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| February 23, 2019

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After ‘Missteps’ at Disney, John Lasseter Has a New Job

January 10, 2019 |

More than a year after taking a leave of absence from his role as creative chief at Pixar and Disney due to “missteps” that made employees there feeling “disrespected and uncomfortable,” John Lasseter has a new gig overseeing Skydance Animation. He will start this month, per the Hollywood Reporter . Lasseter,…

Verizon Comes Close to Dumping Disney Channels

December 31, 2018 |

Verizon customers can continue to watch ESPN, ABC, and other channels owned by Disney after the two companies announced a deal over programming fees, the AP reports. The telecommunications giant and the entertainment company say in a joint statement Sunday: “Verizon and The Walt Disney Company have reached a broad-based…

Disney accused of cultural appropriation for patent on Swahili phrase ‘Hakuna Matata’

December 18, 2018 |

A petition calling for Disney to release its trademark on the words “Hakuna Matata” has attracted more than 35,000 signatures from people calling it cultural appropriation of the Swahili language.
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Disney Channel Actor Arrested For Allegedly Enticing Minor in Utah

December 15, 2018 |

Stoney Westmoreland, a 48-year-old Disney Channel actor, has been arrested in Utah for allegedly arranging online to have sex with someone he believed was 13.  According to online records, Westmoreland — who played the grandfather on “Andi…

Student Performance of Disney Song Called a ‘Violating Ritual’

December 4, 2018 |

An all-male a cappella group at Princeton University has temporarily pulled The Little Mermaid ‘s “Kiss the Girl” from its set list after its performance of the song was declared an “offensive and violating ritual.” Sophomore Noa Wollstein argued in an op-ed in the Daily Princetonian that the song’s lyrics—…

Disney Raises the Bar Robert Iger Has to Clear to Win Bonus

December 4, 2018 |

Walt Disney announced more-rigorous benchmarks required for CEO Robert Iger to collect a $ 100 million equity grant in 2021 that was criticized by shareholder advisory groups. US Business

Anime Collector Realizes He Has Early Walt Disney Film

November 17, 2018 |

Seventy years ago, a Japanese teenager bought a two-minute 16mm cartoon for under $ 5. It sat in Yasushi Watanabe’s collection all these years, and he has just learned that it happens to be one of Walt Disney’s first films, reports the BBC . The 1928 short, titled Neck ‘n’ Neck , features…

Disney Bans Man Over Trump Banner

November 14, 2018 |

A man banned from Disney World for unfurling a huge pro-President Trump banner on Main Street, USA in September was given a reprieve—until he came back with more Trump signs. New York man Don Cini, 49. had his annual pass revoked and was banned from all Disney properties last…

Disney Now Has a Name for Its Netflix Competitor

November 9, 2018 |

Disney has revealed the name of its upcoming Netflix competitor , and it doesn’t sound like coming up with it was an especially grueling process: The company says the new service will be called Disney+, NBC reports. The company, which already offers ESPN+, says the service will be launched late next…

Walt Disney Posts Record Annual Profit

November 9, 2018 |

Disney turned in a strong financial performance in the latest period, as its parks-and-resorts and studio-entertainment segments helped it deliver record profit and revenue for the year. US Business