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| November 21, 2019

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Trump claims impeachment making him ‘stronger,’ rails against whistleblower

November 8, 2019 |

President Trump, ahead of the first public hearings in the impeachment inquiry, maintained Friday that the all-consuming political storm is actually making him “stronger” by energizing the base—claiming the parade of witnesses to date has not hurt him while turning up his attacks on the whistleblower who triggered the probe. 
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Chris Brown Hoodie from Yard Sale Had Weed In Pocket, Woman Claims

November 7, 2019 |

Chris Brown’s massive yard sale attracted a huge crowd looking for great deals on high-end and vintage items … and one customer definitely got more than what she bargained for. A woman, who says she bought a hoodie at the Wednesday sale at…

Crypto Winter Claims Another Victim as DX Exchange Closes

November 4, 2019 |

Crypto Winter Claims Another Victim as DX Exchange Closes

The digital assets market has been on an upward trend recently, with top cryptocurrencies such as BTC and BCH maintaining higher price levels. Unfortunately, this comes too late for some ventures in the field. The latest to cease operations is DX Exchange, which is now looking for a way to exit the market.

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DX Exchange Is Looking for a Buyer

Estonia-based digital assets trading venue DX Exchange has announced that as of Sunday, November 3, the platform is not allowing any more deposits from clients, trading is suspended and all open orders have been canceled. This is done to close the exchange until a new buyer can be found for the company. Alternatively, DX may merge with another exchange to reduce the high cost of running the business. The company also reassured clients that all their funds are safe and need to be returned to allow a merger or a sale to proceed.

Crypto Winter Claims Another Victim as DX Exchange Closes
Tallinn, Estonia

“We must inform the community that the board of directors of DX.Exchange has decided to temporarily close the exchange as we pursue a merger or outright sell of the company,” the team wrote in a blog post. “The cost of providing the required level of security, support and technology is not economically feasible on our own. The board believes this is the best opportunity for DX.Exchange to achieve success for its shareholders and compete in this challenging market. In the event a merger or sell is not completed in a timely manner then the exchange may not resume operations and take appropriate action.”

Smaller crypto exchanges find it difficult to survive in the current market as they have to spend a lot of money to comply with new regulations and compete with giants such as Binance. However, many other types of ventures in the digital assets industry are suffering too. Just recently we reported that Platin, a secure Proof of Location protocol which incentivizes nodes at scale by means of its own blockchain-based token, shut down on Nov. 1, 2019, despite all the recognition it got over the last two years.

Tokenized Stocks, ETFs and Crypto

DX Exchange was only launched on Jan. 7, 2019. It accepted deposits in BCH, BTC, ETH, USDT, DASH, LTC, XRP, and a few other cryptocurrencies as well as traditional fiat payment options. It initially offered trading on the tokenized stocks of some of the biggest public companies in the world, such as Google, Facebook and Amazon. This had been achieved through an agreement with MPS Marketplace Securities Ltd., which issued tokens that represent stocks via smart contracts and held the real world stocks according to demand on the platform.

The “digital stocks” were said to be backed 1:1 with the real-world stocks traded on conventional stock exchanges, like stablecoins backed by equities rather than fiat. Unlike traditional stock exchanges, this arrangement allowed the platform to offer its users the ability to trade on stocks 24/7.

Crypto Winter Claims Another Victim as DX Exchange Closes

DX Exchange holds operating licenses from the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit and reportedly employed over 70 developers in an R&D center in Israel. It is backed by NFX, a seed and series A focused venture capital firm based in San Francisco. The regulated platform operated in full compliance with Mifid II (the latest EU financial regulations), which means it featured a robust AML/KYC process. Its partner, MPS Marketplace Securities Ltd. is a Cyprus-licensed financial company which provides liquidity solutions for the online trading market.

The technology powering DX Exchange is built on Nasdaq’s Financial Information exchange (FIX), a vendor-neutral standard message protocol that defines an electronic message exchange for communicating securities transactions between two parties. The platform also supported trading via an API, which means it can be easily integrated with market makers, liquidity providers, algo traders, and hedge funds.

In early March, it was reported that DX Exchange began offering trading on tokenized exchange-traded funds (ETFs), including Nasdaq-mirrored QQQ, S&Ps and SPY. Later that month, it was also revealed that the platform was starting to list security token offerings (STOs).

Any security token could submit an application to be listed and needed to meet eligibility requirements for listing on the exchange. The potential issuers were evaluated according to their achievements, transparency, fundraising method, and management team. DX also required a legal opinion which supports the STO’s legitimacy and performed background checks on the management team and directors. For each security token which was offered, a whitepaper explaining the conditions, economic benefits and risks was required.

What do you think about DX Exchange closing down? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Satoshi ‘Nakamolto’ Emerges With Great Hair and Questionable Claims

November 3, 2019 |

Bitcoin's Satoshi 'Nakamolto' Emerges With Great Hair and Questionable Claims

A viral video taken at a Las Vegas event has put self-claimed “Bitcoin co-founder” Jörg Molt in the spotlight this past week. A Twitter user in the space known for hair trigger accusations calls Molt a scammer in the video, and Molt proceeds to knock off the guy’s baseball cap. Amusing as the sophomoric dumpster fires of crypto Twitter may be, Molt’s story is illustrative of all-too-common behavior in crypto worthy of focused caution. Before forking over fees for Molt’s Satoshi School courses or bitcoin branded champagne, be sure to know the real story beneath the great head of hair.

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The ‘Co-Founder’ of Bitcoin

While Molt’s reported past of sordid scams, numerous aliases, and life as a DJ in Germany is the source of all kinds of speculation and internet sleuthing, one thing that is immediately verifiable is that he continues to make larger-than-life claims. Molt sells himself (and by extension his courses and BTC-branded bubbly) as “Co-founder of BitCoin” and “one of the few experts in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.” He also created something called the Satoshi School, with a website that states:

The Satoshi School is the only school in the world that teaches exclusively about BitCoin and BitCoin blockchain technology in a location that suits you. It was founded in 2016 by BitCoin co-founder Jörg Molt – who has been working on global digital cash projects since 1995.

To see what Molt really means when he says “co-founder,” a Youtube interview with Steven Melnik sheds some light on the slippery language. “It is the magic about that people from all over the world had the same idea at this time,” Molt states of the pre-bitcoin era, affirming in the video that even people who were simply working toward the creation of digital money in general, are all “co-founders.” The interviewer aptly notes that just because some folks thought about ride sharing before Uber, they are not magically co-founders of the company.

Satoshi 'Nakamolto' Emerges With Great Hair and Questionable Claims
“Nakamolto” and his Disney prince hair were a source of entertainment for Twitter users.

Decried by the Boy Who Cried Wolf

Many in the space aren’t having Molt’s conveniently vague language and loud claims of owning 250,000 bitcoins, of course. At the recent WCC Vegas Blockchain Week event, Twitter user @KennethBosak, known in part for his 2018 video where he accosts two unsuspecting booth workers with all the charm of a botched root canal, pointed to Molt, filming and saying:

This guy right here, He’s not Satoshi. He’s telling people he’s [expletive] Satoshi … You don’t belong in the space. Get out.

Satoshi 'Nakamolto' Emerges With Great Hair and Questionable Claims

Bosak claims “Nakamolto” was telling conference attendees he was Satoshi, but this has not been verified. Molt’s reaction to the challenge was to return verbal fire and then sneakily knock off Bosak’s hat. The exchange is childish and of the caliber one would expect from internet sensation seeking. The incident and ensuing attention were apparently enough to send Molt running from Twitter, though, as his account has since been deactivated.

The Satoshi LARP Parade Continues

The last “Satoshi” gave his big reveal back in August to quickly fizzled attention. Like Molt, like Craig Wright, and like so many other attention-seekers in the space, claims were made that Bitcoin had somehow lost its way and been corrupted by greed and lack of leadership. And of course, only the newly revealed Satoshi could fix this. Proof isn’t provided, however, and critique of this lack of evidence is often met with scandalized shouting and gaslighting. After all, what’s the fun of live-action role play if no one believes you?

The crypto space is difficult to navigate for dazzled newbies. Thanks to long strings of priming buzzwords like “blockchain” and purposefully vague language, understanding fundamentals becomes a challenge. Much like the televangelist’s insatiable need to talk about his private jet and gold-threaded suit — while making the congregation all too aware they might miss out on theirs — crypto cons similarly give themselves away. After all, nobody wants to miss out on bitcoin paradise, and a messiah complex goes a long way in selling the story. As for Molt, the veracity of his co-founder status claim, and how many will ultimately become disciples, remains to be seen.

What are your thoughts on Molt’s claims? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Maine Democratic Party failed to release illegal contributions from Collins challenger, group claims

October 29, 2019 |

An ethics watchdog is calling on the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to investigate the Maine Democratic Party, alleging that it failed to release funds that were illegally donated to it by 2020 Senate candidate Sara Gideon.
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Bitfinex Claims to Be Victim of Fraud After Crypto Capital President Arrested

October 28, 2019 |

Bitfinex Claims to Be Victim of Crypto Capital Fraud After President Arrested

The operators of Bitfinex claim that the cryptocurrency exchange is a victim of fraud committed by its payment processor Crypto Capital. The men behind Crypto Capital now face charges related to money laundering in Poland and the U.S.

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Crypto Capital Leadership Accused of Money Laundering

Crypto Capital is a payment processor that handled funds for and on behalf of Bitfinex for several years according to public court documents. The cryptocurrency exchange accuses Crypto Capital of causing it to lose hundreds of millions of dollars.

On Thursday it was reported that the payments processor’s president, Ivan Manuel Molina Lee, was extradited to Poland from Greece to answer charges related to money laundering. Another principal of the company, Oz Yosef, was indicted on three criminal counts by the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York on Wednesday.

Bitfinex Claims to Be Victim of Fraud After Crypto Capital President Arrested

Bitfinex has issued a statement on the matter, saying that it was not involved in money laundering and that it has been lied to by Crypto Capital representatives including Molina and Yosef. Bitfinex claims that Crypto Capital falsely referred to its integrity, banking expertise, robust compliance program and financial licenses to reassure it was capable of handling the company’s transactions.

International Legal Saga

According to media reports from Poland, the allegations against the president of Crypto Capital include laundering funds for an international drug cartel from Colombia via Bitfinex and transferring them to Polish bank accounts. The reports mention that investigators found that from December 2016 to February 2018 approximately PLN 1.4 billion (US $ 360 million) was transferred to these accounts, which have been seized by authorities.

Bitfinex Claims to Be Victim of Fraud After Crypto Capital President Arrested

“Bitfinex is the victim of a fraud and is making its position clear to the relevant authorities, including those in Poland and the United States,” stated the company’s general counsel Stuart Hoegner on Friday. “We cannot speak about Crypto Capital’s other clients, but any suggestion that Crypto Capital laundered drug proceeds or any other illicit funds at the behest of Bitfinex or its customers is categorically false. This week’s developments do nothing to affect or otherwise deter Bitfinex’s claims to funds in Poland or anywhere else. We will continue to work to recover all funds for and on behalf of our stakeholders.”

What do you think about the continued legal drama surrounding Bitfinex? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Q&A: Google claims ‘quantum supremacy.’ What could that mean for the future of computing?

October 24, 2019 |

Google has reached a milestone in computing by achieving “quantum supremacy.” Caltech’s John Preskill, who coined that term, explains what that means.

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West is ‘paying the price for supporting riots in Hong Kong,’ Chinese state media claims

October 21, 2019 |

Chinese state-run media has published a series of editorials and opinion pieces drawing parallels between violent protests in Hong Kong, Spain and Chile — accusing the West of hypocrisy in its response. – RSS Channel – World


Lindsie Chrisley Claims Todd Accused Her of Affair, Used Threats

October 17, 2019 |

Todd Chrisley tried to intimidate his daughter by accusing her of having an affair with a Georgia tax official, and warned her he had a sex tape of her — at least that’s what Lindsie Chrisley told Dr. Phil. Lindsie spilled the tea on her dark…

Ronan Farrow says he’s ‘very proud’ of Kavanaugh reporting, acknowledges ‘dubious claims’ against the justice

October 17, 2019 |

Ronan Farrow stood by his reporting on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during the 2018 bitter confirmation battle, saying he was “proud” of his work. 
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