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| February 22, 2019

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Croatia Is Going to Its 1st World Cup Final

July 11, 2018 |

When the final whistle blew and they knew they were going to their first World Cup final, the Croatians ran to their exuberant fans, jumping in their iconic red-and-white checkered jerseys. Mario Mandzukic scored the winning goal in the 109th minute and Croatia shocked England 2-1 Wednesday, the AP reports….

Nyet This Time: Russia Loses to Croatia in Shootout

July 7, 2018 |

Although Russia made it further at this year’s World Cup than most anyone expected, it was Croatia that advanced to the semifinals with a 4-3 shootout victory Saturday following a 2-2 draw, the AP reports. The overachieving hosts, the lowest ranked team in the tournament at No. 70, were trying…

New Store Sells Cryptocurrencies for Regular Old Cash in Croatia

April 30, 2018 |

New Store Sells Cryptocurrencies for Regular Old Cash in Croatia

A “Bitcoin store” has opened doors in Croatia. It sells bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and even issues receipts. The shop is a welcome addition to the steadily growing crypto sector in the Balkan country. The team behind the project plans to expand to all major Croatian cities and even other countries in the region.

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OTC Point of Sale Now Operational in Split

The new walk-in point of sale is located in the Croatian city of Split, a famous tourist destination on the Adriatic coast. The store on Hrvatske Mornarice Street currently offers direct sales of bitcoin, ether and other altcoins, Bitfalls reports. The premium is around 5 percent on top of the average prices at Coinmarketcap. Customers are given a receipt and proof of purchase for tax reporting purposes.

New Store Sells Cryptocurrencies for Regular Old Cash in Croatia

Bitcoin Store is arguably the first of its kind in the country, and probably on the Balkans. Bitkonan, the Croatian crypto exchange behind the project, has plans to offer similar OTC (over the counter) solutions to residents and guests of other major cities, starting from Zagreb and Rijeka. Its team also hopes to expand in the region, depending on demand for this kind of service in neighboring countries.

The cryptocurrency sector in Croatia, including crypto trading, has seen a rapid development. Bitfalls’ own project, Coinvendor, is already processing direct purchases of digital coins through bank transfers and its services are available globally. The Bitcoin Store in Split now adds another dimension, offering cryptocurrencies for fiat cash.

Croatians Helping Their Government with Regulations

Interest towards cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and blockchain technologies has increased significantly in Croatia over the last several years. The local crypto community has grown with many new crypto companies and businesses accepting crypto payments. Bitcoin ATMs have been installed in major Croatian cities, including the capital Zagreb, the second-largest city Split, Rijeka, and Pula.

Bitcoin Store Sells Cryptocurrencies for Cash in CroatiaThe Croatian government, however, has yet to respond adequately to the bitcoin boom and adopt a long-awaited comprehensive regulatory framework. The Croatian National Bank (HNB) has taken a conservative stance. It stated last year that cryptocurrencies are not legal means of payment under the current laws in the country. The central bank also noted that they should not be considered electronic money.

Earlier this year, blockchain businesses and crypto enthusiasts in Croatia announced intentions to “help authorities take informed decisions” about the cryptocurrency sector. The local crypto community established a new organization called Udruga za Blockchain i Kriptovalute (UBIK), or Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association. Its main task is to channel their efforts towards adopting meaningful regulations. UBIK has already declared readiness to advise authorities on all crypto-related matters. It is also providing legal, financial, and technical support to its members.

Do you agree that over the counter bitcoin sales can bring more people into the crypto world? Tell us in the comments section below.

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Steps towards Self-Regulation in Croatia and Slovenia

February 18, 2018 |

Steps towards Self-Regulation in Croatia and Slovenia

Communities in two countries, which share a border, history and perspectives, have expressed similar views about the future of the cryptocurrency sector. A new association in Croatia hopes to lay the foundations of self-regulation in the industry. In neighboring Slovenia, entrepreneurs and government officials have promised to work together to “educate the public” on the benefits of the blockchain technology.

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Croatian Crypto Companies to Advise Regulators

Businesses and enthusiasts in Croatia have united their efforts to help authorities take informed decisions about the cryptocurrency sector. A new umbrella organization will be bringing suggestions and important matters to the attention of policy makers in Zagreb, Bitfalls reported this week. The Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association will be advising regulators on anything from buying and selling cryptocurrencies, to crypto payments and salary payouts in bitcoin.

UBIK [“Udruga za Blockchain i Kriptovalute”] intends to create “a focused and strong community of people involved with the blockchain technology and the domain of cryptocurrency in Croatia”, but also in the region. Providing relevant information, education and knowledge about the crypto economy is among its priorities. The Croatian crypto association plans to help authorities and its members with legal, financial, and technological support in the development of the regulatory framework and realizing strategic blockchain projects.

Steps towards Self-Regulation in Croatia and Slovenia

Interest in bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies and the underlying technology has grown significantly in Croatia in the past year that saw skyrocketing prices on crypto markets. The local community has expanded with new companies working with blockchain technologies and more businesses accepting crypto payments.

A comprehensive regulatory policy is yet to be adopted by Croatian authorities. During a discussion on digital currencies back in 2013 the Croatian National Bank reportedly stated that bitcoin was not illegal in the country. More recently, in 2017, HNB noted that cryptos were neither legal means of payment, nor electronic money under current law in Croatia. The country has appealed for common EU decisions in regards to cryptocurrencies.

Government and Businesses to Educate Slovenians about Blockchain

More positive signals came this month from Croatia’s neighbor Slovenia, another former Yugoslav republic and current member of the EU. Government officials and blockchain companies promised to work together to “educate the public on the benefits and the opportunities that the innovative technology brings”. They met to set up an open dialogue between authorities and entrepreneurs, necessary to clarify and address the challenges. Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar also took part in the meeting hosted by Viberate, a startup developing a decentralized live music marketplace.

Steps towards Self-Regulation in Croatia and Slovenia“We have called for regulation that would assist blockchain projects with existing financial limitations and allow us easier recruitment processes. The government has agreed that it will provide us with more favorable conditions in due time”, Insurepal, one of the participating companies, said in a blog post. It expressed hope that similar public discussions will help Slovenia become one of the most advanced countries in the field of blockchain.

The companies, which took part in the meeting, also announced the establishment of the Blockchain Alliance CEE. It will focus their efforts on improving visibility and raising the reputation of the sector through unified communication.

The current government in Ljubljana has a positive attitude towards the crypto industry. Speaking at the Digital Slovenia 2020 conference last year Prime Minister Cerar acknowledged the progress made by local businesses and said his country could become a leader in blockchain-development in the European Union. Slovenia is also among countries that do not tax individuals on capital gains from bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Do you think positive developments in Southeast Europe in regards to crypto regulation will influence decisions in the EU? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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