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| December 12, 2018

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U.K. Can Cancel Brexit, Confirms EU Court

December 11, 2018 |

The U.K. government can reverse its decision to leave the European Union and remain in the bloc without the approval of its EU counterparts, the European Court of Justice said. What’s News Europe

UK Government in ‘Disarray’ as Brexit Vote Postponed

December 11, 2018 |

British Prime Minister Theresa May has postponed Parliament’s vote on her European Union divorce deal to avoid a shattering defeat—a decision that throws her Brexit plans into chaos. All signs had pointed to a big defeat for the prime minister in the vote planned for Tuesday . But postponing the…

U.K.’s May Delays Brexit Vote in Face of Broad Opposition

December 11, 2018 |

British Prime Minister Theresa May delayed a critical parliamentary vote on her Brexit bill, throwing both her government and her plans for the U.K.’s EU exit into disarray. The pound dropped to its lowest level in more than a year on the news. What’s News Europe

The Great Brexit Breakdown

December 11, 2018 |

The chaos in the U.K. is just part of a growing global tension between the economic benefits of integration and the political urge for self-rule. What’s News Europe


Britain can unilaterally halt Brexit process, EU’s top court rules

December 10, 2018 |

Britain can unilaterally halt the formal process of leaving the European Union, the bloc’s top court said Monday. – RSS Channel – World

Brexit Upends British Political System

December 10, 2018 |

Brexit has turned Britain’s top-down political system on its head, with Prime Minister Theresa May in thrall to a fragmented parliament as she seeks to ratify a hard-won divorce agreement from the European Union. What’s News Europe


Theresa May warns parliament: Back me or risk no Brexit at all

December 9, 2018 |

Britain’s embattled Prime Minister Theresa May has warned that a failure by lawmakers to back her Brexit deal risks the entire venture being canceled. – RSS Channel – World

U.K. Economy Falters Over the Many Unknowns of Brexit

December 7, 2018 |

Uncertainty over the fate of Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit plans is taking a toll on the British economy, and next week’s parliamentary vote on the government’s divorce bill may not clear the air. What’s News Europe


Brexit trap? UK faces endless negotiations

December 6, 2018 |

Britain could be trapped in endless negotiations with the European Union by Theresa May’s Brexit deal, the British government’s top legal adviser has warned. – RSS Channel – World


Britain can unilaterally cancel Brexit process, top EU lawyer says

December 4, 2018 |

The British government has the power to unilaterally halt the Brexit process, a top European legal adviser has said, delivering a significant boost to campaigners who want the UK to remain in the EU. – RSS Channel – World