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| July 19, 2018

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JetBlue founder plans to launch a new low-cost airline

July 19, 2018 |

The number of airlines has been shrinking in the last decade as airlines merge and acquire rivals, cutting competition and reducing choices for air travelers.

Now David Neeleman, founder of JetBlue and a major investor in the Portuguese airline TAP and Brazilian carrier Azul, says he is leading…

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Papa John’s Founder: I Shouldn’t Have Stepped Down

July 17, 2018 |

John Schnatter is having second thoughts about resigning from the company he created. The Papa John’s founder, who stepped down as chairman of the company’s board of directors last week after admitting he had used the n-word on a conference call, said in a letter to the directors dated Saturday…

Papa John’s Founder Says Resignation Was a Mistake

July 17, 2018 |

Papa John’s International’s founder John Schnatter said “it was a mistake” to step down as chairman last week and is questioning how the board investigated his use of a racial slur. US Business

Papa John’s Kicks Founder Out of His Office

July 16, 2018 |

One more punishment for Papa John’s founder John Schnatter over his use of the n-word : He just got the boot from his office at company headquarters in Kentucky, reports CNBC . Schnatter had previously resigned as chairman of the board—though he remains on the board in a lesser capacity and…

Papa John’s evicts founder from offices, though he’s still on the board

July 16, 2018 |

Papa John’s International Inc.’s board put further distance between the pizza chain and its outspoken founder, John Schnatter, for using a racial slur, agreeing to review all ties to him, evict him from the headquarters and remove him from all marketing materials.

A special committee of independent…

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D.L. Hughley Rips ‘Horrible’ Papa John’s Founder, Says Using N-Word is Costly

July 15, 2018 |

D.L. Hughley’s joining the ranks of some other celebs and athletes to say good riddance to John Schnatter, and says he isn’t surprised ‘Papa John’ used a racial slur … because he’s a “horrible dude.” We got the comedian at LAX Saturday and asked…

Fallout Widens Over Slur by Papa John’s Founder

July 14, 2018 |

Papa John’s, which has featured founder John Schnatter as the face of the company in logos and TV ads, is pulling his image from its marketing after he apologized for using the n-word in a conference call. The pizza chain said there are no plans to change its name. Schnatter…

Papa John’s founder reportedly used racial slur in conference call

July 11, 2018 |

A media agency working with Papa John’s International Inc. decided to cut ties after the pizza maker’s founder and chairman, John Schnatter, allegedly used a racial slur and graphic descriptions of violence against minorities on a May conference call, according to Forbes.

Papa John’s and the agency,…

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The Daily: Google Founder Is a Crypto Miner, Elon Musk Impressed by Scambots

July 11, 2018 |

The Daily: Google Founder Is a Crypto Miner, Elon Musk Impressed by Scambots

In today’s edition of Bitcoin in Brief we cover why Google founder Sergey Brin has become a crypto miner, and why Elon Musk is impressed by crypto scambots on Twitter. Additionally covered are a new response from Fcoin regarding recent allegations and a $ 100 million venture capital fund for blockchain startups in Israel.

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Google Founder Is a Crypto Miner

The Daily: Google Founder Is a Crypto Miner, Elon Musk Impressed by ScambotsSergey Brin, one of the two founders of Google and current president of its parent company Alphabet, took part in a blockchain conference in Morocco a few days ago and revealed that he is a crypto miner. With a net worth of over $ 50 billion, Brin has no need for an extra income, but he started mining to further his son’s knowledge about the technology and got hooked himself. “A year or two ago my son insisted that we needed to get a gaming PC,” Brin said. “I told him If we get a gaming PC we have to mine cryptocurrency. So we got an ethereum miner on there and we’ve been making a few pennies and dollars since.” He added: “That definitely got me interested and I started to study the technology behind it and found it to be fascinating.”

Elon Musk Impressed by Scambots

The founder of Tesla and Spacex, Elon Musk, knows how to recognize great tech when he sees it. Twitter is infested by scams that automatically reply to messages by high profile accounts with promises of giveaways while mimicking them in every possible way. This phenomena has spread from just crypto influencers to even people such as the original Captain Kirk, William Shatner. Musk has taken note of this and he seems to be very impressed with the scammers. He said: “I want to know who is running the Etherium (sic) scambots! Mad skillz …” The geniuses behind these might want to reach out to Musk to seek work on getting humans to Mars, developing a self-driving car, or even preventing an AI takeover of the Earth. Sounds more challenging than taking money away from fools, no?

Fcoin Denies Fake Volume Bots

Speaking of bots, Fcoin, which was previously pilloried for slowing the ethereum network, has came under fire from critics with new accusations of employing bots to drive up its exchange volume. The team denied this to us, saying: “Just like Bitcoin cannot control miners’ activity, FCoin cannot control the mining activity of the community. With that said, FCoin doesn’t encourage bot-trading on the platform. The ‘Trans-Fee Mining’ model is designed in a way that it eliminates such possibilities…FCoin doesn’t hire or own bots to increase the trading volume. As far as fake volume is concerned, FCoin cannot indulge in such practices. It simply doesn’t make any sense to create fake volume and use our own funds to reimburse the 100% transaction fee.”

$ 100 Million for Blockchain Startups in Israel

The Daily: Google Founder Is a Crypto Miner, Elon Musk Impressed by ScambotsIsrael might not be the most welcoming of cryptocurrency environments, but its specialized tech and cryptographic talent continues to attract venture capital. Benson Oak, an investment bank which raised over $ 5 billion for young technology companies such as AVG, has announced it has already secured $ 25 million in commitments for a new $ 100 million fund. Benson Oak Ventures is said to be focused on Israeli startups, with an emphasis on blockchain technologies. Managing partner Robert Cohen said: “I believe that there are great entrepreneurs in Israel who are leading the platforms of the future, with creating and disruptive use of blockchain technologies. I moved to Israel six years ago, and with a passion to build companies, I have established Benson Oak Ventures as a new platform to provide financial and operational capital to the best entrepreneurs in Israel and around the world.”

What do you think about today’s news tidbits? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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Coinbase Founder Launches Cryptocurrency Fueled Charity ‘Givecrypto’

June 28, 2018 |

Coinbase Founder Launches Cryptocurrency Fueled Charity 'Givecrypto'

On June 27 the CEO and co-founder of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, announced the launch of a new cryptocurrency powered charity called Armstrong says he’s always believed in the power of cryptocurrency funded philanthropy and explains the new nonprofit is all about empowering, educating, and elevating global communities.  

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This Wednesday the CEO of Coinbase Brian Armstrong introduced his new nonprofit called Givecrypto which aims to “distribute cryptocurrency to people living in poverty.” In recent a Medium post, Armstrong explains the funds will derive from cryptocurrency holders and Givecrypto will distribute small payments to people all around the globe.

Coinbase Founder Launches Cryptocurrency Fueled Charity 'Givecrypto' “Initial recipients will be people living in emerging markets, especially those going through financial crisis,” Armstrong details.

The goals behind are to help people in need by sending money to them directly, advance real-world usage and benefits of cryptocurrency, and provide universal access to an open financial system.

Crypto-Luminaries With Deep Pockets Can Donate to Those in Need Rather Than Buy Lambos

Givecrypto donors can send funds with the cryptocurrencies such as BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, XRP, and ZEC. So far the organization has raised a bunch of funds from users donating $ 1Mn to over $ 10K USD from blockchain luminaries, firms, and venture capitalists such as Zooko Wilcox, Chris Larsen, Joanne and Fred Wilson, Matthew Roszak, Roger Ver, Fred Ehrsam, Ted Rogers, and Bitmain.

Coinbase Founder Launches Cryptocurrency Fueled Charity 'Givecrypto'
The website.

Armstrong states that people who have invested in cryptocurrencies from the early days have amassed tons of wealth over the years. However, the Coinbase CEO has noticed the image of “bros in Lambos” has misrepresented the crypto-community as a whole.

“This doesn’t represent the best of our community. Most people I respect and know in the crypto ecosystem believe we have a responsibility to help this technology reach a much wider audience,” explains the Coinbase founder.

It’s still very early days in crypto and yet we’re already seeing philanthropy in cryptocurrency, from Ripple giving away $ 29 million to public schools to the Pineapple Fund or projects like Eat BCH. Now is the time to make sure we fold philanthropy and giving back into the fabric of this new industry.    

Armstrong has also detailed that since the initial fund is being raised the nonprofit is looking for an executive director to run the operations. “This role would report to and work directly with me, to help grow — I will remain on the board of,” Armstrong concludes.

What do you think about the new charity Givecrypto? Let us know your thoughts on this subject in the comment section below.  

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