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| July 19, 2018

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Trump: ‘Many People … Loved My Press Conference’

July 18, 2018 |

In the wake of President Trump’s Monday press conference in Helsinki with Vladimir Putin, some current and former figures in the intelligence community condemned his remarks . But other people lavished praise, at least according to the president, who on Wednesday tweeted , “So many people at the higher ends of intelligence…

Highlights of Trump-Putin News Conference

July 16, 2018 |

President Trump and Vladimir Putin met for two hours Monday—about 30 minutes longer than allotted—and both emerged afterward sounding dismissive about allegations that Russia meddled in the 2016 election. Some highlights: Putin denial: The Russian president dismissed the notion of “so-called Russian interference” in the election. “I had…

Trump, Putin speak at joint press conference in Helsinki — live blog

July 16, 2018 |

President Trump and Russian President Valdimir Putin held a joint press conference Monday following a historic bilateral meeting in Helsinki, Finland.
FOX News

Papa John’s founder reportedly used racial slur in conference call

July 11, 2018 |

A media agency working with Papa John’s International Inc. decided to cut ties after the pizza maker’s founder and chairman, John Schnatter, allegedly used a racial slur and graphic descriptions of violence against minorities on a May conference call, according to Forbes.

Papa John’s and the agency,…

L.A. Times – Business


Logan Paul and KSI Go Face-to-Face at Super Fight News Conference (Live Stream)

June 16, 2018 |

Logan Paul and KSI are officially going full Mayweather vs. McGregor today in L.A. … and TMZ is live streaming so you won’t miss a single insult from the bros as they promote their upcoming bout. The YouTube superstars will be taking shots at…


Analysis: 49 wildest quotes from Trump’s press conference

June 13, 2018 |

Before hopping aboard Air Force One to head back to the United States after his historic summit in Singapore with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, President Donald Trump spent more than an hour(!) talking and taking questions from the assembled media. It was quite a performance. – RSS Channel – World

Coingeek Conference 2018: Bitcoin Cash Innovation Shines in Hong Kong

May 18, 2018 |

Coingeek Conference 2018: Bitcoin Cash Innovation Shines in Hong Kong

On May 18, 2018, the blockchain firm Coingeek hosted its inaugural Coingeek Conference held this year in Hong Kong. The event was filled with movers and shakers from the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ecosystem, alongside hundreds of BCH supporters looking to change the way the world’s money works.

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Coingeek Conference 2018: Spreading the Word of Bitcoin Cash Adoption in Hong Kong

Coingeek wrapped up its Bitcoin Cash-focused conference that aimed at spreading the message of the many benefits BCH has to offer. The event was held in Hong Kong, at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel, and had a wide variety of industry innovators from company’s like, Bitmain, Yours, Centbee, Handcash, Nchain, Lokad,, and more. Moreover, attendees listened to keynote presentations from Ryan X Charles, Jihan Wu, Dr. Craig Wright, Roger Ver, Joannes Vermorel, Vin Armani, Steven Bower, and Jimmy Nguyen among many special guests.

Coingeek Conference 2018: Bitcoin Cash Innovation Shines in Hong Kong
Lorien Gamaroff CEO of Centbee discusses better wallets and payment solutions. What consumers and merchants need for a Bitcoin Cash world.

Bitcoin Cash Powering Online Commerce

The event kicked off with Nchain’s Jimmy Nguyen who discussed the latest Nchain BCH-focused endeavor called ‘Bcommerce.’ Nguyen’s talk called ‘A Bcomm World: How Bitcoin Cash will Power the future of ‘Bcommerce,’ got the crowd fired up over how BCH proponents plan to spread mass adoption. The concept of Bcommerce aims to provide a global payment system on-chain, with low commission fees, and fast transactions. Nguyen details how the firm is researching and developing on-chain techniques for Bitcoin Cash, security improvements, better user interfaces and APIs, and most of all merchant adoption.

Compared to Swift — It is Wonderful to Use Cryptocurrencies as a Payment Method

After Nguyen’s speech on Bcommerce, the Coingeek crowd was greeted by the CEO of Bitmain Technologies Jihan Wu. Mr. Wu’s presentation called “The Future of Crypto Economy and Bitcoin Cash,” described how proponents can further bolster BCH adoption. Mr. Wu also discussed the subject of initial coin offerings (ICOs) likely in part because BCH may have the ability to produce colored coins soon. Mr. Wu detailed to the attendees that ICO’s have become a “buzzword” and some for the wrong reasons.

Coingeek Conference 2018: Bitcoin Cash Innovation Shines in Hong Kong
Bitmain Technologies CEO Jihan Wu talks about the future of the crypto economy and Bitcoin Cash.

Furthermore, Mr. Wu said many ICOs are misleading and the cryptocurrency industry should “work closely with regulators instead of working closely with lawyers.” Moreover, Mr. Wu joined a panel with’s Roger Ver, and Nchain’s Dr. Craig Wright and explained how a giant tech company like Bitmain found significant flaws with the Swift banking system. As far as customers using digital assets for payments Mr. Wu thinks it is great and far more efficient than Swift.    

“It is very wonderful to use cryptocurrencies as a payment method — Basically our customers go to the banks and say they want to wire $ 1 million dollars to Bitmain and they can say no — You need to give them a reason, you need to give them a contract, and this and that,” explains Mr. Wu.   

But with Bitcoin Cash you can wire the money as you wish as long as you control the private key — And the money arrives instantly and we can ship out the next day.

Bitcoin ABC’s Amaury Sechet: Working to Increase Scaling Further

Following the discussion with Mr. Wu, the Coingeek crowd was greeted by the Lead developer of Bitcoin ABC, Amaury Sechet, who detailed his technical vision for a global payment system. Sechet explains how Bitcoin Cash is continuing towards the original roadmap that Satoshi Nakamoto laid out in his original white paper.

Coingeek Conference 2018: Bitcoin Cash Innovation Shines in Hong Kong
Bitcoin ABC’s lead developer, Amaury Sechet discusses continued BCH scaling.

The developer continues by explaining how BCH can already handle Paypal scale volumes, and for cheap network fees. After the BCH developers completed a successful upgrade just a few days prior, Sechet reveals to the Coingeek audience that they are “working to increase scaling further.”

Coingeek Conference 2018: Bitcoin Cash Innovation Shines in Hong Kong
Bitcoin Cash follows the roadmap laid out in the original whitepaper.

Purse is Launching a New Bitcoin Cash Implementation Called ‘Bcash’

Attendees at the inaugural Coingeek conference also heard from Nchain’s Dr. Craig Wright who talked about new ways to sell and trade goods with BCH in a presentation titled ‘Bitcoin’s Atomic Age.’ Participants heard from Centbee’s CEO Lorien Gamaroff and the exciting BCH wallet they are working on. Joannes Vermorel the founder of Lokad told the crowd about how proponents can overcome eCommerce hurdles with Bitcoin Cash.

Coingeek Conference 2018: Bitcoin Cash Innovation Shines in Hong Kong announces native BCH support.

Additionally, Coingeek attendees heard a panel on BCH use cases from industry leaders such as Alex Gut of Handcash, Vin Armani of Cointext, Angela Holowaychuk of Ncrypt, and Steven Bower from

Coingeek Conference 2018: Bitcoin Cash Innovation Shines in Hong Kong also announced a new BCH implementation called ‘bcash.’

Bower told the crowd about a new Bitcoin Cash client that will be released shortly called ‘Bcash’ that’s similar to implementations like the ABC, BU, or XT clients. Alongside this, the crowd was pleased to hear is using BCH for native support. Overall the spirit was high in Hong Kong at the 2018 Coingeek event, and everyone who attended was quite optimistic after the successful fork a few days ago.

Did you attend the Coingeek Conference 2018? Let us know your thoughts on this event in the comments below. 

Images via, Mike Malley, Marcel Chuo, and the associated logos and companies pictured.

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PR: World Blockchain Forum – New York’s Better Blockchain Conference

May 18, 2018 |

World Blockchain Forum - New York’s Better Blockchain Conference

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release.

With a new focus on security tokens and financial regulation, Keynote delivers their seventh World Blockchain Forum, the first ever in New York. Final ticket release begins 29th May.

Having produced two of 2018’s biggest bitcoin and blockchain events in Miami and Dubai, Keynote is honored to bring the World Blockchain Forum to the Big Apple as they host the first [WBF: Security Tokens & ICOs] on 12th and 13th June.

Held at Manhattan’s Metropolitan West, the intimate two day event includes a change in format with ‘ICO Pitch Panels’, where ICO projects will use a panel discussion platform to showcase their product moderated by blockchain visionary Moe Levin. Attendees will experience a comprehensive introduction from high profile industry experts including Vanessa Grellet, Bruce Fenton and Salil Donde, knowledgeable in not only blockchain and financial regulation but the complexities of Wall Street, offering invaluable insight into the future of security tokens.

Announcing lead partnerships with Victory Square Technologies and Polymath, this WBF speaker line up is set to deliver a groundbreaking agenda rounded off by Victory Square Director Peter Smyrniotis awarding the top 3 ICO/STO panelists with $ 100,000 shared investment.

In addition, WBF Dubai Environmental Sponsor Climate Futures, will return for WBF New York, after having retired over $ 14,000 in 1PLANET tokens to balance the carbon footprint of over 600 international flights to Dubai.

In a saturated environment of corporate blockchain events en masse, WBF maintains its 7-year long ambition to connect individuals and develop international relationships, giving sponsors a personal and rewarding experience long term. Projects wanting to exhibit alongside WBF regulars and Academy School of Blockchain are advised to move quickly to secure limited last space in the vibrant Exhibiting & Networking Hall.

For final sponsorship and exhibiting availability please contact Tom Lunn at []

WBF New York speakers include:
Alex Mashinsky – Founder & CEO, Celsius
Bruce Fenton – Founder & CEO, Chainstone Labs
Salil Donde – CEO, AlphaPoint
Nick Spanos – Co-founder,
Trevor Koverko – CEO, Polymath
Vanessa Grellet – Executive Director, ConsenSys
Halsey Minor – Founder, CNET
Oliver Gale – Executive Director, Bitt
Dawn Newton – COO, Netki
Veronica McGregor – Partner, Goodwin
Paul Puey – CEO, Edge
Jason King – Co-founder, Academy
Gabriel Abed – Chairman, Bitt
Steve Dakh – Ethereum, Aeternity, Kryptokit

“Though bitcoin and blockchain technology is rapidly becoming more understood, security tokens remain a black-box to most people. Which is strange, because as far as I can tell, the only real way to unlock the next trillion dollars of value in the ecosystem is by digitizing the traditional financial world through security tokens.” said Moe Levin, Founder and CEO of Keynote. “Showcasing the best and brightest in the industry has been the aim of Keynote since 2012, and we’re excited to be bringing the 7th edition of the World Blockchain Forum to New York City.”

For a full list of speakers visit:
Last tickets can be purchased at:

About Keynote
Keynote was launched in 2012 by blockchain strategist Moe Levin. Further information and details about Keynote and their events can be found at

For media inquiries, please contact Amandah Hendricks at

Supporting Link

This is a paid press release. Readers should do their own due diligence before taking any actions related to the promoted company or any of its affiliates or services. is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods or services mentioned in the press release.

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How to Survive a Blockchain Conference Without Getting Hacked

May 11, 2018 |

How to Survive a Blockchain Conference Without Getting Hacked

Blockchain conference season is here, the industry’s equivalent of Hollywood’s awards season. It’s an opportunity for crypto celebs to tread the red carpet and for everyone from minnows to whales to mingle, network, and learn. But if you’re not careful, it’s also a chance to get your devices pwned and your cryptocurrency swiped.

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May Is the Month for Blockchain Conferences

There are cryptocurrency conferences all through the year, but May is when they reach their zenith. Last weekend saw Futurama in Dubai, a glitzy event whose guests included Brock Pierce and whose closing party took place on a yacht in the Gulf. Next week it’s the turn of Consensus NYC, the industry’s largest event that will welcome 7,000 attendees and hundreds of delegates.

The cumulative value of the portfolios swilling around inside New York’s Hilton Midtown will comfortably run into the billions of dollars. The vast majority of that wealth will have been left at home on hardware devices and paper wallets stashed in secure vaults, but that doesn’t mean attendees will be immune from thieves.

How to Survive a Blockchain Conference Without Getting Hacked

For one thing, you probably have more of your crypto holdings on an exchange, readily accessible via the 2FA app in your pocket, than you’d care to admit. And for another, hackers don’t have to strike at the event. They can phish or social engineer now and strike later when you’re on the other side of the world, or when you’re on the long-haul flight home and unaware that your SIM card has just been swapped.

Keep Calm and Be Prepared

The first rule when attending any public conference, especially one as high profile as Consensus, is to avoid insecure wifi networks. How do you know if a network’s insecure? You probably don’t, which is why you’re best relying on mobile data only. That wifi point named after the conference you’re attending could just as easily be a honeypot.

If you must connect via wifi while at the conference or your hotel, be sure to use a VPN. In addition, keep your cellphone’s bluetooth and NFC turned off and don’t plug it into a USB point to charge. You don’t know what’s on the other end of that cable, and while it could be innocuous, it could just as easily be extracting your data.

Be Careful What You Share and Who You Share It With

How to Survive a Blockchain Conference Without Getting HackedThe best thing about blockchain conferences isn’t the panel discussions and it certainly isn’t the ICO pitches. No, the best part is the after-parties. All those networking opportunities and chances to bump fists with crypto bros you’ve previously only known as an avatar in a Telegram group. Some words of caution are necessary though.

Literally anyone can whip together a business card purporting to be an investor or OTC broker, pull on an expensive shirt, and extend a firm handshake. Due to the public nature of crypto conferences, there is no means of vetting participants, and no easy means of telling who’s legit and who’s a snake. That ICO whale who’s befriended you and returned to your room for drinks could be the real deal…or they could just be waiting for an opportunity to slip something in your vodka and pilfer your laptop once you’ve passed out.

Crypto People Are Good People

This advice isn’t intended to be alarmist. Crypto people are some of the friendliest and most generous people you could ever hope to meet IRL (the less said about their Twitter personas the better). Provided you follow basic op-sec, you will be able to relax at the conference, enjoy yourself, and forge friendships that will last for years. Be careful, though, not to brag about gains, share portfolios, or engage in any other behavior that could mark you out as a target.

If possible, leave your primary laptop and smartphone at home and travel with a burner. That way, whatever happens, you’ll wake up regretting nothing more than that last shot of tequila. Be discrete, conceal your wealth, and remember that there’s no such thing as free wifi. Do all that and you’ll be sure to have a ball.

What other precautions do you think conference delegates should take? Let us know in the comments section below.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock.

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Tempers Flare at Milken Institute Cryptocurrency Conference

May 4, 2018 |

Tempers Flare at Milken Institute Cryptocurrency Conference

Tempers flared during a cryptocurrency panel hosted at the Milken Institute 21st Global Conference, in Beverly Hills, California with discussions degenerating to profanity as Nouriel Roubini, also known as ‘Dr. Doom,’ described bitcoin’s purported decentralization as “bullshit.” In addition to the comedy of Mr. Roubini, the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) chairman offered measured comments regarding the need to respect the “generational” nature of the booming interest surrounding the cryptocurrency markets.

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‘Dr. Doom’ Curses Decentralization at Milken Conference

Tempers Flare at Milken Institute Cryptocurrency Conference
Nouriel Roubini

Among the most boisterous of the conference’s panelists was Nouriel Roubini – an economist known for predicting the 2008 financial crisis.

“All this talk of decentralization is just bullsh*t,” said Mr. Roubini, describing blockchain as comprising little more than a “glorified Excel spreadsheet.” Of investors who entered the bitcoin markets in late 2017, Mr. Roubini stated: “This was a bubble […] the ones who arrive late to the party are the suckers.”

Mr. Roubini’s remarks elicited retaliation from Alex Mashinsky, the chief executive of Celcius Network, who challenged Dr. Doom to “buy one coin and then tell us how it works.” Bill Barhydt, the chief executive of Abra, also chimed in, announcing that Roubini offering analysis of the cryptocurrency markets was akin to “a horse salesman saying we don’t need combustion engines.”

CFTC Chairman Describes “Generational” Shift Towards Bitcoin

Tempers Flare at Milken Institute Cryptocurrency ConferenceAlso speaking at the Milken Conference, the chairman of the CFTC, Christopher Giancarlo argued that regulators need to ”take a moment and respect this generation’s interest in this new instrument.” Mr. Giancarlo asserted that the cryptocurrency markets need to viewed “Not with derision, but with a little bit of attention and respect, and respond with policy initiatives that really are thoughtful and forward-looking.”

“There is something going on here that is generational,” he continued. “Just as the baby boomer generation lost faith in the leaders that came before them and tried to seek a cultural change in those days through sex, drugs and rock and roll, I think there is a generation that also has lost faith in us that led them through the financial crisis and they see technology as a way of disintermediating institutions for which they don’t have a great deal of respect.”

Mr. Giancarlo concluded by emphasizing the challenges encountered by the CFTC in seeking to apply its regulatory mandate – which was developed during the 1930’s – to the innovative phenomena of cryptocurrency. “We are struggling to find out how we apply an old law to really new and different applications,” Mr. Giancarlo stated.

“Every [ICO] I Have Seen Is A Security” – SEC Commissioner

Tempers Flare at Milken Institute Cryptocurrency Conference
Michael Piwowar

Commissioner at the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, Michael Piwowar, offered a sweeping assessment of initial coin offerings (ICOs) at the conference, stating that so far every ICO examined by himself, or SEC chairman, Jay Clayton, has comprised “a security.

Mr. Piwowar discussed the current regulatory implications for ICOs, stating that “If (an ICO token) is a security, then it falls into three buckets. The first is the registered public offerings; this is the normal IPO, public offer. We’ve not had anybody register a public offering for an ICO. The next bucket is exempt offerings, so if you have an ICO, you have to fit into one of those types of exempted. And the third bucket is illegal […] if you are not falling into the first two buckets, we’ve said we’re coming after you.”

Mr. Piwowar added that “Bitcoin itself is not a security, but these customized tokens for these initial coin offering – most of them are.”

What do you is your response to the cryptocurrency panel at the Milken Conference? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Wikipedia

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