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| January 22, 2019

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Game of Hide and Seek Ends in Death

January 15, 2019 |

A game of hide and seek turned fatal over the weekend when a 21-year-old man fell to his death. Detroit police say a group of friends was playing the game between midnight and 1:30am on Saturday morning in a vacant building, the Detroit Free Press reports. The man was…

Chiefs roll past Colts 31-13 to reach AFC title game

January 13, 2019 |

The Kansas City Chiefs’ defense had heard the chorus of critics all season long, the ones that claimed their sieve-like line and shaky backfield would spoil young superstar Patrick Mahomes and cost them a chance to chase their first Super Bowl appearance in decades. Well, that defense is a big reason why the Chiefs are one step away.
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‘Bummer’ for Poacher Who Met Game Warden on Dating App

January 12, 2019 |

Her first error came in shooting a deer out of season, at night, with a spotlight, and leaving all but the head and backstrap meat to rot. Her second error came in boasting about the poaching crime in conversation with a potential beau on a dating app, who turned out…

Bungie splits from Activision, retains rights to its Destiny game series

January 11, 2019 |

Two giants of the video game industry — Santa Monica’s Activision Blizzard and Washington-based game developer Bungie — are getting a surprise divorce, with just one year left to go on a 10-year contract inked in 2010.

Bungie announced the split in a blog post Thursday afternoon, and both companies…

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Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao Face Off at Clippers Game

January 9, 2019 |

This is how it started last time … Floyd Mayweather came face-to-face with Manny Pacquiao at an NBA game on Tuesday — begging the question … are they finally going to rematch?!  Manny was a VIP guest during “Filipino Heritage Night” at…


Devin Booker Meets Kid With Autism for His First Suns Game Ever

January 6, 2019 |

Devin Booker made a young fan’s dream come true by meeting him in person at the kid’s first Suns game ever … and it was all for a great cause. The NBA superstar met with 17-year-old Phoenix resident Luke Tucker and Devin’s #1 fan this…

NBA Player to Skip Game Over ‘Freaking Lunatic’

January 5, 2019 |

New York center Enes Kanter will not travel to London for the Knicks’ upcoming international game because he believes he could be assassinated for his opposition to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the AP reports. Kanter announced his plan Friday night after the Knicks’ 119-112 win over the Lakers. The…


Nuclear tyrant or global statesman? Kim Jong Un’s 2019 game plan for North Korea awaits

December 31, 2018 |

Kim Jong Un shocked the world in 2018 by transforming his image from nuclear-armed tyrant to global statesman. – RSS Channel – World

Bitcoin Cash Mining Showcased at the Houston Rockets Game

December 29, 2018 |

Bitcoin Cash Mining Showcased at the Houston Rockets Game

On Dec. 27 the Houston Rockets challenged the Boston Celtics. During the game’s intermission, two contestants participated in a contest called the Antpool Red Planet Race. The participants played a game that involved ‘mining’ bitcoin cash (BCH) on the court floor in the hope of winning $ 300 worth of BCH.

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Houston Rockets Fans Get a Taste of Bitcoin Cash Mining

Bitcoin Cash Mining Showcased at the Houston Rockets GameBitcoin technology got some mainstream attention during the Rockets and Celtics match on Thursday. The mining operation Antpool was in attendance and had a booth set up in the arena, which showcases the benefits of blockchain technology and digital assets. Back in September, mining rig manufacturer Bitmain announced the company would be sponsoring the Houston Rockets and pledged they would help invest upwards of $ 500 million into the Texas economy. At the time, the press release stated that Antpool would be allowed to host its exhibit inside the Toyota Center during the second week of January 2019. However, pictures stemming from Thursday’s Rockets game suggests that Antpool was allowed to at least set up the exhibition early.

When the deal was first inked, Antpool’s overseas operations manager, Haijiao Li, explained the exhibit would be used to teach people visiting the Toyota Center about the innovation behind cryptocurrencies. “As far as professional sports teams go, the Houston Rockets are legendary across the globe, and what better way to continue the momentum of our U.S. expansion than partnering with the prolific Houston Rockets basketball club, the No. 1 team in China,” explained Haijiao Li during the announcement.

Bitcoin Cash Mining Showcased at the Houston Rockets Game

Antpool’s Red Planet Race

Bitcoin Cash Mining Showcased at the Houston Rockets GameBitcoin Cash fans will also be pleasantly surprised by the number of BCH symbols displayed at the Toyota Center. Furthermore, during the intermission at the Rockets vs Celtics game, two contestants helped ‘mine’ bitcoin cash on the court floor in order to win a prize. During the start of the intermission, the audio played the Beastie Boys track “Intergalactic” while showing a large physical bitcoin being mined.

Then the announcer explained the rules to the contest, which was dubbed the Antpool Red Planet Race. The two contestants had to receive two deposits while ‘mining’ with Antpool’s mining operation on the BCH chain and then plant ‘red rockets’ flags in the red rocks. The contest lasted less than 45 seconds and one of the ‘space cadets’ took home $ 300 dollars worth of BCH.

Bitcoin Cash fans on social media and on forums like r/btc were pumped to see BCH bolstered at a mainstream sports arena. The news also follows the recent Litecoin Foundation’s UFC sponsorship, which will be used to advertise Litecoin symbols on the arena’s canvas floor at the Ultimate Fighting Championship match on Dec. 29. Cryptocurrency supporters believe sponsorships like these will further progress mainstream awareness over time.

What do you think about Bitmain’s Antpool sponsoring the Houston Rockets? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

Images via Shutterstock, NBA, Houston Rockets, Antpool, and the Toyota Center in Texas.

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Celeb Prisoners’ Christmas Feasting on Classic Items, Cornish Game Hens

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