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| July 19, 2019

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Schools Get Creative in Changing Dicey Names

June 24, 2019 |

It’s not a revelation that schools around the country are rethinking their names if they were named after Robert E. Lee or other Confederate figures. But as the Wall Street Journal points out, the logistics of a name change can be tough on a school’s budget—so school officials are…


3 high-tech solutions changing the lives of people with disabilities

June 9, 2019 |

Cities are difficult to navigate at the best of times, but for people with disabilities they can be like an obstacle course and a maze wrapped into one. – RSS Channel – World

Stay in Touch With Changing Markets Using the Crypto Trends App

June 2, 2019 |

Stay in Touch With Changing Markets Using the Crypto Trends App

If you are closely following cryptocurrency markets, you know things can change in a split second and at any moment. Having an application like Crypto Trends on your smartphone can help you check how your favorite coins are faring at a glance.

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Mobile App Lets You Set Alerts for Dips and Gains

Crypto Trends is a free mobile application developed for Android devices which lets you detect dips and gains quickly. All changes are color coded and their significance is also represented in lighter or darker red and green. The ad-free app has positive reviews in the Google Play store and it’s indeed light and fast.

The platform tracks the current price of thousands of digital coins and tokens, including bitcoin cash (BCH), and informs you about their hourly, daily and weekly changes in percentage points. It supports 35 base fiat currencies – not only major ones such as the U.S. dollar and the euro, but also the Indian rupee and the Chinese yuan.

Stay in Touch With Changing Markets Using the Crypto Trends App

Crypto Trends allows you to mark the cryptocurrencies you are interested in as favorites and create watchlists. The software gives you the opportunity to set custom alerts at price thresholds and provides smart alarms, which notify you in case the market cap changes significantly within the last 24 hours.

If you’d like to be constantly updated about crypto prices and market valuations, you can also check out our Bitcoin Markets tool on your desktop or laptop computer. You can use its filtering options to pull data for any of the top 500 cryptos by market capitalization. You can also highlight your favorite coins and track them separately.

Are you using a mobile app to stay informed about cryptocurrency markets? Let us know in the comments section below.

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One of Europe's Largest Airlines Is Changing Gates for Erdogan

April 7, 2019 |

One of Europe's Largest Airlines Is Changing Gates for ErdoganThe move — a 45-hour sprint slated to end at midnight on Saturday — is a massive undertaking, involving transporting more than 1,000 tons of equipment every hour from the 1950s-era Ataturk hub to the giant new airport, which occupies an area larger than Manhattan. The transfer by Europe’s fifth-largest airline was delayed several times in recent months because of the complexity of starting a facility designed to eventually handle 200 million passengers a year — roughly triple Ataturk’s current traffic. Turkish Airlines plans to wind down services at its old base, with the last flight departing for Singapore at 2 a.m. local time on Saturday.

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Young Americans’ Sex Lives Are Changing

March 31, 2019 |

Guys, really—it’s time to stop leveling up on Fortnite . A new General Social Survey shows Americans are having much less sex and young men are partly the cause, the Washington Post reports. The 2018 survey says nearly one in four adults had no sex over the past year, an…

Trump says he’s ‘open’ to changing the cap on state and local tax deductions, but Grassley isn’t

February 11, 2019 |

President Trump said he’d consider changes to a cap on the federal deduction for state and local taxes, one of the most divisive provisions of the 2017 Republican tax overhaul.

Trump told regional newspaper reporters in response to a question Wednesday that he’s “open to talking about” revisions…

L.A. Times – Business

How Institutional Investors Are Changing the Cryptocurrency Market

January 1, 2019 |

Institutional investors trading cryptocurrency gained ground in 2018, with a number of high profile players edging in and taking a seat at the table. Increased interest from larger investors may have played a part in supporting digital assets as well as distorting the market. 

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Will Crypto Markets Turn Bullish Again in 2019?

How Institutional Investors Are Changing the Cryptocurrency MarketLast year, reports emerged that George Soros and the Rockefeller family were beginning to take positions in the emergent crypto asset class, according to Bloomberg. The family’s $ 26 billion Soros Fund Management was supposedly considering trading digital assets. The Rockefeller family’s VC arm, Venrock, decided to take a different approach by partnering with Coinfund to assist entrepreneurs in launching blockchain businesses. 

Mike Novogratz, the chief executive officer of Galaxy Investment Partners, said he sees Q1 and Q2 2019 as a period when more institutions will start to come into crypto. He also expects the crypto markets to turn bullish again in 2019. 

Crypto Is Not a Playground Anymore

Previously, investors were hesitant to enter the crypto markets due to high volatility and lack of regulation, but this is changing, with large players starting to take positions. How Institutional Investors Are Changing the Cryptocurrency Market

Stefan Neagu, co-founder of digital identify management system Persona, said: “BTC attracted large players, as the institutional investors saw BTC as an investment instrument. This helped the crypto market because it was not a playground anymore, but rather the sandbox of a limited group of people with money from a real economy being shifted to the crypto market.”      

In 2018, over-the-counter (OTC) market makers have thrived, with many institutional traders shifting to OTC. Etoro announced that it had opened an OTC platform for institutional buyers and Coinbase and Hodl Hodl launched OTC desks in November. 

According to cryptocurrency research group Diar, institutional cryptocurrency trading on traditional exchanges has been diminishing in volume due to BTC being welcomed into major outfit portfolios this year. There has instead been a shift to OTC trading. 

During OTC market hours, there has seen an increase in BTC trading volume by 20 percent, while Grayscale’s Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) volumes were down 35 percent in 2017 vs. 2018 for the same period. It seems institutional traders might be shifting towards higher liquidity OTC physical BTC markets. 

Coinbase records more BTC trading volume than Grayscale’s Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) on its OTC markets where the institutional cryptocurrency product is listed.

Liquidity Issues and Susceptibility to Manipulation

Another issue with the cryptocurrency market is low liquidity and its susceptibility to manipulation. The increased entry of institutional investors may have helped anchor the current market and distort prices.

Neagu said: “I doubt that this [increased institutional investor] interest will cause liquidity issues. I don’t see any reason why the crypto market should be different than the stock market. As for distorting the prices, I don’t think that they would see any big ripples.” He added: “Let’s remember that the Mt. Gox trustee sold $ 230 million worth of BTC in four months, and they did it using exchanges, not OTC desks. For the moment, the “weight” of these institutional players is not that big to send the BTC price down.”

Hong Kong Crypto Regulations Favor Institutional Investors

In Asia, Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has introduced new rules which limit crypto trading to institutionHow Institutional Investors Are Changing the Cryptocurrency Marketal investors. Licensed portfolio managers and funds that invest more than 10 percent of their portfolios in virtual assets are required to obtain a license which means only qualified institutional investors will be allowed to invest in virtual asset portfolios.   

Roger Lim of Singapore-based NEO Global Capital (NGC) explains that crypto regulation in East Asia are still fragmented. However, further regulation will drive both governance and the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies. 

Lim said: “As institutional investors, high net worth individuals, and family offices continue to monitor and take cryptocurrency seriously, and with regulators working to improve standards and guidelines for adoption, I expect that the market will mature in parallel. If the industry can continue to shift gears and direct its attention towards this narrative of growth, I think it’s very likely that we will see a comeback in 2019.”

Crypto Custody Issues Must Be Addressed

Cryptocurrency custody lies in safeguarding crypto assets. Scarcely a month goes by without an exchange hacking, funds being lost, stolen or compromised, with little hope or possibility of recovery. It is in the interest of any financial institution holding assets for another party to lower the risk of theft.

According to the Bank of New York Mellon, there is increasing demand in the market for a traditional, established custodian to provide custody of cryptocurrencies. There have been a number of firms launching services to secure assets and there have been reports of major banks testing and in some cases rolling out crypto custody solutions. Nomura and Intercontinental Exchange have announced plans, and sources state that other major banks such as J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Bank of New York Mellon are exploring offerings. Introduction of custody would also unlock large amounts of capital, blogs Tom Shaughnessy, founder of 51percent Crypto Research.

Coinbase has received approval from New York regulators to form a custodial firm for cryptocurrencies. Previously, CEO Brian Armstrong has acknowledged this issue stating that there is $ 10 billion of institutional money waiting on the sidelines and that the number one issue preventing these individuals from getting involved is the lack of secure custodial services. 

Will we see more institutional investors entering crypto in 2019? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Unparalleled warmth is changing the Arctic, affecting weather in US and Europe

December 11, 2018 |

The Arctic is experiencing a multi-year stretch of unparalleled warmth “that is unlike any period on record,” according to the 2018 Arctic Report Card, a peer-reviewed report released Tuesday morning from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, an agency within the United States Department of Commerce. – RSS Channel – World

China Tech Exec Arrested While Changing Planes

December 6, 2018 |

China is strongly protesting the arrest of a technology exec who was detained while changing planes in Canada. Meng Wanzhou is Huawei’s chief financial officer and daughter of the company’s founder, the BBC reports. Canadian authorities say she was being sought for extradition to the US, where the company is…


Adam Rippon Says Aly Raisman Is Changing Dangerous Sports Culture

October 19, 2018 |

Aly Raisman and her Team USA teammates are heroically disrupting a dangerous belief system that athletes must blindly trust their coaches and doctors — so says fellow Olympian Adam Rippon.  The Team USA figure skating star says he’s so proud…