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| July 18, 2019

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Two years in, Amazon has hardly launched a revolution at Whole Foods

June 16, 2019 |

This weekend will mark two years since Inc. announced it was acquiring Whole Foods Market. It was a thunderclap that demonstrated Amazon’s ever-growing ambitions and all but assured that e-commerce was about to rattle one of the last corners of retail to remain insulated from digital…

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Tyson Foods recalls over 190,000 pounds of chicken fritters sold to restaurants, schools

June 9, 2019 |

Tyson Foods recalls over 190,000 pounds of chicken fritters sold to restaurants, schoolsTyson Foods is recalling thousands of pounds of ready-to-eat chicken fritter products after consumers reportedly found hard plastic in the food.

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Ultraprocessed foods could be killing you

May 31, 2019 |

“Ultraprocessed” describes many foods, including pre-prepared dishes found in grocery store freezers, packaged baked goods, dehydrated soups, ice cream, sugary cereals and fizzy beverages. – RSS Channel – World

Gaining Weight? Ultra-Processed Foods Could Be to Blame

May 17, 2019 |

Want to lose weight? Cut out the ultra-processed foods. A new study finds that such foods, which “have come to dominate the US diet” over the past seven decades, per NPR , have a big impact on weight gain. Researchers at the National Institutes of Health split 20 healthy, stable-weight adults…

Whole Foods and Major Retailers Now Accept Cryptocurrency via the Spedn App

May 13, 2019 |

Whole Foods and Major Retailers Accept a Variety of Cryptos Through the 'Spedn' App

On May 13, cryptocurrency enthusiasts were pleased to hear that major retailers including Whole Foods, Lowes, Petco, Regal Cinemas, and Gamestop will accept payments in crypto. The payments will be processed by Flexa using its custodial wallet called ‘Spedn’ which gives people the ability to spend with bitcoin core, ethereum, bitcoin cash, and GUSD.

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Spedn App Allows Crypto Purchases at Many Well Known Retailers

Digital currencies got a mainstream push today from the startup Flexa and its new wallet called Spedn. Users will be able to spend a variety of cryptocurrencies including BCH, BTC, GUSD, and ETH at a multitude of well-known establishments. This includes Lowes, Gamestop, Whole Foods, Petco, Barnes & Noble, Regal Cinemas, Baskin Robbins, Crate and Barrel, and Nordstrom. According to the startup, the application works due to a partnership between Flexa and its retail partners and the digital currency firm Gemini. The platform basically allows the user to load up one of the wallets with any coin and purchase items with one of the partner shops.

Whole Foods and Major Retailers Now Accept Cryptocurrency via the Spedn App
Flexa payments are made possible due to a partnership with the New York-based exchange Gemini.

The Flexa network was a project cofounded by Tyler Spalding, Trevor Filter, Zachary Kilgore, and Daniel McCabe. Flexa uses its own cryptocurrency called Flexacoin in the background, the company has explained. Essentially Flexacoin is used as collateral to secure payments until the transaction is approved on one of the four public blockchains. The team says they built Flexa because they believe existing payment networks are broken and rather than team up with a debit card provider they decided to work with a large network of merchants.

“Over the past year, we’ve built new connections with tens of thousands of merchant point-of-sale terminals nationwide, to bypass the existing payments infrastructure and push cryptocurrency-based payment authorizations directly to merchants on your behalf,” Flexa’s announcement noted.

Whole Foods and Major Retailers Now Accept Cryptocurrency via the Spedn App
Stores that will accept cryptocurrencies like bitcoin cash via the Spedn application.

30,476 Stores Accepting Crypto

Essentially the partnerships allow users the ability to spend their cryptos at 30,476 stores according to the company blog. Flexa says that the company has more apps coming that will tie into the Flexa network and later this year the startup will be releasing its open source SDK so wallets can integrate the same Flexa payments as well.

Whole Foods and Major Retailers Now Accept Cryptocurrency via the Spedn App
iOS view of the Spedn application which requires identity information.

The company emphasized that it aims to show the world “just how transformative cryptocurrencies can be for all kinds of payments, not just peer-to-peer transactions, but also retail payments, dining, and beyond.”

“Already, we’ve seen firsthand just how excited merchants are at the prospects of accepting cryptocurrencies in their stores to reduce payment fraud and processing costs,” Flexa’s announcement highlighted. The startup continued:

The world of payments is evolving quickly now, and we believe that Flexa will be a massive part of the shift toward more efficient and more accessible commerce around the globe.

What do you think about major retailers like Starbucks and Whole Foods accepting cryptocurrencies like bitcoin cash? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Image credits: Shutterstock, Pixabay, the Flexa blog, and Gemini.

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Amazon Is Making Big Changes at Whole Foods

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