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| November 18, 2017

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They Volunteer to Find Missing Bodies. They’re Getting Old

November 18, 2017 |

The revelation earlier this year that a Colorado man had buried his estranged wife’s body under the grave of a World War II veteran in 1995 grabbed headlines. What was less mentioned about the case of Kristina Tournai-Sandoval is that the nonprofit NecroSearch is the one that confirmed the location…

Police Find 19 Dead Animals in Woman’s House

November 6, 2017 |

A Massachusetts woman faces charges after police say they found 19 dead animals at her home, the AP reports. New Bedford police say officers found dead lizards in cages in the bedroom of Amanda Vicente’s 13-year-old son last week. Finches, cockatiels, and hamsters were also found at the home. Police…

In Lithuania, ‘Most Important Find Since Dead Sea Scrolls’

October 28, 2017 |

A professor of Jewish history doesn’t mince words: “It’s the most important find since the Dead Sea Scrolls,” David Fishman tells Fox News . He’s referring to a trove of Jewish documents that were long assumed to have been destroyed in Lithuania during the Holocaust—but they survived, only to resurface…

Can’t find a coupon code? This L.A. start-up does all the work for you

October 24, 2017 |

Ryan Hudson was trying to order pizza online for his two children when he was prompted to enter a coupon code at checkout.

Hudson knew better than to bother searching for a discount. His kids were hungry and he didn’t have time to scan the internet for coupons that had either expired or didn’t…

L.A. Times – Business

Girl Found $2 on the Street, Tried Hard to Find Its Owner

October 22, 2017 |

A young girl in New Jersey who hoped to return two dollar bills she found on a sidewalk to their rightful owner will use the money to donate a box of Girl Scout nuts to the military, the AP reports. Isabella King found the money on a sidewalk in Pequannock…


Terry Crews’ Wife Says Hollywood Execs Find Loopholes to Dodge the Law

October 13, 2017 |

Terry Crews’ wife, Rebecca, witnessed a high-level Hollywood exec reach down and grab Terry’s genitals last year — but she has little hope anything will be done about it. We got Rebecca King-Crews at LAX, and she recalled the sexual battery…

From Viking Clothing Fragments, a ‘Staggering’ Find

October 13, 2017 |

Is it possible some Vikings were Muslim? That’s a question the National Post is asking following the discovery of Viking funeral garb embroidered with ancient Arabic characters spelling “Allah.” Annika Larsson of Uppsala University tells the BBC she was examining fragments of clothing discovered in 1,000-year-old burial sites in…

Filipino troops find 22 bodies of suspected militants, bombs

October 11, 2017 |

The Philippine military says troops have recovered 22 bodies of suspected Muslim extremists and dozens of bombs from two buildings which were retaken in one of the final government assaults to end an Islamic State group-inspired siege in southern Marawi city.
FOX News

Couple Staying at Airbnb Find Hidden Camera in Bedroom

October 10, 2017 |

A couple from Indiana staying in a Florida condo they rented off Airbnb last month was shocked to find a camera and microphone hidden inside what appeared to be a smoke detector in the master bedroom and another in the living room, WFLA reports. Derek Starnes tells WFTS he called…

Plumber Called for Toilet Problem Makes Terrible Find

October 7, 2017 |

Plumbers called to a UK home that had been having toilet trouble found a terrible reason for the issues: the body of a newborn boy. Sinead Connett, now 29, was recently sentenced to 12 months in prison following the plumber’s discovery last year. She told cops she was “shocked” when…