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| January 17, 2019

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CES 2019: Friendly robots, oddball cars and a lot of artificial intelligence

January 7, 2019 |

Robots that keep you company, faster internet on phones, voice controlled everything, and oddball vehicles to replace regular cars. They’re just some of the technologies coming to CES 2019, the massive consumer electronics show that takes over Las Vegas for a week every January. – RSS Channel – World

Here Are 14 Cars That Are Getting the Ax

December 28, 2018 |

If you think you’re seeing more SUVs and crossovers on the road, you’re not imagining things. That’s because automakers are making what USA Today calls a “sweeping shift” into those types of vehicles—which also means they’re dumping more-traditional passenger cars from their lineups. The paper sifted through its own…

He links China and U.S. on robot cars and electric vehicles

December 23, 2018 |

After a 25-year career in Asia, Michael Dunne returned to the U.S. and founded ZoZo Go, a consulting company focused on electric and autonomous vehicles that advises American companies entering the China market and Chinese companies entering the U.S. The company maintains operations in San Diego,…

L.A. Times – Business

China suspends tariff hikes on $126 billion worth of U.S. cars, trucks and auto parts

December 16, 2018 |

China on Friday announced a 90-day suspension of tariff hikes on $ 126 billion worth of U.S. cars, trucks and auto parts following its cease-fire in a trade battle with Washington that threatens global economic growth.

The suspension is China’s first step in response to President Trump’s Dec. 1…

L.A. Times – Business

Man Gets 15 Years for Ramming Cars to ‘Escape Zombies’

December 14, 2018 |

A Mississippi Gulf Coast man who rammed vehicles because he thought zombies were chasing him has been sentenced to 15 years in prison, per the AP . The Sun Herald reports 32-year-old Shaun Michael Stroud of Kiln pleaded guilty last week to aggravated assault, grand larceny, and malicious mischief. Gulfport police…

Trump: China to ‘Reduce and Remove’ Tariffs on American Cars

December 3, 2018 |

China agreed to cut tariffs on American cars, President Trump said in a late-night tweet. What’s News Asia

A ‘Surprise’ Among GM’s 6 Discontinued Cars

November 27, 2018 |

Now that General Motors’ big announcement that it will be shuttering five plants in North America and slashing thousands of jobs has started to settle in, more details are emerging on the vehicle production that will be affected. Included in the business restructuring is a shift away from sedans, which…

Cable industry wants to snatch airwaves away from ‘talking cars’

October 16, 2018 |

Twenty years ago, automakers won exclusive rights to use a portion of U.S. airwaves for ultra-safe “talking cars” that would communicate with one another wirelessly, seeing around corners and averting collisions.

That future hasn’t arrived. Now, with just one talking vehicle on the road — a lone…

L.A. Times – Business

How Ancient Greeks predicted killer robots, driverless cars and even Amazon Alexa speakers

October 10, 2018 |

The Ancient Greeks are celebrated for laying down the foundations of Western civilization, but according to a new book they also had another, hidden talent: predicting future tech.
FOX News

Minnesota city sees influx of ‘drunk’ birds flying into cars, windows, officials say

October 4, 2018 |

The Gilbert Minnesota Police Department this week warned the city has seen an influx of birds “under the influence,” due to eating berries which have fermented sooner than expected this year.
FOX News