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| August 26, 2019

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Namecheap Lets You Buy a Domain and Host Your Website With Bitcoin Cash

June 27, 2019 |

Are you a cryptocurrency user looking to establish an online business, an internet community forum or even just create a fan page dedicated to your cat? Namecheap lets you buy a domain name and pay for hosting your website with bitcoin cash (BCH).

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Namecheap Accepts Bitcoin Cash

Namecheap is an American company founded in the year 2000 that provides services for registering, hosting and managing websites. With more than 11 million registered domain names as of June 2019, it is among the top three largest internet domain registration companies in the world. Namecheap supports making cryptocurrency payments via Bitpay which means it accepts both bitcoin cash (BCH) and bitcoin core (BTC).

Besides a selection of domains, Namecheap also offers fully featured website hosting packages, WordPress hosting, SSL security certificates, Whois Guard privacy protection, email hosting, VPN services and more. And as its name implies, it focuses on operating at the most competitive prices in the online domain business. So you should get a bang for your satoshis.

Namecheap Lets You Buy a Domain and Host Your Website With Bitcoin Cash

If you are concerned about the public positions of the companies you work with, you should know that in the past Namecheap has came out as both strongly anti-SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and as a supporter of Net Neutrality. In September 2017, the company also announced it had already donated more than $ 300,000 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Fight for the Future “in support of Internet rights and freedom.”

For additional options in the field, you might want to check out our story about Abaco Hosting from earlier this year. This company accepts cryptocurrency payments in a variety of popular digital assets such as BCH, BTC, ethereum (ETH), litecoin (LTC), and more.

What do you think about Namecheap accepting bitcoin cash? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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You Can Pay With BCH for Your Domain From Abaco Hosting

May 21, 2019 |

You Can Pay With BCH for Your Domain From Abaco Hosting

Online presence is essential for any business today and especially for projects that deal with cryptocurrencies. Abaco Hosting offers this type of solutions to small and medium enterprises, and companies from the crypto industry can take advantage of its flexible payment options. They include support for major digital coins such as bitcoin cash (BCH).

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Internet Services Company Accepts Bitcoin Cash

Abaco Hosting is a provider of domain, hosting, server, email and cloud services. You can transfer your existing domain to the platform or use it to register a new one. Try the website’s name suggesting tool in case the desired domain name has been registered already or to check domain availability for a specific name.

Available domains are listed by categories such as Most Popular, Generic, Business, and many more covering different sectors of the economy and society. Use the platform’s search feature to find the one that suits your needs the most. Prices vary between domains and .com is currently offered for a $ 12 annual fee.

With every domain, customers get a free domain forwarding service. The option which allows you to mask your URL can be activated or deactivate at any time. The platform also provides 2 free email accounts with your domain and unlimited redirection of emails to a destination of choice. That includes a mailbox manager, autoresponders and spam protection.

You Can Pay With BCH for Your Domain From Abaco Hosting

Three different packages and pricing plans are available for cloud services. The Personal Cloud plan which hosts one website and supports 25,000 monthly visits will cost you $ 10 a month. Then there’s also a Business Cloud plan hosting unlimited sites with 300k visits for $ 13 and a Pro Cloud plan with 500k visits at $ 19 a month.

Abaco Hosting accepts fiat payments through credit cards and Paypal but it also takes a variety of digital coins including major cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin cash (BCH), bitcoin core (BTC), ethereum (ETH), litecoin (LTC) and others. “After a lot of demand we have decided to accept Bitcoin Cash,” its team explains in an announcement noting that it’s joining other progressive vendors of online services. You can pay for domain registration, web hosting, VPS’s, dedicated servers and reseller hosting with BCH.

For more ideas about products and services you can buy with BCH, visit’s Spend Bitcoin Cash page. The online store allows you to shop for apparel and bitcoin branded accessories, purchase gift cards for major brands and retailers or buy a hardware wallet at a discounted price.

Have you paid for domain and hosting with cryptocurrency? Do you know other internet services companies accepting bitcoin cash? Tell us in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: Readers should do their own due diligence before taking any actions related to third party companies or any of their affiliates or services. is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any third party content, goods or services mentioned in this article.

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Martha Stewart’s New Domain: Cannabis

March 1, 2019 |

Martha Stewart’s next line will be a little different: hemp-based products for pets. Canopy Growth, a Canadian pot company, announced the partnership Thursday, NBC reports. The lifestyle guru will also help develop products for humans, the company said, based on CBD—the non-psychoactive chemical in marijuana. But Canopy wants to…

BTC-e Successor Wex Loses .nz Domain

November 23, 2018 |

BTC-e Successor Wex Loses .nz Domain

Wex, the digital asset trading platform that inherited the now-defunct BTC-e exchange, has lost its domain. According to New Zealand’s Domain Name Commission (DNC), the internet address was registered with fake contact details. Wex users have complained that they are unable to withdraw their funds from the platform.  

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Domain Registry Takes Down Wex Sites

BTC-e Successor Wex Loses .nz DomainOther than, the DNC has suspended a number of domain names —,,, and — that lead to the same cryptocurrency website. The suspensions came after the regulator conducted inquiries into the accuracy of the registration details that were provided for each of the domains, following numerous complaints.

In an announcement published this past Monday, Nov. 19, the commission noted that the individual who registered the domain names failed to verify their contact information. The organization said that valid contact details are a prerequisite for all holders of .nz domain names. It further explained:

The Domain Name Commission has suspended the domain names for fake registration details in accordance with enforcing data validation measures under the .nz Principles and Responsibilities policy. The Commission wants .nz to be a safe, trusted and secure domain name space which is supported by its data validation process.

New Zealand’s domain registry has urged any individuals or entities that have been affected by the cancellation of the Wex domains to contact law enforcement agencies if they suspect fraudulent or criminal activity. They can also file reports with Netsafe, an independent body focused on providing a safe online environment for internet users in the country.

1 BTC for $ 8,500

Despite the setback, the cryptocurrency exchange has come back online again and is now hosted on a new domain, Russian news outlet Bitsmedia has reported. “Please use our mirror,” the trading platform posted on its official Twitter page. That’s one of only several updates it has tweeted in recent months, including a couple of warnings about fake sites with similar addresses, such as and, as well as a message about the listing of monero (XMR) from August and some updates about maintenance-related interruptions in July.

“Wow! At least you tweeted something after three months,” wrote one person in response to Wex’s tweet about its new web address. Indeed, its administrators have been pretty quiet since the summer, when many users started complaining that they were unable to withdraw funds from the platform. Only a few coins, such as XMR and ZEC, are now available for withdrawals, but their liquidity is extremely low.

BTC-e Successor Wex Loses .nz Domain

A number of complaints have been filed against the exchange with the Russian police since August. Users who have lost money have created a website,, as well as a couple of Telegram channels, to support each other and share the latest available information. According to a post from Oct. 21, 35 individuals have already filed requests with the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs to initiate a criminal investigation against Wex.

Customers had previously raised the alarm about the cryptocurrency trading platform’s high exchange rates. At the time of writing, the buy price for 1 BTC on its website was $ 8,498, which suggests that the exchange was probably not operating. On the other hand, the recent announcement about its new domain, shortly after the suspension of, indicates that its administrators are still active.

The BTC-e Saga

Wex is the successor to BTC-e, Russia’s oldest cryptocurrency exchange. It was established in 2011 and remained a leading trading platform for the Russian-speaking crypto community until last summer. BTC-e then went offline following the arrest of its suspected co-owner, Alexander Vinnik, in Greece in July 2017.

BTC-e Successor Wex Loses .nz DomainVinnik has been accused of a number of crimes by U.S. prosecutors. They allege that he laundered $ 4 billion through the exchange, including bitcoins that were stolen in the Mt Gox hack. Authorities in the U.S., the Russian Federation and France have requested his extradition.

BTC-e has always denied any connection with Vinnik. The platform was relaunched under the Wex name in mid-September 2017. The new company, which is registered in Singapore, has also denied having any links with the owners of the operator of BTC-e, Canton Business Corp., an entity that is based in the Seychelles.

However, Wex has agreed to compensate BTC-e clients who have suffered losses. Dmitriy Vasiliev, Wex’s owner and director, has reportedly negotiated the purchase of BTC-e, its infrastructure and remaining assets. The new platform has kept the old interface and even the original accounts of BTC-e users.

What do you think about the latest developments around Wex? Tell us in the comments section below.

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Bitcoin Vietnam Faces Losing its Domain from Government

May 5, 2018 |

Bitcoin Vietnam Faces Losing its Domain from Government

According to regional reports Vietnam’s oldest Bitcoin Exchange,, is about to lose its domain per order of the Vietnamese Government. The website that has been operating since 2014 has been accused of operating a blog without permission from the Minister of Information & Communications of Vietnam.

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Vietnam’s Oldest Bitcoin Exchanges May Lose its Domain

Bitcoin Vietnam Faces Losing its Domain from is a Vietnamese trading platform that’s been providing bitcoin exchange services for over four years. Just recently the local publication ICT News reports that (Bitcoin Vietnam) is being stripped of its website domain for being found guilty of “operating a blog without a proper license.” The Vietnamese trading platform is accused of operating the blog without obtaining a publisher license by the Minister of Information & Communications of Vietnam. Bitcoin Vietnam’s management team declined to comment on these reports because of the ongoing legal proceedings. However, the Department of Radio, Television and Electronic Information has fined Bitcoin Vietnam Co., Ltd. for illegally creating an alleged blog and social network. 

The charges against are divided into a 15M VND fine ($ 660 USD) for operating a blog and 25M ($ 1,100) for allowing readers the ability to comment (unlicensed social network) below the published articles on spoke with an industry insider from the region about the litigation against the trading platform’s domain. According to the individual familiar with the matter, the blog barely saw any activity apart from irregular announcements about the exchange’s user interface upgrades and general service information.

“They had like maybe two articles per month on there — to seize their domain for such a minor offense is a very, very heavy-handed approach,” explains the anonymous source to  

Out of 100 Vietnamese startups, likely 99,9% don’t bother to register for a media/publisher license for their company blog — This is not a good sign for Vietnam’s startup scene.        

Bitcoin Vietnam Faces Losing its Domain from Government
Bitcoin Vietnam also operates two BTMs.

Sinister Activities at Play?

Our sources also say there may be some more sinister activities at play concerning the charges against Bitcoin Vietnam.

“Ask yourself why they picked this one company out of all the hundreds of startups and thousands of SME’s in Vietnam to charge them for running some small shitty blog — in order to confiscate their domain?” the anonymous individual explained in a telephone conversation. “If you understand a bit how Vietnam works, then there is not much to wonder about. These guys did not publish any anti-government propaganda in any way, so normally nobody would bother about them. The truth is, that this domain has — especially since the large crypto bull-run in 2017 — gained a lot of value – and somebody more powerful and with much more well-established connections than these guys wants to get a hold of it.”

Bitcoin Vietnam might have been the pioneers in this market, but when the big guys finally start to come to play, they don’t play by the rules. They see something they want to have, and they take it. These guys can be lucky to just have received a minor fine – that their domain is gone is of course sad for them after they did all this pioneering work, but that’s just how Vietnam works. If you want to know who is behind this move — just watch out who will be the one utilizing this domain once the immediate dust has settled.           

Bitcoin Vietnam and the domain is one of the oldest operating cryptocurrency exchanges and has been a reputable trading platform since the summer of 2014. At the moment there are no confirmed decisions made or any information on who might receive ownership of the website if the Ministry of Communications makes its decision to revoke the domain.

What do you think about the website losing its domain? Let us know your thoughts on this subject in the comments below.

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Notorious Domain Goes up for Sale at 200 BTC

January 12, 2018 |

Notorious Domain Goes up for Sale at 200 BTC, one of the web’s most desirable domain names, is up for sale. Its current owners, XBT Holding SA, are seeking 200 BTC – or about $ 2.9 million – for the site. The domain is coveted partially because XBT is the abbreviation that many institutional trading platforms use for bitcoin, and also on account of the site’s notoriety, having been linked to the hacking of the US Democratic Party.

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Buy XBT with BTC

It’s not often a three-letter dot com domain goes up for sale, but when it does, it’s guaranteed to command a premium price tag. is of particular interest to bitcoiners, given that the letters XBT are synonymous with bitcoin in some circles. This connection accounts for why the web hosting company in charge of the domain have elected to capitalize on the bitcoin boom and price the domain in BTC.

200 BTC is the starting bid for, whose holding page currently shows a “buy now” button or the option to place a bid, complete with the price of bitcoin in real-time, denominated in XBT. There’s more to the site than a cool name and a convenient bitcoin connection though: the backstory to is the most enthralling part of the whole affair.

Notorious Domain Goes up for Sale at 200 BTC
The homepage of

Buzzfeed, Trump, and the Damaging Dossier

In January 2017, Buzzfeed published a story based on information supplied by research group Fusion GPS. It contained a series of allegations about XBT, the Luxembourg-based company currently selling the domain of the same name. XBT, in conjunction with its Webzilla subsidiary, had been complicit in stealing data from the Democratic Party including a damning dossier on Donald Trump, the allegation went. XBT’s former CEO Aleksej Gubarev was named specifically in the report, supposedly abetted by Russia’s Federal Security Service.

Notorious Domain Goes up for Sale at 200 BTCXBT and its then-CEO bitterly contested these allegations, but the cat was already out the bag, and the company’s reputation and finances took a hit. Gubarev and XBT took Buzzfeed to court over the story, in a case which is still ongoing in a Florida court. XBT and Buzzfeed have been sniping ever since, with the Luxembourg-based company filing a response to Buzzfeed’s attempt to have the lawsuit dismissed entitled “Six Ways BuzzFeed Has Misled the Court (Number Two Will Amaze You) … And a Picture of a Kitten”.

Bloomberg quotes Gubarev, via his lawyer, as saying:

This domain has way more value in the hands of someone in the cryptocurrency business. Also, the brand name of XBT has severely suffered due to the false allegations in the dossier, and we are considering re-branding as the result of the reputational damage.

XBT’s loss can be one bitcoin entrepreneur’s gain, but they’ll need to dig deep for the privilege. Aside from the 200 BTC asking price, the auction requires a deposit of $ 10,000 or 0.5 BTC just to eligible to bid. With no bids received so far, it remains to be seen whether XBT will succeed in shifting one of the web’s most infamous domains.

Do you think is a desirable bitcoin domain? Let us know in the comments section below.

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This Bitcoin Domain Can Be Yours for $2.75 million

November 29, 2017 |

This Bitcoin Domain Can Be Yours for $  2.75 million

A rising tide floats all boats and a rising bitcoin inflates all domains. Stocks in graphics card manufacturers and crypto mining companies aren’t the only beneficiaries of the bitcoin bounce: BTC-themed web domains are also hot commodities. Sellers are asking hundreds of thousands of dollars for prime bitcoin domains, with some even priced into the millions.

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Bitcoin Enters the Public Domain

The bitcoin brand has soared in tandem with its market cap, with enterprising vendors cashing in on the cryptocurrency craze. Purveyors of a memorable bitcoin domain will need to dig deep though to claim a desirable URL. While the best bitcoin domains have already been snapped up (you’re looking at one of them), is still available for $ 350,000. Just two weeks ago, it was priced at $ 275,000, proving that bitcoin’s upward trajectory really does drag everything heavenward with it.

Domain provider Uniregister has a host of bitcoin-based titles available to monied buyers seeking to splash the cash and declare their intent. For aspiring buyers who can’t quite stretch to’s $ 350k price tag, can be bought for just $ 2,888.

This Bitcoin Domain Can Be Yours for $  2.75 million

Did Someone Say Blockchain?

Blockchain has become one of this year’s buzzwords for better or worse. It should come as no surprise therefore that blockchain-based names are also attracting a high premium. Anyone considering forking out the $ 2.75 million required to obtain had better have a killer app utilizing bitcoin’s underlying ledger if they’re to recoup their investment.

Disciples of the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto, meanwhile, may be tempted to hand over the $ 8,500 it will take to secure It’s just a shame the URL reads so unfortunately.

Bitcoins Are Scarce, Bitcoin Domains Likewise

Just because a domain is advertised for an exorbitant price doesn’t mean there are going to be any takers. It’s hard to imagine anyone coughing up the $ 1.5 million required for such dot-coms as cryptocurrencyoffers, cryptocurrencyhacked, or cryptocurrencyvillas.

This Bitcoin Domain Can Be Yours for $  2.75 millionBitcoin might command the highest cryptocurrency market cap, but when it comes to domains, it’s the second most valuable coin – ethereum – that is dominating the domain game. Anyone wishing to host their WordPress blog on will need to pay a cool $ 10 million. While that particular URL has yet to be snapped up, went for a reported $ 2 million back in October., on the other hand, was sold for a bargain $ 28,000 in March. Had the seller only hodled, there’s a good chance they could now have flipped that domain for several times its original price. Bitcoin’s still got a long way to go before growing demand causes domains to reach record levels. The highest price ever paid for a web domain was $ 90 million for

Do you think premium bitcoin domains are overpriced? Let us know in the comments section below.

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What Is The Significance Of Pandora’s Probable Entry Into The On-Demand Music Domain?

August 24, 2016 |

Taking an important step to make its business model more sustainable, Pandora is about to launch its on-demand streaming service. According to The Wall Street Journal, the Internet radio company is in the process of finalizing agreements with major record companies, that will grant Pandora the right to play their […]
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New Lot of Premium Domain Names Including,, and others Just Released To Market as Represented By Domain Media

February 10, 2016 |
Domain Media releases another round of premium domain names including,, and amongst others that are now available for sale. Premium domain names offer companies an unfair advantage when it comes to online marketing and branding by way of their unique positioning and by owning the exact keywords that represent the industry, product or service.

Domain Media (February 8, 2016 – Phoenix, AZ) announced today that several new premium domain names have been released this week and are available for astute domain name investors, corporations and venture capital firms.

Premium domain names are experiencing increasing demand as more and more people and business owners are realizing that digital real estate, in many cases, can be just as valuable as brick and mortar real estate. With a dramatic increase in buying activities and investor groups coming into the fray from China, Europe and elsewhere across the globe, the pricing for many domains names are being bid higher and the velocity of sales have been increasing

With the Valentine’s Day holiday coming up – we thought it was timely in, which is a very strong keyword domain directly tied to one of the top holidays of the year and has over 24,000 searches per month. Other premium domains such and represent multi-billion dollar industries and are top direct search domains. Lastly, we’re releasing a couple one-word premium domain names and, which have historically fetched the highest prices in the industry.

Companies of all shapes and sizes are quickly realizing the value in owning an excellent domain that focuses on a particular service, product, or industry where it can easily capture immediate brand appeal and has strong global marketing potential. Acquiring and leveraging strong keyword domains can be found in practically any industry. Some examples include (owned by Oracle), (Bank Of America), (Office Depot), and (NBC) which clearly demonstrate the value and immediate potential similar names of this nature have.

Chris Kern, Domain Media’s President, stated “I’m honored to represent these names and the potential that they offer to any buyer. There are so many great success stories around companies buying and building upon a great domain that quickly establishes them as a global brand – its very exciting. From Fortune 500 companies to start-ups and everything in between, there’s great value in these domains which are now publicly available for sale.”

About Domain Media:

Domain Media Corp is an integrated vertical Internet media network and marketing company that focuses on connecting people with their passions and interests in specific market verticals, while enabling businesses to be in engaged with highly targeted audiences. The Company owns and operates website networks and a growing number of online communities that aggregates large markets where people and businesses can connect, learn, and share. To learn more about the Company, please visit


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Media Contact
Company Name: Domain Media Corp.
Contact Person: Chris Kern
Email: Send Email
Phone: 480-659-4907
City: Chandler
State: Arizona
Country: United States

Prosecco DOC Launches dot-WINE & dot-VIN Domain Names

February 6, 2016 |

The Prosecco DOC Consortium announces the launch of two new domain names, Prosecco.WINE and Prosecco.VIN. As one of the first wine consortia to adopt the new .WINE & .VIN domain names, Prosecco DOC joins an elite group of companies including Apple, Google, Amazon, Sony, and Barclays that have employed not-com names in the past year.

Prosecco DOC Launches dot-WINE & dot-VIN Domain Names

Extraordinary growth continues for Prosecco DOC Consortium’s educational horizon with “not-com” domains

The Prosecco DOC Consortium announces the launch of two new domain names, Prosecco.WINE and Prosecco.VIN. As one of the first wine consortia to adopt the new .WINE & .VIN domain names, Prosecco DOC joins an elite group of companies including Apple, Google, Amazon, Sony, and Barclays that have employed not-com names in the past year.

Prosecco DOC Consortium President Stefano Zanette explains, “We are very excited about the recent launch of Prosecco.WINE and Prosecco.VIN. Our new domain names reflect our region’s combination of heritage and youth—a historic wine name married to the newest and freshest digital extension. Consumers can find us online easier than ever before.”

Easy accessibility is especially important considering the Consortium’s ongoing efforts to successfully defend its authenticity. The new domain names help to ensure simple and direct access to information about Prosecco DOC, which is crucial as the Consortium continues to defend itself against imposters who market themselves as Prosecco from as far away as Brazil, Romania, Argentina, and Australia. For hundreds of years, Prosecco has been produced in specified areas of Italy’s Veneto and Friuli regions, to the north and northeast of Venice. Those areas are now the protected DOC and DOCG production zones for Prosecco. The primary grape in Prosecco is Glera, which is indigenous to this region of northeastern Italy and can be blended, according to consortia rules, with percentages of secondary white wine grapes. Having a trustworthy domain name is essential for Prosecco DOC as it continues to distinguish and differentiate itself in the world of sparkling wine.

Paul Stahura, co-founder and CEO of Donuts, Inc., the largest registry for new not-com domain names, states, “With more than 38.4 billion bottles of wine produced worldwide annually, it’s no surprise that wine is a critical piece of the social fabric of cultures across the globe. I can’t think of a more appropriate community to have its own trustworthy domain names. This will enable wine connoisseurs and the businesses that serve them to build identities and vibrant communities.”

About The Prosecco DOC Consortium:
Prosecco was granted the Controlled Designation of Origin status on July 17th, 2009, and the Prosecco DOC Consortium (Consorzio di Tutela della Denominazione di Origine Controllata Prosecco) was created on November 19th of the same year to coordinate and manage the Prosecco DOC. The organization unites the different groups of manufacturers—wineries, individual and associated vine-growers, still wine and sparkling wine producers—to ensure the designation continues to grow and that the production regulations are complied with.

About Prosecco DOC:
Prosecco DOC wines come in Spumante (sparkling), Frizzante (semi-sparkling) and Tranquillo (still) varieties. The wines are made from mainly the Glera grape, native to North East Italy for thousands of years, and can be combined with a maximum of 15% of the following grapes: Verdiso, Bianchetta Trevigiana, Perera, Glera lunga, Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco, Pinot Grigio and Pinot Nero. Prosecco Frizzante and Spumante varieties get their famous bubbles using the Secondary Fermentation production method, bottled under high pressure after fermentation in bulk tanks called autoclaves, as opposed to the traditional method, which bypasses the autoclaves and is used for other sparkling wine varieties. The end result is a brilliant straw yellow wine with fine, persistent perlage and aromas of white flowers, apple and pear. It is fresh and elegant on the palate with moderate alcoholic strength. For a full list of Prosecco DOC producers, visit