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| May 22, 2019

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data Archives -’s Market Cap Aggregator Adds More Informative Crypto Data

May 20, 2019 |'s Market Cap Aggregator Adds More Informative Crypto Data

A little over a year ago, our web portal launched a new market cap aggregator,, which showcases the top 500 cryptocurrency market valuations. More recently we’ve added some great data to so people can get information on not only the price of their favorite coins, but also real-time charts featuring transactions per day, 24-hour volume, and the current number of coins in circulation.

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Last year, we launched a webpage that hosts the top 500 cryptocurrency market valuations in real-time. is a colorfully themed market cap aggregator that features the top performing cryptocurrency prices and market data. The page is quite different to most market cap websites because you don’t have to refresh the page all the time in order to get real-time prices.'s Market Cap Aggregator Adds More Informative Crypto Data
500 cryptocurrency market caps, price quotes, trade volume and more data on one intuitive and customizable interface. is also very simple to use, making navigation effortless while the eloquently designed interface is easy on the eye. Our market cap aggregator can also be viewed in both daylight and night mode depending on your preference. And speaking of preferences, you can also filter crypto prices by your favorite coins as well by marking them with a heart for ease of reference.'s Market Cap Aggregator Adds More Informative Crypto Data offers night mode.

You can also highlight a specific cryptocurrency by clicking on an individual asset and it will direct you to a page that shows the digital asset’s price chart. features professional charts that can be toggled with different chart properties, timeframes, full-screen mode, and you can even save the chart layout. The coin’s page will also show you all kinds of statistics with charts that include price, capitalization, 24-hour trade volume, and daily transactions. There’s other stats as well, like the type of algorithm the coin uses alongside the different proof types. also highlights the supply data, which is a record of the number of units in existence either through mining or issuance. The website also displays exchanges that are trading the coin and how much trade volume they are processing.'s Market Cap Aggregator Adds More Informative Crypto Data
Professional charts for price quotes, market cap, volume, supply, and daily transactions that can also be saved.

A Market Cap Aggregator Built for Digital Currency Newbs and Veterans

In addition to these features, BCH and BTC users can quickly access the block explorer if they want to search for a block or transaction on either chain. Moreover, the markets aggregator has direct links so you can quickly purchase BCH, ETH, and BTC in a matter of minutes. was built for cryptocurrency enthusiasts by developers who are very passionate about the space and they understand the importance of reliable market data. With detailed data, charts, and price quotes from various coins, is sure to please newcomers and crypto veterans alike.'s Market Cap Aggregator Adds More Informative Crypto Data
Users can also purchase BCH, BTC, and ETH by using one of the direct links to our page.

With tools like, our web portal continues to grow and we’re excited to reveal many more resources that help progress economic freedom. already provides a newsdesk, podcasts, widgets, charts, merchants solutions, educational resources and so much more.'s Market Cap Aggregator Adds More Informative Crypto Data showcases other types of data like trade volumes by exchange.

Moreover, our noncustodial wallet has seen more than 4 million wallet creations since we launched the light client two years ago. aligns with our other tools and resources in providing top of the line real-time data to billions of people across the planet. So if you’re tired of those boring market cap aggregators that need to be refreshed every few minutes, check out today.

What do you think about Let us know your thoughts about the market cap web page in the comments below.

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India's incredulous data: Economists create own benchmarks

May 9, 2019 |

India's incredulous data: Economists create own benchmarksEconomists and investors are increasingly showing that they have little or no confidence in India’s official economic data – presenting whoever is elected as the next prime minister with an immediate problem. There have been questions for many years about whether Indian government statistics were telling the full story but two recent controversies over revisions and delays of crucial numbers have taken those concerns to new heights. The government itself has admitted there are deficiencies in its data collection.

Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Coin 360 Provides Color-Based Crypto Market Data

May 7, 2019 |

Coin 360 Provides Crypto Market Data in Interactive Boxes

Websites dedicated to cryptocurrency data are prone to looking dull and overcrowded with numbers, percentages and charts that may put off newcomers to the space. Platforms such as Coin 360 are more intuitive for users, providing an easy to comprehend visual representation of the current market.

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Website Tracks Cryptocurrencies by Price Change

Coin 360 arranges digital currencies on an interactive map according to the protocol they are based on. Each tracked crypto is displayed in a separate box with its ticker symbol. The size and color of the boxes, green or red, indicate the market share and the 24-hour price change of the respective cryptocurrencies.

When scrolling over a box, another window pops up with additional information about the coin, including a chart, current price and 24-hour volume. The market data is updated every 10 seconds and you can define your own watchlist choosing between 10 and 50 coins or tokens.

Clicking on the box will take you to the dedicated page of the crypto where more detailed charts for different time periods are available. There’s also a brief description of the digital coin and other information such as the circulating and maximum supply.

Coin 360 Provides Color-Based Crypto Market Data

Coin 360 provides a similar set of data for cryptocurrency exchanges as well. Their boxes show the daily trading volume with the 24-hour change. The additional window includes the features and services offered by the trading platform, its fees and the number of supported pairs.

For those who prefer the more traditional look of conventional price and market cap trackers, the website has a table with the top 100 digital currencies by capitalization. It is more dynamic than other platforms as you can see real-time price changes blinking in green or red.

Coin 360 shows the latest headlines from the cryptocurrency space at the bottom of its page. There’s also a calendar section informing readers about upcoming major crypto events.

Another reliable source for the prices and valuations of hundreds of cryptocurrencies is the Bitcoin Markets page developed by It allows you to track your favorite coins and compare their indicators in major cryptocurrencies or a number of fiat currencies. Also, check out our Bitcoin Charts page which covers prices, market caps, daily transactions, supply, hashrate, blocksize, inflation rate, and fees for both BCH and BTC.

What other interactive platforms for crypto market data do you know? Tell us in the comments section below.

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Great teams, UBI, data retention policies, and Amazon HQ2

May 5, 2019 |

3 key secrets to building extraordinary teams

David Cancel, the CEO and founder of Drift, wrote a deep dive on how to think about finding and recruiting the kinds of people who build incredible startups. Among the factors he looks at:

Scrappiness (Importance: 35%)

The four most telling words a new hire can say: “I’ll figure it out.” If you find someone who says that (and can follow through on it), you know you’ve found someone with drive — someone who will plunge headfirst into any challenge and help move the company forward. But to clarify, the type of drive I look for in new hires is different from traditional ambition. Because traditionally ambitious people, while hard workers, tend to obsess over their own personal rise up the corporate ladder. They always have an eye on that next title change, from manager to director, director to VP, or VP to C-suite, and that influences how they perform. That’s why a decade ago, while running my previous company Performable, I added a new requirement to our job descriptions: “Scrappiness.” Today, it’s one of our leadership principles at Drift.

Scrappy people don’t rely on titles or defined sets of responsibilities. Instead, they do whatever it takes to get the job done, even when no one is looking, and even if the tasks they’re performing could be considered “beneath their title.”

Takeaways from F8 and Facebook’s next phase

We had a greatly informative conference call with our very own Josh Constine and Frederic Lardinois, who were checking in from Facebook’s F8 conference in San Jose this week. In case you weren’t able to join us, the transcript and audio have been posted for Extra Crunch members:


Police Unlock New Vault of People’s Personal Data

April 14, 2019 |

A new frontier in crime investigation relies on the ultimate tracking device—and it’s right in your purse or pocket, the New York Times reports. Detectives nationwide are inundating Google with warrants to mine its so-called Sensorvault, which holds tracking data from most Android phones and some iPhones worldwide over…

Data Shows Short-Term Crypto Tax Filers Increase, But Lots of Investors Still Won’t File

April 3, 2019 |

Data Shows Short-Term Crypto Tax Filers Increase, But Lots of Investors Still Won't File

According to personal finance firm Credit Karma Tax, filers who reported short-term capital losses for cryptocurrencies in the first month of 2019 jumped fivefold year-over-year. After the incredibly bearish crypto markets of 2018, data from early tax filers highlights the fact that more investors are claiming losses this tax season. However, a survey the company recorded back in November found that the number of people deciding not to file crypto taxes has increased.

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Tax Filers Reporting Short-Term Crypto Gains and Losses Spike Considerably

Last April, as tax season approached, reported on how many cryptocurrency holders didn’t really care. At the time, the general manager of Credit Karma Tax, Jagjit Chawla, explained that out of 250,000 cryptocurrency holders, less than 100 people (0.0004%) reported their gains to the IRS. The tax season in 2019, however, has seen an increase of individuals reporting short-term capital losses. Sharing the data with our newsdesk, the company said that filers who reported short-term capital losses for bitcoin in the first month of 2019 jumped 521 percent in comparison to the first month of 2018. Moreover, short-term BTC losses averaged $ 3,405, which is a 322 percent increase since last year’s tax season.

Data Shows Short-Term Crypto Tax Filers Increase, But Lots of Investors Still Won't File

“Short-term bitcoin gains declined during the first month of the 2019 filing season, with a net 7% decrease in the average amount of gains,” the report reads. “However, 33% more early filers reported short-term gains year-over-year.” The document’s author notes:

Investors with long-term gains are the winners so far this tax season, with early filers reporting an average gain of $ 15,352 during the first month of the 2019 filing season — up 103% from the same period last year.

Data Shows Short-Term Crypto Tax Filers Increase, But Lots of Investors Still Won't File
Out of 1,000 bitcoin investors, 47 percent of respondents stated they did not plan on reporting crypto gains or losses.

Despite Increase in Short-Term Filings, Survey Reveals 47% of U.S. Investors Still Plan to Skip Paying Crypto Taxes

The methodology Credit Karma Tax used stems from data from members who filed their 2018 federal income taxes with the company between January 28 and February 22, 2019. This is in comparison to tax filers who submitted their 2017 taxes with the firm between January 29 and February 22, 2018. So year after year, data shows that people are claiming gains and losses more so than 2018 and 2017. However, the amount of people paying taxes on crypto assets is still incredibly small compared to the number of investors. In November of 2017, a Lendedu survey of 1,000 U.S. residents showed that 35.87 percent of the survey participants responded, “No, I do not plan on reporting gains or losses on my tax return.”

The data from Credit Karma Tax published on April 3 reveals that these numbers could be climbing higher. In November 2018, the company surveyed 1,000 bitcoin investors aged 18 and older and discovered 47 percent of U.S. based investors did not plan on reporting crypto gains or losses. “More than a third of those surveyed were unaware they could be required to report the same on their tax returns,” the firm’s report reveals. Last year a few bitcoin proponents got extremely salty with the previous year’s survey which showed lots of crypto holders were not paying taxes, so the increase last year may infuriate them.

Data Shows Short-Term Crypto Tax Filers Increase, But Lots of Investors Still Won't File
Many crypto investors despise taxation and believe that bitcoin was meant to be used as a tool to protest such acts.

In fact, for many people in the bitcoin world, the idea of crypto and taxes is like mixing oil with water. Only recently, bitcoiners have been discussing how crypto taxation is actually the biggest hindrance to digital currency adoption. So the steady increase of bitcoin holders that do not plan to report losses and gains to the IRS suggests that people may be thinking twice about paying into a blatantly corrupt and immoral system.

What do you think about the increase of short-term capital losses filed year-over-year? What do you think about the November 2018 survey showing 47% of investors do not plan to file crypto gains and losses? Let us know what you think about this story in the comments section below.

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Stocks jump, helped by encouraging economic data

April 2, 2019 |

Stocks closed solidly higher on Wall Street on Monday after a batch of encouraging global economic data kept investors in a buying mood.

Financial and technology companies powered much of the rally, which extended the market’s gains from last week. On Friday, the benchmark Standard & Poor’s 500…

L.A. Times – Business

Bezos investigation reportedly finds Saudis obtained his data

March 31, 2019 |

Saudi Arabia had access to Jeff Bezos’ phone and acquired his personal data and photos, Gavin de Becker, a security consultant for Inc.’s founder and chief executive officer, wrote in the Daily Beast.

The security consultant’s investigation “concluded with high confidence that the Saudis…

L.A. Times – Business

Black-box data indicates anti-stalling feature was engaged in Ethiopia crash, official says

March 30, 2019 |

Investigators scouring black-box data believe that an automatic anti-stalling feature was engaged before a Boeing 737 Max jet crashed and killed 157 people in Ethiopia, a Trump administration official said Friday.

The feature, known as MCAS, also was a factor in the October crash of the same type…

L.A. Times – Business

These Cryptocurrency Data Sites Aim to Be More Accurate Than Coinmarketcap

March 29, 2019 |

These Cryptocurrency Data Services Aim to Be More Accurate Than Coinmarketcap

The true size of the cryptocurrency market may be as little as 5 percent of its officially reported total. Coinmarketcap (CMC), the leading market data website, has been accused of unquestioningly publishing crypto exchange figures, despite compelling evidence of manipulation by many trading venues including a glut of Asian platforms. Now, a number of market data websites have ramped up pressure on exchanges to provide accurate figures.

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Fake It Till You Make It

Due to its dominance, Coinmarketcap exerts a significant pull over the cryptocurrency market, incentivizing exchanges to inflate their reported trading volume, in a bid to game the ratings system. CMC ranks exchanges by both reported and adjusted volume, in a bid to thwart the exchanges determined to fake it till they make it as legitimately active trading venues. Nevertheless, fake volume remains a huge problem. Some have disputed Bitwise’s claim that the true size of the cryptoconomy is just 1/20th of its reported total. It is evident, however, that the amount of cryptocurrency credited with changing hands on a daily basis has been significantly overstated.

A number of market data websites, led by Messari, are striving to share unvarnished figures that have not been inflated. That doing so will distinguish these data platforms from CMC in the process can’t hurt either. Messari’s Onchainfx dashboard now includes a column for “Real 10” 24-hour volume – the 10 exchanges singled out by Bitwise for their honest reporting.

These Cryptocurrency Data Sites Aim to Be More Accurate Than Coinmarketcap
Messari’s Real 10

‘They Could Fix This Problem Overnight If They Wanted’

Coinsbit is a fiat-crypto exchange that’s listed on market data websites including Coinmarketcap. A spokesperson for the platform explained to that it was incumbent upon each exchange to act ethically and to refrain from practices that might artificially inflate volume. “Sites like Coinmarketcap are reliant upon the accuracy of the data they’re fed via API from cryptocurrency exchanges,” noted the Coinsbit representative. “While CMC can take measures to omit or penalize platforms that have been found to be misreporting volume, the onus is on the exchanges themselves: they could fix this problem overnight if they wanted, but as it stands, there’s no economic incentive to do so.”

These Cryptocurrency Data Services Aim to Be More Accurate Than Coinmarketcap

Mateusz Sroka of market data website Coinpaprika told that fake volume is a problem that has plagued the cryptocurrency industry for years, and that blatant market manipulation, including falsely reported volume, has been a deterrent to institutional adoption. “In the past 12 months, we’ve seen pressure placed on crypto exchanges to clean up their act, and also for market data sites to proactively penalize platforms that blatantly misreport their figures,” he said, adding:

It’s going to take a concerted effort to stamp out manipulation altogether, but there are already signs that exchanges are feeling the pressure to act more ethically, which will help to further legitimize the cryptocurrency sector in the eyes of the wider public.

These Coinmarketcap Alternatives Provide a Different Take on the Crypto Markets

For traders interested in obtaining more accurate trading figures, or accessing features that Coinmaketcap doesn’t offer, there is a number of alternatives to explore.

Messari: For “true” trading volume and more accurate figures pertaining to circulating supply of crypto asssets, Messari’s Onchainfx is the market leader.

Openmarketcap: This cryptocurrency data tracker uses prices and trading volumes from trusted exchanges only in calculating average prices and total volume.

Coinpaprika: For clear data on trading volumes, plus information on price differences between exchanges, Coinpaprika has got it locked down. Markets: For legibility,’s crypto asset charts are clean and comprehensible, with a distinct and pleasing aesthetic. The portal also offers crypto charts paired with seven fiat currencies.

These Cryptocurrency Data Sites Aim to Be More Accurate Than Coinmarketcap
7-day BCH chart on Markets

Blockmodo: For information on social chatter surrounding cryptocurrency projects, and how this may feed into market prices, Blockmodo is ideal.

Coinratecap: This CMC alternative has a number of useful features including a cryptocurrency price converter and links to almost 100 exchanges.

Coingecko: For listing crypto assets the moment they’re tradable, Coingecko is ahead of the pack.

Coincodex: For customized filters, including three-month and year-to-date changes, Coincodex is perfect. Like Coingecko, it’s also quick to list new digital assets and features a host of insightful data points.

What’s your favorite market data website and why? Let us know in the comments section below.

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