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| August 15, 2018

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Trump Warns NFL Players: ‘Find Another Way to Protest’

August 10, 2018 |

Is it football season already? It must be, based on President Trump’s tweets from Friday morning. After reports filtered out about some NFL players kneeling, raising their fists, and taking part in other forms of protest during preseason games on Thursday evening, Trump once more railed against those who did…

Broadcom Billionaire Arrested After Hotel Room Find

August 10, 2018 |

With an estimated fortune of $ 3.1 billion, Broadcom co-founder Henry Nicholas III can afford a good lawyer—and he’s going to need one. The 59-year-old billionaire was arrested in Las Vegas this week along with companion Ashley Fargo on suspicion of trafficking drugs including heroin, cocaine, MDMA, and methamphetamine,…

Find Made at Jamestown May Be a Significant One

July 29, 2018 |

“Who got such a prominent burial in the church?” It’s the question archaeologists believe they know the answer to, though only time—and DNA analysis—will tell. Scientists working in Jamestown, Va., have unearthed remains they suspect might belong to Sir George Yeardley, the first governor of Virginia, one of…

Retailers Find New Way to Monetize Your Eyeballs

July 28, 2018 |

Thought your life had an ad-free moment? Sorry: A new service is allowing online retailers to sell space for paper ads in customers’ boxes, the Wall Street Journal reports. Called UnDigital, the company already has 25 retailers offering slots, including Barnes & Noble, Zulily, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Companies have…

Cops Find Big Clue in Ceiling of Alleged Crooked Priest

July 19, 2018 |

A Catholic priest is charged with embezzling more than $ 5 million from his Michigan parish—and on Tuesday, police say they found $ 63,392 in cash above ceiling tiles in his basement. The Rev. Jonathan Wehrle was charged with six counts of embezzlement last year after a diocese-ordered audit found…

Pennsylvania anglers find terrifying ‘frankenfish’ snakehead in creek

July 17, 2018 |

Attention, anglers in Pennsylvania: A northern snakehead, also known as “frankenfish,” was found recently in Octoraro Creek in Little Britain Township.
FOX News

At an Egyptian Site Last Excavated in 1900, a Significant Find

July 16, 2018 |

“It’s only the beginning,” is how Egypt’s antiquities minister on Saturday described a find made at a site near the country’s famed pyramids at an ancient necropolis south of Cairo. The discovery—which includes a mummification workshop and a shaft, used as a communal burial place—is located at the…

City Officials Shocked to Find What’s Growing in City Pots

July 14, 2018 |

A Wyoming city has discovered its potted plants have literally gone to pot, the AP reports. Officials in Powell believe pranksters planted marijuana seeds in city-owned flower pots this spring, leading unsuspecting city workers to water and care for them. The Powell Tribune reports city Parks and Recreation staff noticed…

Royal Find: the ‘Most Controversial Chocolate Ever Made’

July 14, 2018 |

When Eddisons CJM put a tin of World War I chocolates up for auction last month, there was one person who wasn’t terribly impressed. “A lady from London wrote and said, ‘Hundred-and-three-year-old chocolate is not so special,'” auctioneer Paul Cooper tells the Daily Express . That’s because that woman had…

Amid a Trio of Rare Books, a Toxic Find

July 10, 2018 |

If one were to handpick a career that guaranteed a safe work environment, librarian would seem a reasonable choice. A trio of books found at the University of Southern Denmark may have just upended that assumption as researchers discovered a possible toxic avenger from the Renaissance era. Experts were studying…