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| January 17, 2019

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California set a goal of 100% clean energy, and now other states may follow its lead

January 10, 2019 |

It’s been less than four months since California committed to getting all of its electricity from climate-friendly sources by 2045. But the idea is already catching on in other states.

At least nine governors taking their oaths of office this month, from Nevada to Michigan to New York, campaigned…

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Reviews Mixed for ‘Low Energy’ Trump

January 9, 2019 |

After addressing the nation from the Oval Office Tuesday night, President Trump tweeted video of his speech on border security and added : “Thank you for soooo many nice comments regarding my Oval Office speech. A very interesting experience!” The comments, however, were not universally nice. Raw Story reports that the…

California is aiming for 100% clean energy. But Los Angeles might invest billions in fossil fuels

December 20, 2018 |

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is leaning toward spending billions of dollars to rebuild three aging gas-fired power plants, even as California aims to eliminate fossil fuels, a goal endorsed by Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Consultants hired by the utility say the city should invest those…

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Plunging oil prices weigh on energy stocks. Other stocks rise

December 18, 2018 |

After two days of huge losses, U.S. stock indexes ended the day back where they started Tuesday. Energy companies sank as crude oil plunged 7%, but technology and consumer-focused companies climbed.

U.S. crude oil fell to its lowest price since August 2017, and it has now fallen almost 40% since…

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Plunging Oil Price Sinks Energy Stocks

December 18, 2018 |

An early rally on the stock market was largely gone by the closing bell as another plunge in the price of oil sank energy stocks, the AP reports. US crude fell to its lowest price since August 2017 Tuesday and is now down nearly 40% since early October. Exxon Mobil…


Island nation threatens to sue biggest carbon energy producers

December 17, 2018 |

A tiny Pacific Island nation facing an existential threat due to climate change has put the world’s biggest carbon energy producers on notice. – RSS Channel – World

Jury finds Monster Energy drink didn’t cause Texas man’s heart attack

December 7, 2018 |

A Riverside County jury has found that the maker of Monster Energy drinks was not responsible for a Texas teenager’s debilitating heart attack, the latest legal victory for the company, which has been the target of numerous product-liability lawsuits.

Cody Bledsoe sued Corona-based Monster Beverage…

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Qatar’s energy minister says country is pulling out of OPEC

December 3, 2018 |

The tiny, energy-rich Gulf Arab nation of Qatar says it will withdraw from OPEC, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, in January.

Qatar’s minister of state for energy affairs, Saad Sherida al-Kaabi, made the surprise announcement during a news conference in the Qatari capital,…

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Intel Awarded a Patent for an Energy Efficient Bitcoin Mining Process

December 2, 2018 |

USPTO Grants Intel a Patent for an Energy Efficient Bitcoin Mining Process

On Nov. 27, the world’s second-largest semiconductor chip maker, Intel, was granted a patent for a processing system that mines Bitcoin but utilizes more “energy-efficient hardware accelerators.” According to the patent called the “Optimized SHA256 Datapath,” the newly invented “high-performance” Bitcoin mining process could reduce overall power consumption by 15 percent.

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Intel Awarded a Patent for a New Bitcoin Mining Process

The Intel corporation, headquartered in Santa Clara, California is well known for being a competitive chipset manufacturer. Last Tuesday the company was granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) which describes a specialized processing system for mining the SHA256 algorithm. The patent was filed on June 29, 2016, and the concept was invented by three individuals from Hillsboro, Oregon.

Intel Awarded a Patent for an Energy Efficient Bitcoin Mining Process
Intel’s latest patent claims the corporation has invented a more efficient SHA256 mining (BCH, BTC) process. The mining process is optimized by using SHA256 datapaths. 

The invention claims to be a more efficient mining processor with hardware accelerators that can narrow overall power consumption compared to today’s application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) machines. The patent’s description is 29 pages long and contains figures which illustrate the processing system. The invention could comprise of various things like a “chipset, or a portion of a chipset.”

“Embodiments of the present disclosure include energy-efficient ASIC-based SHA engines that consume less power for Bitcoin mining operations,” explains the patent.

The Intel patent explains that Bitcoin’s technology “resolves the ‘double spending’ problem,” but further emphasizes that processors today that are mining cryptocurrencies consume enormous amounts of power. Intel says some “clusters of SHA engines” consume more than 200 watts. The invention claims it will take advantage of a myriad of SHA-256 stages and methods of processing hash by utilizing optimized data paths.

Intel Awarded a Patent for an Energy Efficient Bitcoin Mining Process
Intel’s Bitcoin mining patent approved on Nov. 27, 2018.

Intel’s Competition is Samsung

Intel stepping into the Bitcoin mining arena is interesting but it’s not the corporation’s first taste of cryptocurrency solutions. At the Money 20/20 event in 2016, Bitpay announced that Copay wallet users would get “hardware-level security” with Intel’s Software Guard Extension (SGX). A year later the digital currency hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger revealed it had partnered with the multinational technology firm. Ledger explained at the time that the organization’s operating system BOLOS would be tied to SGX.

Intel Awarded a Patent for an Energy Efficient Bitcoin Mining Process

The company’s latest patent, however, seems to focus more on what Intel is best at, which is creating high-performance semiconductor chips. At the moment, Intel is the second highest valued semiconductor manufacturer in the world with Samsung sitting on the throne. Samsung has already started producing commercial grade ASIC chips for certain Bitcoin-based mining businesses and has a lead on Intel so far. The Bitcoin mining process developed by Intel shows the corporation definitely wants in on this innovative and growing industry of “SHA engines.”

What do you think about Intel’s Bitcoin mining patent? Do you think Intel plans on being more involved within the cryptocurrency industry? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

Images via Shutterstock, USPTO, Pixabay, Intel, and Samsung logos. 

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Is California going the way of Germany when it comes to energy?

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One place possesses the fourth-largest economy in the world. Another is home to the fifth-largest.

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