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| February 23, 2019

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Name Change to ‘North Macedonia’ Approved by Macedonian Parliament

February 22, 2019 |

Macedonia ratified a U.S.-backed deal with Greece to change its name to “North Macedonia,” opening up a path to membership in NATO and the EU. What’s News Europe

Facebook Considers Change as Measles Cases Spread

February 15, 2019 |

With cases of the measles spreading in Washington state, Facebook says it will try to reduce the spread of misinformation about health, especially vaccinations, on its platform. Facebook tells USA Today it is looking into making anti-vaccination content less visible and has “taken steps” to reduce false health news but…


Protesters flood Venezuela’s streets to call for change

February 12, 2019 |

Venezuelan opposition supporters returned to the streets on Tuesday, calling on embattled president Nicolas Maduro to let humanitarian aid into the economically crippled country. – RSS Channel – Regions – Americas

Drugmaker Makes Big Change to TV Ads

February 9, 2019 |

Johnson & Johnson said Thursday it will start giving the list price of its prescription drugs in television ads, the AP reports. The company would be the first drugmaker to take that step. The health care giant will begin with its popular blood thinner, Xarelto, says Scott White, head of…


A major US policy change began with one migrant’s arrival in Mexico

January 30, 2019 |

A new US policy, which forces some asylum-seekers to remain in Mexico while their cases make their way through US immigration courts, began on Tuesday with one Honduran migrant. – RSS Channel – Regions – Americas

Feds Ready to Roll Out Major Asylum Policy Change

January 25, 2019 |

The Trump administration on Friday will start forcing some asylum seekers to wait in Mexico while their cases wind through US courts, an official says, launching what could become one of the more significant changes to the immigration system in years. The changes will be introduced at San Diego’s San…

PG&E’s bankruptcy could slow California’s fight against climate change

January 16, 2019 |

Climate change helped fuel the deadly fires that prompted California’s largest power company to announce Monday that it would file for bankruptcy in the face of $ 30 billion in potential liabilities.

In a grim twist, the bankruptcy of PG&E Corp. could now slow California’s efforts to fight climate…

L.A. Times – Business

Chicago Mayor: This Town Really Needs to Change

January 14, 2019 |

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is proposing far-reaching ethics reforms for the City Council in the wake of a federal attempted-extortion charge filed this month against a powerful alderman, the AP reports. A Sunday statement from the mayor’s office doesn’t mention Ed Burke directly. But several suggested changes directly address City…

Lawmakers can now wear religious headwear after House Democrats change rules

January 7, 2019 |

Congress hasn’t been allowed to wear hats on the House floor since 1837, but the newly Democratic-controlled House voted to change that to accommodate lawmakers who wear religious headwear.
FOX News

CNN’s Nina Turner mocks Trump: Republicans need to ‘change the president’s diapers’

January 4, 2019 |

CNN political commentator Nina Turner said President Trump “whines like a baby” and declared that Republicans should “change the president’s diapers” during an appearance on “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon” on Thursday.
FOX News