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| October 17, 2017

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Facebook takes on food delivery, challenges Uber and others

October 15, 2017 |

Several online services already offer food delivery, but that doesn’t mean Facebook won’t jump on board anyway.

The social media giant says ordering food for takeout or delivery is complicated. It promises to help save time by bringing existing food-delivery services into its app and partnering…

L.A. Times – Business

Facebook looks to lower-cost virtual reality with $199 Oculus Go headset

October 12, 2017 |

Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg seems to be realizing a sobering reality about virtual reality: His company’s Oculus headsets that send people into artificial worlds are too expensive and confining to appeal to the masses.

Zuckerberg on Wednesday revealed how Facebook intends to address…

L.A. Times – Business

Facebook: 150 Russia-linked political ads showed up on Instagram

October 9, 2017 |

Facebook has confirmed that about 150 of the political ads linked to Russia during the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election appeared on Instagram.
FOX News

Facebook Provides Russia-Linked Ads to Congress

October 3, 2017 |

Facebook says ads that ran on the company’s social media platform and have been linked to a Russian internet agency were seen by an estimated 10 million people before and after the 2016 election, the AP reports. In a new company blog post, Facebook’s Elliot Schrage says the ads appeared…

Facebook Is Still In Denial About Its Biggest Problem

October 1, 2017 |

Facebook, which went mainstream as a friendly place to swap baby pictures and cat videos, has yet to fully come to terms with what Russian-paid election ads may have done to its brand and reputation. US Business

DOJ Wants Access to Facebook Accounts of Anti-Trump Protesters

September 30, 2017 |

Attorneys for the Department of Justice filed search warrants in February to access the Facebook accounts of three people described as “anti-administration activists,” CNN reports. According to NBC News , not only would the search warrants give the government access to—as the ACLU puts it—”all private messages, friend lists,…

Russia Threatens to Block Facebook

September 27, 2017 |

In its latest attempt to wrest control of the Internet, Russia’s communications agency on Tuesday threatened to block access to Facebook if the company refuses to store its data locally. Alexander Zharov, chief of the Federal Communications Agency, told Russian news agencies on Tuesday that they will work to “make…


Warner: ‘Million-dollar question’ how Russians knew who to target on Facebook

September 26, 2017 |

The Senate intelligence committee could begin as early as Tuesday reviewing the Facebook election ads sold to Russian-linked accounts, the top Democrat on the panel told CNN. – RSS Channel – World

Mark Zuckerberg built Facebook into a behemoth whose power he underestimates

September 25, 2017 |

When it comes to business, Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg is undeniably a visionary.

He made a big bet that paid off on photo-sharing app Instagram, charged full bore into mobile when others stood pat, and recognized early on the fortune that could be made in advertising by mining all aspects…

L.A. Times – Business

Zuckerberg to Sell Up to 75M Facebook Shares

September 23, 2017 |

Mark Zuckerberg says he’s sticking with his plan to eventually sell 99% of his shares in Facebook—and he’s starting with up to 75 million shares, which is almost a fifth of his stake in the company. In a post on, of course, Facebook, Zuckerberg explains that he has dropped…