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| July 18, 2019

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Berlin Police Are Looking for Woman—in a ‘Creepy’ Way

January 23, 2019 |

Berlin Police are searching for a woman. No, she’s not missing, she just caught the eye of one of the city’s officers. “Please contact me,” read an Instagram story posted to the police force’s official account . “You were at the U-Bhf Halleschen Tor [metro station] yesterday at 16:40 and…

Group Accidentally Rediscovers Section of Berlin Wall

August 15, 2018 |

During a walk-and-talk event with his constituents in June, a German politician accomplished a lot more than chatting with local voters: He discovered a forgotten, 66-foot-long section of the Berlin Wall. Ephraim Gothe, district councilor in Berlin-Mitte, stumbled upon the section of the wall, covered in graffiti and hidden behind…

Berlin Airport Terminal Shut for Deeply Personal Reason

August 10, 2018 |

Around 11am on Tuesday, the D terminal at Berlin’s Schönefeld Airport was shut down and an announcement was made seeking the owner of a piece of luggage. Airport personnel had flagged “suspicious content” during the X-ray screening, but when the bag’s owner presented himself, CNN describes him as “reluctant” to…

Landmark Berlin Cathedral Also Home to 30,000 Honeybees

May 20, 2018 |

Beekeeper Uwe Marth pulls out a honeycomb produced in the hive he tends beneath the dome of the neo-baroque landmark in the German capital—and home to perhaps 30,000 bees. The hive on the riverside Protestant cathedral is one of more than 15 on prominent Berlin buildings that are…

Berlin Puts Out a Contract on Invasive Crawfish

May 12, 2018 |

Elvis sang a ballad about crawfish, and Louisiana has whole cookbooks about them. The German capital wants them eradicated, ideally by hungry Germans. What’s News Europe

Berlin police say 3 abandoned babies are likely sisters

May 8, 2018 |

Berlin police say three baby girls found abandoned in and around the German capital in recent years are siblings.
FOX News

Berlin and Paris Dance Carefully Around Deepening the Eurozone

September 16, 2017 |

Behind renewed professions of love between France and Germany, differences brewing over the euro’s future could spoil the romance, Marcus Walker writes. What’s News Europe

Obama to Berlin Crowd: ‘We Can’t Hide Behind a Wall’

May 25, 2017 |

If anyone understands the concept of a wall, it’s the people of Berlin. Which is why former President Obama’s appearance there Thursday, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at his side, had particular resonance. “We can’t isolate ourselves” from conflict, poverty, and other problems throughout the world, Obama said, per the…

London and Berlin Weigh Macron’s Brexit Impact

May 12, 2017 |

Will Emmanuel Macron be good or bad for the U.K. in its negotiations over leaving the EU? Though likely a hard-liner over Brexit, Stephen Fidler and Bertrand Benoit write, talks will go better than if he had lost. What’s News Europe

Man Arrested in Connection With Berlin Attack Released

January 4, 2017 |

A 40-year-old Tunisian man arrested in Berlin in connection with the truck attack on a Berlin Christmas market has been released after authorities found they had the wrong person, Germany’s federal prosecutor said. What’s News Europe