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| November 18, 2017

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Catalans Fail to Live Up to Brexit Expectations

November 16, 2017 |

Brexiters who hoped their own revolution in the U.K. would lead to another European domino falling saw promise in Catalonia’s independence movement after so many disappointments in European elections this year. What’s News Europe

May’s Brexit Strategy Scrutinized as U.K. Lawmakers Begin Debate

November 15, 2017 |

British lawmakers on Tuesday began examining legislation that would start the process of splitting the U.K. from the European Union, the first of a series of parliamentary tests that will measure Prime Minister Theresa May’s authority over her country’s exit from the bloc. What’s News Europe

Brexit Turbulence Gives Rise to U.S.-U.K. Aviation Talks

November 11, 2017 |

With Brexit talks between London and Brussels bogged down, Britain’s best hope for some progress preparing for life after the European Union may come from Washington. What’s News Europe

EU Pushes U.K. on Key Brexit Divorce Issues

November 10, 2017 |

The U.K. has two weeks to show the European Union that sufficient progress has been made on a trio of divorce issues for talks to move onto Britain’s future relationship with the bloc, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator said. What’s News Europe

Author of Brexit Rules: Yes, This Is Reversible

November 10, 2017 |

An interesting wrinkle in Britain’s move toward a Brexit: The guy who wrote the rulebook on the process says it can be reversed at any time. “While the divorce talks proceed, the parties are still married. Reconciliation is still possible,” said John Kerr, British ambassador to the EU from 1990…

New Brexit Report Highlights U.K. Free-Trade Gamble

November 9, 2017 |

A new report on Brexit by a British think tank is worth taking note of not just because it will be taken seriously by ministers but because it makes some important points. What’s News Europe

U.K.’s Internal Brexit Debate Stymied by Grim Choices

November 3, 2017 |

One of the alarming aspects of the British Brexit debate is the way that it keeps going around in circles, according to Europe File columnist Simon Nixon. What’s News Europe

Bank of England Raises Rates Amid the Brexit Gloom

November 2, 2017 |

The U.K. economy is lagging the world, and the Bank of England says that Brexit is having a “noticeable impact” on the economic outlook. That is a gloomy place to start from for a rate increase. What’s News Europe


Why business is beginning to panic about Brexit

November 1, 2017 |

Grounded flights. Massive delays at border crossings. A shortage of parts for nuclear power plants. 75,000 lost finance jobs. – RSS Channel – World


The headaches of negotiating Brexit

October 26, 2017 |

Leaving the European Union means the U.K. will no longer be party to a huge number of treaties. Renegotiating them will be a major pain. – RSS Channel – World