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| July 19, 2018

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Croatia Is Going to Its 1st World Cup Final

July 11, 2018 |

When the final whistle blew and they knew they were going to their first World Cup final, the Croatians ran to their exuberant fans, jumping in their iconic red-and-white checkered jerseys. Mario Mandzukic scored the winning goal in the 109th minute and Croatia shocked England 2-1 Wednesday, the AP reports….


Saquon Barkley Says His Naked Pics Are Going Up On His Wall

June 29, 2018 |

Saquon Barkley is gonna put his big, round, sweaty, naked … THIGHS … on his wall – ’cause the NY Giants star tells TMZ Sports he’s framing his ESPN Body Issue pics!! And … can ya blame him?? Saquon Barkley’s Body Issue photo…

Katherine Heigl Sorry About ‘Going Too Far’ With Cemetery Pictures

June 25, 2018 |

Katherine Heigl has apologized after posting jokey photos of herself and her husband posing next to gravestones. The actress first posted photos of herself visiting the graves of her brother (who died as a teen in a car accident) and grandparents in a New York cemetery over the weekend, but…

Fight Club Author Learns Why He’s Going Broke, Apologizes

June 4, 2018 |

Strange as it sounds, novelist Chuck Palahniuk apologized and expressed gratitude after learning he’s been cheated. The Fight Club author blogged this week that his dwindling income can be attributed to an alleged embezzler at his literary agency who’s accused of stealing millions, TorrentFreak reports. “I apologize for cursing my…

He Accepted He Was Going to Die. Then a Hand Came Down

June 1, 2018 |

“Hey Twitter This is Max, Max saved me from drowning yesterday.” And so began D’Marie O’Connor’s online quest Tuesday to find “Max,” the man he said rescued him from 58-degree waters at Chicago’s North Avenue Beach on Memorial Day. O’Connor tells the Chicago Tribune that he was hanging out with…

‘You’re All Going to Die,’ Cruz Laughs in Chilling Video

May 31, 2018 |

“Hello. My name is Nik and I’m going to be the next school shooter of 2018.” So begins one of three short cellphone videos recorded by Nikolas Cruz at some point before he killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., on Feb. 14. “My goal…

John Goodman: ‘I Wasn’t Going to Get an Emmy Anyway’

May 31, 2018 |

John Goodman spoke out on the Roseanne controversy Wednesday but stayed very diplomatic. “I wasn’t gonna get an Emmy anyway,” the 65-year-old actor told Entertainment Tonight when asked about the hit ABC show being cancelled because of co-star Roseanne Barr’s offensive tweet. He declined to comment at length, saying he…

Jeff Bezos wants to get back to the moon, but he knows space is no place for going solo

May 26, 2018 |

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos on Friday advocated a return to the moon and said developing infrastructure for humans to live in space should be a collaborative effort among many companies and space agencies.

A long-stated goal of the Amazon CEO and founder of Blue Origin space company has been to see millions…

L.A. Times – Business

Smoke Detector Kept Going Off, So He Pulled Out a Shotgun

May 3, 2018 |

A Vermont man is facing charges that he used a shotgun to silence a smoke detector in the kitchen of his apartment before pointing another gun at emergency responders, reports the AP . Police say two shots fired Monday afternoon from the 20-gauge shotgun owned by 68-year-old Leroy Mason, of Barton,…