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| May 29, 2017

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Trump Admin Makes Big Change on Refugee Quotas

May 27, 2017 |

By next month, the number of refugees allowed into the US could balloon from 830 per week to more than 1,500. The New York Times reports the State Department made the change with zero fanfare this week, sending a private email to agencies helping refugees in other countries. The…

Tiny NY Community With Nazi Roots Hit With Big Change

May 22, 2017 |

An enclave of former summer bungalows, where Nazi sympathizers once marched near streets named for Adolf Hitler, is being forced to open ownership to people of non-German descent. The German American Settlement League, which once welcomed tens of thousands in the 1930s to pro-Nazi marches on eastern Long Island, has…

Chemist Who Wanted to Change World Through LSD Dies at 75

May 13, 2017 |

“We thought LSD was going to change the world,” the Telegraph quotes Nicholas Sand as saying. The man who estimates he manufactured enough acid for nearly 140 million doses during his lifetime—and who one law-enforcement officer once called “an icon in the world of illicit drugs”—died of a…


This is China’s grand plan to change the world

May 13, 2017 |

Spanning more than 68 countries and encompassing 4.4 billion people and up to 40% of the global GDP, China’s One Belt, One Road project is not short on ambition. – RSS Channel – World

Richard Simmons Sues Tabloid Over Sex Change Stories

May 9, 2017 |

Richard Simmons has a bone to pick with the tabloids. According to the Hollywood Reporter , the fitness guru filed a lawsuit against the National Enquirer , Radar Online, and American Media, Inc. after a series of stories claiming Simmons underwent a “shocking sex surgery” began appearing in June of 2016. Simmons,…

U.S. Floats Talks With North Korea, Shuns Regime Change

April 28, 2017 |

The Trump administration said Thursday that it is not seeking to overthrow North Korean leader Kim Jong Un over his nuclear weapons program and would consider holding talks, if Pyongyang pursues “the right agenda.” What’s News Asia

We’re Living the Past’s Climate Change Future

April 21, 2017 |

A lot of people—optimists, maybe—believe there’s a line in the sand when it comes to the effects of climate change that will force society to take action when it’s crossed. But, as is the case with many things in life, that line recedes the closer you get to…

The future is in … a parking garage? Here’s one way driverless cars will change urban development

April 16, 2017 |

One of the country’s biggest apartment developers is working on plans for a grand residential complex in downtown Los Angeles that includes what appears to be an ordinary garage.

There will be row upon row of lined stalls at street level and two floors underground to store nearly 1,000 cars of…

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