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| September 20, 2018

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Free Keene Activists Launch Tip-Card Creator Called

August 29, 2018 |

Free Keene Activists Launch Tip-Card Creator Called

New Hampshire is well known for its large amounts of libertarian residents and many people consider it the ‘free state’ among all the other states in the US due to its freedom promoting activism. Moreover, cryptocurrencies are extremely popular in the area as there are many digital-currency-accepting establishments and BTMs in the region. This week the folks from the organization Free Keene launched a new website that creates cryptocurrency tips from bitcoin cash (BCH) and dash, making it easier for residents to tip people in sound money.

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Free Keene Activists Launch

Free Keene Activists Launch Tip-Card Creator Called Cryptotip.orgLots of people from the free State of New Hampshire are big fans of the cryptocurrency revolution and believe that digital currencies can help separate money from the state. Last month reported on the many mom-n-pop shops in New Hampshire who are starting to accept cryptocurrencies thanks to the Free Keene crew. The organization managed to onboard a dentist, Indian restaurant, hair salon, and vape shop which joined the many businesses already accepting cryptocurrencies in the Keene area. Another thing free staters like to do is tip people in sound money by using tips in silver or cryptocurrencies as opposed to tipping people in fiat. Lots of Keene residents use to utilize a website called but when BTC fees went through the roof in December the platform stagnated.

So the host of the show Free Talk Live, Ian Freeman, reached out to the creator of because he was once an advertiser on the radio program. Freeman asked if he would integrate other cryptocurrencies and he said no but explained the website was open source. So Freeman partnered with Michael Hampton of Ringing Liberty who programmed a whole new tipping site from scratch but the platform works for bitcoin cash (BCH) and dash. The new application called did a small soft launch in public beta earlier in the year with just dash integration and now the site is live with bitcoin cash as the default option when creating new tips.

Free Keene Activists Launch Tip-Card Creator Called
Set of six dash tip cards.

Restaurant Servers Don’t Have Time to Listen to a Pitch About Crypto — Digital Currency Tips Get Busy People’s Attention  

Free Keene Activists Launch Tip-Card Creator Called
Creating six BCH tip cards with

Basically, the cards are printed business card-sized tips that can be redeemed by anyone. Users just visit to created a swathe of tips in any USD value. International visitors can make tips in GBP, EUR, RUB, JPY and other national currencies. After choosing the desired cryptocurrency to fund the tips, simply add a refund address and proceed to print them out. Recipients visit a unique URL on their tip and they will be given instructions on how to use the cryptocurrency so they can download a wallet to redeem the funds they received. Further the tip card creators can add an expiration to the tip and if it goes unclaimed the funds will be sent back. spoke with Ian Freeman about the launch of and he says he’s thrilled to see ideas like these spread among the community.         

Cryptotip respects your real-life prospect’s time — The people we tip in life are busy, but they all like money,” Freeman explains to “A server at a restaurant probably doesn’t have time to listen to a pitch about crypto — they have tables to wait on — When you leave a Cryptotip in addition to a good cash tip, they’ll be more likely to look at it.”

If they throw it away, your bitcoin cash (or dash) will come back to you after the expiration, so there’s no risk — Getting busy people’s attention is hard and Cryptotip makes it so much easier.

What do you think about the platform? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comment section below.

Images via Pixabay, Free Talk Live, and Free Keene

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