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| November 14, 2018

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Anthony Scaramucci Says Liberals Better Brace for Trump ‘Nightmare’ if GOP Wins Midterms

October 30, 2018 |

Anthony Scaramucci is chalking up all the recent finger-pointing at President Trump to liberals being pissed they can’t beat the guy, especially ahead of the midterms. We got the Mooch out Monday at Reagan National Airport…

Eight Tips for Making Work Better for Men and Women

October 29, 2018 |

Top business leaders offer tips directed to men and women at all levels in the corporate world to improve workplaces, given findings that show progress for women at work has stalled. US Business

Bitcoin Cash Developers Are Building Tools for Better BCH Fungibility

October 14, 2018 |

Bitcoin Cash Developers Are Building Tools for Better BCH Fungibility

On Oct. 12 the Bitcoin Cash developer Chris Troutner published a new shuffling protocol concept called Tokenshuffle, a platform that aims to anonymize BCH transactions. Meanwhile, the Cashshuffle project has recently outlined the platform’s roadmap and accomplishments so far. Over the past few months the focus on bitcoin cash fungibility and tools that make blockchain obfuscation possible has become a popular trend among BCH proponents.

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The Tokenshuffle Idea

Bitcoin Cash Developers Are Building Tools for Better BCH Fungibility
Chris Troutner

Privacy is a pretty big deal to cryptocurrency proponents and it seems many developers and projects have been racing for the holy grail of digital currency anonymity. Members of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) development community have been passionately working towards this goal. On Friday, Oct. 12, the programmer Chris Troutner published a concept called Tokenshuffle, an intended light wallet that utilizes two types of cryptocurrency mixing protocols. Troutner has published his gist on Github and explains that after some significant community review an open source application will be built.         

“Tokenshuffle is a protocol for anonymizing Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and improving its fungibility,” explains Troutner’s gist on Github. “This protocol is loosely based on the ideas in Coinjoin and Coinshuffle, and is intended to be implemented as a light-weight web app that people can anonymously interact with.”

Troutner adds:  

It leverages new token protocols built on top of Bitcoin Cash like Wormhole, though other token protocols could be used.

Bitcoin Cash Developers Are Building Tools for Better BCH Fungibility
A diagram of Chris Troutner’s Tokenshuffle idea.

Cashshuffle Development Continues

Bitcoin Cash Developers Are Building Tools for Better BCH FungibilityAlongside Troutner’s announcement, the development team behind the Cashshuffle project has published the protocol roadmap showing a lot of effort is being dedicated toward this privacy tool. On Oct. 13 Cashshuffle programmers explained the project’s goals and how they are aiming for the “next phase of maturity in the next 1-2 months and finally become a real fungibility solution for Bitcoin Cash.”

The team says they have been steadily trying to find a solution for the liquidity problem with a bot that shuffles coins for people when there are not enough participants tumbling coins. The developers say they have been contemplating other ideas like incentivization techniques similar to the Coinjoin protocol. However, the Cashshuffle programmers detail that there are some “big things coming” that will separate the program from other types of privacy methods.

For instance, the blockchain engineer Josh Ellithorpe has proposed a mechanism that enables wallets to pre-shuffle their UTXOs. “This can happen in the background and when you need to make a payment, your coins will already have been shuffled,” the Cashshuffle team emphasized. Further, the Electron Cash lead developer Jonald Fyookball has been working hard to merge Cashshuffle into the popular BCH light client. The team states that the privacy tool’s build will be double-checked by an independent security audit as well. The programmers believe Ellithorpe’s new idea of mixing UTXOs in the background automatically will improve shuffling efficiency a great deal.

“There should be plenty of liquidity because it will be widely available to many users and it can happen in the background, not while someone is waiting for a payment — Everyone will naturally be incentivized to participate to enjoy the privacy features,” the Cashshuffle developer explained. “There will still be a client-server model and the client can indicate a group of active servers and each time a shuffle is made, the client will randomly select one of the active servers — By having multiple servers, the solution will be distributed and censorship-resistant.”

At the moment Troutner’s Tokenshuffle idea is receiving some feedback on Github and the Cashshuffle roadmap was discussed in great detail on the r/btc Reddit forum. Privacy concepts on the BCH chain are welcomed by most of the community as a majority of the discussions have shown great interest in bitcoin cash fungibility improvements.

What do you think about the Tokenshuffle idea and the roadmap announced by the Cashshuffle development team? Let us know what you think about these projects in the comments section below.

Images via Shutterstock, Cashshuffle, Twitter, and Github.

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Celebs with restless hair syndrome.
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The Secret to Better Government Is Less Government

September 17, 2018 |

The Secret to Better Government Is Less Government

Governments. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them, right? From first world countries to war-torn hellholes, bemoaning politicians is de rigueur. Yet for all their flaws, we tend to view our elected officials as a necessary evil, for if they weren’t in office, the country would descend into anarchy. At least that’s what we’ve always been told. The history books, however, would demur.

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Less Laws, More Living

589 days. That’s how long Belgian residents were forced to live without an elected government between 2010 and 2011. Due to disagreements between the Flemish and Walloons, a coalition could not be formed. While the two parties fought out their many differences, a former prime minister oversaw a bare bones government that handled the basic day-to-day operations.

The Secret to Better Government Is Less Government

Apocalyptic predictions abounded of what would happen to the rudderless country. A debt crisis would be inevitable, doom-mongers asserted. The fallout would affect Europe, they foretold. There would be anarchy. Chaos. Blood in the streets. In the event, the reality proved to be more banal. Nothing happened. Life went on as normal. And, by the time Belgium had entered the record books for its 589-day governmentless stint (a feat recently surpassed by Northern Ireland) its people had learned a lesson: the solution to better government might actually be less government.

The Creeping Hand of Big Government

The Secret to Better Government Is Less GovernmentGovernment can be likened to the bezel surrounding your smartphone screen: you want it to be as small as possible – ideally invisible. The invisible hand of government, with its system of checks and balances, is meant to serve the people through providing justice for all and supporting the most disadvantaged members of society. So how did we reach a state of affairs where the people are instead serving their government? Bloated civil service, ballooning government expenditure and a creeping barrage of laws have resulted in a top-heavy, tax-heavy behemoth that takes from the lowest rungs of society to prop up the top.

Libertarians catch a lot of flak for their idealistic dream of small government that largely leaves the populace alone. The idea isn’t that radical though; all its advocates are rooting for really is a return to the low taxation, low governance model that was the norm until the mid 20th century. Following decades of intrusion into every last facet of our lives, however, rolling back the clock, repealing the laws, and downsizing the number of elected officials is untenable to those who’ve come to rely on government handouts, from the feckless claiming lifelong benefits to the fat cats, bloated off government contracts awarded by their cronies. Government is the world’s biggest ponzi scheme.

People Are Fragile. Bitcoin Is Antifragile

We think of them as sprawling, soulless entities, but what is a government but a collection of people armed with a mandate to make themselves known? And that’s where the problem begins. Every newly elected government believes its first role, upon entering office, is to stamp its authority. This means rushing through a slew of laws within the magical First 100 Days. Like a newly appointed middle manager compelled to stamp their authority, governments just can’t resist governing. They are whores for laws, enacting legislation with wild abandon, and all the while seeking ways to further entrench their power.

The Secret to Better Government Is Less GovernmentBitcoin is, in many ways, the antithesis of statism. It is a form of money that removes power from governments and distributes it far and wide. Without the ability to print, debase, and devalue national currency, governments would be stripped of the means by which to implement their spurious laws and senseless schemes. For all its promise, however, Bitcoin is not about to take over the world any more than libertarianism is about to become the dominant political ideology. But what Bitcoin does is introduce a check against the worst excesses of government.

Less government. More Bitcoin.

When your government inflates the national currency so much it causes hyperinflation. When it spies so much it starts trying to backdoor encryption. When it meddles so much it demands full KYC for the most mundane transactions. When it taxes so hard even law-abiding citizens start seeking ways to hide their wealth. When government exceeds, Bitcoin is there. Not as a panacea or a cure-all, but as a protection against the most egregious fiscal policies and privacy invasions.

And unlike government, Bitcoin is optional. It’s sound money for those smart enough to appreciate it. To its proponents, the solution is simple: Less government. More Bitcoin.

Do you think government overreach has gone too far? Let us know in the comments section below.

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