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| February 19, 2019

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Here’s how local governments are replacing California’s biggest utilities

January 27, 2019 |

Seventy miles north of downtown Los Angeles, where the Mojave Desert gives way to the San Joaquin Valley, three newly built wind turbines stand atop a ridge overlooking State Route 58. Strong gusts emerge from the mountain pass below, making this an especially windy spot in one of the windiest…

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PG&E’s bankruptcy could slow California’s fight against climate change

January 16, 2019 |

Climate change helped fuel the deadly fires that prompted California’s largest power company to announce Monday that it would file for bankruptcy in the face of $ 30 billion in potential liabilities.

In a grim twist, the bankruptcy of PG&E Corp. could now slow California’s efforts to fight climate…

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California’s job market remains hot, despite economic uncertainty

December 22, 2018 |

Trade tensions and stock market volatility loom over the nation’s economy, but California’s job market powered forward in November with a robust expansion of payrolls and a record low unemployment rate.

Employers added 30,700 positions, according to the state Employment Development Department,…

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One Faulty Hook Blamed for California’s Massive Fire

December 7, 2018 |

The cause of California’s deadly Camp Fire still has not been officially released, but sources say a single hook may be the culprit. Specifically, a steel hook that held up a high voltage line on a Pacific Gas & Electric transmission tower, sources tell NBC Bay Area . There had already…

California’s housing shortage has companies carving up apartments to lower the rent

November 25, 2018 |

When Christopher Cacho is home, the 23-year-old data specialist doesn’t do much out of the ordinary. He may run a computer analysis at his desk, play a video game or lie down with a good book.

But when he does, he’ll do it from a roughly 11-by-8-foot space that’s cordoned off by a foldable tan…

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Rain Helps Put Out California’s Deadliest Fire

November 22, 2018 |

The deadliest wildfire in California is now 90% contained after firefighters got some help from the region’s first major rainstorm of the season. The rain in northern California also helped bring the Bay Area’s air quality from a “very unhealthy” rating to “good,” though it has also caused hazards including…

California’s Largest Utility Pummeled by Wildfire Risks

November 15, 2018 |

California’s largest utility suffered its steepest stock plunge in 16 years Wednesday as concerns grew that potential liability costs from destructive wildfires threaten the company’s financial future. US Business

Is winter coming for Southern California’s housing market? Sales are falling and price cuts are more common

October 31, 2018 |

A chill is settling over the once white-hot Southern California housing market.

Listings are up. Sales are falling. Price reductions are becoming more common.

The latest evidence came Tuesday when CoreLogic released its monthly market report. Sales across the region plummeted nearly 18% in September…

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