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| May 26, 2019

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What you need to know about the grounded 737 Max

March 14, 2019 |

Following two deadly crashes, the U.S. joined the rest of the world in temporarily grounding the Boeing 737 Max, the newest version of one of the most popular planes in the world.

The causes of the crashes — one in Indonesia and the latest in Ethiopia — haven’t been determined, but plane manufacturer…

L.A. Times – Business


Norwegian Air demands Boeing compensate it for grounded 737 Max planes

March 13, 2019 |

European discount carrier Norwegian Air is seeking compensation from Boeing for its grounded fleet of 737 Max 8 jets. – RSS Channel – World

Southwest Airlines declares a maintenance ‘emergency’ with more jets grounded

February 16, 2019 |

Southwest Airlines Co. declared an “operational emergency” Friday because of an unusually high number of aircraft taken out of service for maintenance, and the carrier ordered all scheduled mechanics to show up for work or risk being fired.

Workers “alleging illness” will be required to provide…

L.A. Times – Business

Passengers Spend 14 Hours Stuck on Cold, Grounded Plane

January 21, 2019 |

The Newark to Hong Kong route is one of the world’s longest flights. And for United Airlines passengers on Saturday, it was much longer than usual—and they ended back in Newark at the end of it. The passengers were stuck on the ground in frigid weather at a Canadian…

Venezuela attack shows drones can become assassins. Here’s how they can be grounded

August 7, 2018 |

As two explosives-laden drones flew toward Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro at an event this past weekend, the remotely controlled aircraft headed into an area rigged with equipment designed to jam radio signals.

That technology was credited by Venezuelan officials with partly foiling an assassination…

L.A. Times – Business


Watch: Huge iceberg grounded off small town

July 13, 2017 |

This incredible drone footage shows a giant iceberg that has grounded itself off a small town in Newfoundland, Canada. – RSS Channel – World

Solar Plane, Grounded Since July, Resumes Quest

April 22, 2016 |

A solar plane on an around-the-world journey has reached the point of no return over the Pacific Ocean after departing Hawaii, and now it’s California or bust, the AP reports. The plane was cruising over the cold northern Pacific late Thursday at about 20,000 feet with a nearly-full battery…