 to 8 percent. This hefty commission was the price customers paid for anonymity, the Prosecutor said – the suspect carried part of the risk and was paid handsomely for it.

The suspect allegedly used his personal bank account to exchange the bitcoin, and then withdrew cash from ATMs for his clients. Millions of euros were exchanged in this way, the Prosecutor said. The suspect and his spouse earn very little in otherwise legal income, the Netherlands Times reported.

More Profitable Than Growing Weed

British Man in Amsterdam Allegedly Laundered €11.5m in Bitcoin Drug MoneyThe British man is also suspected of growing cannabis plants as the Dutch police allegedly found plenty of plantations photo on his computer at his previous home. “He thought he had seen a gap in the market and jumped into it”, the Public Prosecutor said. “He started with a cannabis plantation, sold the harvest on the dark web and was paid in bitcoins. Soon he noticed that he no longer needed the weed to make a substantial turnover and a fine profit.”

The accused man himself still proclaims his innocence and claims that all his customers were honorable citizens who were not involved in any form of illegal trade. The Dutch court is expected to deliver its verdict in early March.

Does five years sound excessive for such a victimless crime, if proven? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock.

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The post British Man in Amsterdam Allegedly Laundered €11.5m in Bitcoin Drug Money appeared first on Bitcoin News.

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Amsterdam Denim Days: Cleaning Up A Dirty Business

April 17, 2016 |

It’s hard to imagine a world without blue jeans. But the industry behind this lifestyle staple is not sustainable, creating environmental hazards and perpetuating unfair labor practices. A group of concerned professionals in Amsterdam is now changing that.
Forbes Real Time

Uber sets up mobile development team in Amsterdam

December 4, 2014 |

AMSTERDAM (AP) — Uber, the San Francisco-based ride sharing company, has set up a mobile phone software development team in Amsterdam, its international headquarters.
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Bill Clinton’s Amsterdam Coffee Shop Run

March 7, 2014 |

… no, not that kind.The one he went to on Friday actually sells coffee.Sorry stoners, he’s not on of you … as far as we know.

Top Level Domain .CN Now Runs in Amsterdam

January 22, 2014 |

Freenom partners with Chinese Government

AMSTERDAM–()–Freenom, the free domain name provider, announced today that it has signed a partnership agreement with CNNIC, the China Internet Network Information Center, a Chinese governmental agency. The agreement entails the exchange of domain name services between Beijing and Amsterdam. This exchange allows the Chinese domain extension .CN to resolve faster for European internet users that visit a .CN website. In return the domain extensions .TK, .CF, .ML and .GA, operated by Freenom, resolve faster for Chinese internet users.

“The relationship with the Chinese is outstanding. Two of our engineers are visiting Beijing this week to configure our services in the Zhongguancun high-tech district of Beijing. Last week CNNIC has put the Amsterdam servers in production and European .CN users can already notice the difference in speed.”

Both CNNIC and Freenom operate the innovative AnyCast DNS technology enabling multiple server locations bearing the same IP address. This technology allows internet users to resolve a domain name much faster, since domain lookups are done closer to the user’s physical location. By adding domain servers in Amsterdam CNNIC is able to serve their internet users in Europe much faster.

Freenom is operating the .TK, .CF, .ML and .GA domain extensions and will add many more domain extensions to its portfolio this year. With the growing demand of free domains, especially from China, Freenom is happy to serve the Chinese internet community much faster with the local Chinese AnyCast infrastructure. Freenom is planning to expand its AnyCast cloud to more than 15 locations worldwide. This expansion allows Freenom to operate a platform that resolves domain names as one of the fastest in the world.

“CNNIC visited the Amsterdam office in December to configure the domain name service equipment for .CN.” says Maurice van der Meer, Chief Technology Officer at Freenom. “The relationship with the Chinese is outstanding. Two of our engineers are visiting Beijing this week to configure our services in the Zhongguancun high-tech district of Beijing. Last week CNNIC has put the Amsterdam servers in production and European .CN users can already notice the difference in speed. ”

“With more than 20 million active domain names, Freenom manages the largest domain name portfolio after .COM. ” says Joost Zuurbier, CEO & Founder of Freenom. “But we won’t stop there. Domain names, either free or paid, should resolve fast. Soon we will add new countries and new generic top level domains to our platform, growing the number of domains we have under management. This growth requires constant global server expansion to continue to serve our internet users with the fastest domain services possible.”

Free domain name registrants are found everywhere, especially in regions where the number of internet users is increasing rapidly. Freenom acknowledges that Chinese users have the most appetite for free domains, but also countries like Russia, Brazil and Indonesia are amongst the largest user groups.

“Last month we announced the investment of KIMA Ventures. Thanks to this investment we are able to execute our strategy much faster.” Zuurbier continues. “We currently negotiate with many countries and new generic top level domain registries around the world to be added to our platform – which is open for both free and paid domain names.”

About Freenom: Freenom is a Registry Operator for top level domains. With a secure and stable DNS AnyCast Cloud, fast Registration System and unique business model built around free domain names Freenom provides a complete solution for all top level domains. Freenom operates more than 20 million active domain names and is the largest Registry Operator after .COM. Freenom is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, but has satellite offices in Weiswampach (Luxembourg), Palo Alto (U.S.A.) and Dakar (Senegal).

About CNNIC: CNNIC is responsible for operating and administering China’s domain name registry. CNNIC is the administrative internet agency of the Chinese Ministry of Information Industry.


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