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| December 13, 2018

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Former Mt. Gox CEO Could Face 10 Years in Jail Over Embezzlement

December 12, 2018 |

Former Mt. Gox CEO Faces 10 Years in Jail Over Embezzlement in Japan

Japanese prosecutors are seeking a 10-year jail term for Mark Karpeles, the former CEO of Mt. Gox. The embattled Frenchman, who has been previously accused of diverting company money for prostitutes, business acquisitions and luxury items, is facing charges of transferring $ 3 million of client funds to his own account for investment in a software development business.

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Karpeles Pleads Innocence But Authorities Aren’t Buying It

According to prosecutors, Mark Karpeles falsified Mt. Gox’s trading system to make customer balances appear healthier than they in fact were. He also acted in violation of the country’s corporate law, Japanese daily The Mainichi reported on Dec. 12.

Former Mt. Gox CEO Could Face 10 Years in Jail Over Embezzlement

Karpeles has sworn his innocence and says the money, moved in the last four months of 2013, was meant to serve as only a temporary loan. He also argued, earlier in the trial, that the funds in question did not belong to clients but were his now-defunct company’s revenue.

However, prosecutors have argued there is no evidence that this diversion of funds was merely as a temporary loan. “There was no documentation of loans and there was no intention of paying back,” reads their submission at the Tokyo District Court. Karpeles, prosecutors argue, must be slapped with a harsh sentence for betraying the confidence of investors who trusted him with their money.

The Great Bitcoin Heist

Mt. Gox went from handling 70 percent of global bitcoin trades in 2013 to bankruptcy in 2014 after about $ 400 million was supposedly lost to hackers, with 200,000 bitcoins recovered two weeks later. The current lawsuit is not investigating the cause of this theft.

As the effects of the discrepancy became apparent, the exchange initially delayed withdrawals for up to three months before completely ceasing them altogether, ostensibly over the theft of bitcoins. The company entered bankruptcy proceedings in 2014 but has since undergone civil rehabilitation processes to enable it to pay bitcoin still owed to investors. It has yet to be determined how much users will be repaid, given the numerous fluctuations in bitcoin’s trading price since 2014.

Former Mt. Gox CEO Could Face 10 Years in Jail Over Embezzlement
Mark Karpeles

“I never imagined things would end this way and I am forever sorry for everything that’s taken place and all the effect it had on everyone involved,” Karpeles said earlier during the bankruptcy saga, although he has consistently maintained his innocence. In November, a Mt. Gox trustee sought to defer the deadline for filing civil rehabilitation claims, initially slated for October, until this month.

Regardless of how the matter plays out in Japan, Karpeles faces more legal trouble in the U.S. where former Mt. Gox clients filed a lawsuit against him several months ago. Karpeles’ lawyers want the lawsuit dismissed on the basis that a U.S. court has no jurisdiction over the matter.

What are your thoughts on the Mt. Gox case? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Thai SEC Explains Two Laws Could Apply to Crypto Securities

December 1, 2018 |

Thai SEC Explains Two Laws Could Apply to Crypto Securities

Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has reportedly clarified how existing laws can apply to crypto securities. In addition, Thai companies planning to issue securities tokens abroad would be guilty of wrongdoing under the Digital Asset Act for avoiding regulated fundraising channels.

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Applicable Current Laws

Thai SEC Explains Two Laws Could Apply to Crypto SecuritiesOn Thursday, the Bangkok Post reported that Tipsuda Thavaramara, deputy secretary of the Thai SEC, revealed that “the regulator will have to consider how to deal with STOs [securities token offerings] for issues such as share ownership, voting rights, and dividends.”

Thailand enacted cryptocurrency regulation in May. The country’s Digital Asset Act regulates cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs) and installs the Thai SEC as the main regulator of the crypto industry. However, STOs are not included within the scope of any current laws.

The publication detailed:

If STOs have conditions similar to other fund-raising securities, they could undergo processes similar to those for IPOs, thus coming under the SEC Act … STO trading could fall under the Digital Asset Act if fund-raising is carried out in the same manner as for ICOs.

Thavaramara clarified, “At the moment, we have not decided whether STOs fall under the SEC Act or the Digital Asset Act,” adding that “it depends on the STO’s conditions and the details in its white paper.” She emphasized, “The SEC will have to consider carefully how to respond to each STO.”

Thai Company Plans STO Launch in the US

Thai cryptocurrency exchange operator Satang Corp. has announced a plan to launch its own STO in the U.S., the Bangkok Post also reported.

Thai SEC Explains Two Laws Could Apply to Crypto SecuritiesSatang Corp. operates a crypto exchange in Thailand called Satang Pro, formerly Tdax. The exchange has been granted temporary approval to operate in Thailand while its full application is being reviewed by the Thai SEC.

Thai SEC Explains Two Laws Could Apply to Crypto SecuritiesThe company “recently said it would issue an STO in the first quarter of next year but file for fund-raising with the US’s SEC and list on the T-zero exchange in the US,” the news outlet wrote on Thursday.’s August filing with the U.S. SEC states that its Tzero platform aims to provide “current market participants the opportunity to access crypto-securities without having to incur switching costs.” The filing further describes, “Tzero represents a regulated bridge between the traditional securities markets and the fast-emerging world of crypto-securities.”

According to the Bangkok Post, Thavaramara explained:

An STO affiliated with Thai investors launching in an international market at this point would be guilty of wrongdoing under the Digital Asset Act. A company making such an STO launch would be trying to avoid regulated fund-raising channels, such as sales of ordinary shares or sales of digital assets via IPO portals.

What do you think of Thailand’s approach to regulating crypto securities? Let us know in the comments section below.

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