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| March 26, 2017

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SEAL’s Widow Gets Emotional Ovation During Trump Speech

March 1, 2017 |

The most emotional moment during President Trump’s address to Congress Tuesday came when he introduced the widow of Ryan Owens, the Navy SEAL who was killed during a controversial mission in Yemen . As the president called him a hero, the audience rose and gave Carryn Owens a lengthy standing ovation…


Paula Patton Says Her Son Has Deep Emotional Issues Caused by Robin Thicke

January 29, 2017 |

Paula Patton is not gunning for permanent sole custody of her son … in fact, we’ve learned she’s not gunning for anything now, because all she wants to do is figure out what’s wrong with her son. TMZ broke the story … a judge just ordered Robin…

You Might Have Too Much Emotional Intelligence For Your Job

May 22, 2016 |

Research shows that in certain jobs, having higher emotional intelligence is actually correlated with lower job performance! And the determining factor in whether emotional intelligence is positively or negatively related to job performance is called “emotional labor.”
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Pope Pays Emotional Visit to Refugee Camp

April 16, 2016 |

Pope Francis made an emotional visit to Greece on Saturday to thank its people for welcoming migrants and meet with refugees as the European Union implements a controversial plan to deport them back to Turkey . Greek state television ERT reported that Francis had offered to take 10 refugees—eight Syrians…