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| November 18, 2017

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6 Big Lines From Facebook’s Congressional Hearing

November 1, 2017 |

After revealing that content created by a Russian internet agency ahead of the 2016 election may have reached up to 126 million users , Facebook—joined by Twitter and Google—went in front of a Senate subcommittee Tuesday to explain what it’s done and what it can do to stop foreign…

Facebook announces new ad transparency before Russia hearing

October 27, 2017 |

Under pressure in advance of hearings on Russian election interference, Facebook is moving to increase transparency for everyone who sees and buys political advertising on its site.

Executives for the social media company said Friday they will verify political ad buyers in federal elections, requiring…

L.A. Times – Business

At Senate hearing, Wells Fargo CEO to vow reforms well underway following accounts scandal

October 2, 2017 |

Wells Fargo Chief Executive Timothy Sloan is expected to tell a Senate committee Tuesday that the San Francisco bank has made substantial progress in reforming itself following its accounts scandal.

Sloan will testify before the Banking Committee following the one-year anniversary of the disclosure…

L.A. Times – Business

Protesters in Wheelchairs Dragged From Health Care Hearing

September 25, 2017 |

Protesters, including some in wheelchairs, were removed from a Senate hearing on the latest GOP bill to repeal ObamaCare Monday afternoon, Mother Jones reports. Politico says they were “dragged out” by Capitol Police. Demonstrators, who were organized by the disability rights group ADAPT and most of whom were in wheelchairs…

McCain on His Gaffe at Comey Hearing: ‘Colossal Screw-up’

September 18, 2017 |

John McCain is shaking his head after admitting he messed up a line of questioning during James Comey’s testimony in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. On June 8, the Arizona senator offered what the Arizona Republic called a “distracted and listless line of questioning” toward the ex-FBI director, perplexing…

Canada: One of Our Diplomats Had Hearing Loss in Cuba, Too

August 10, 2017 |

The Canadian government said Thursday that at least one Canadian diplomat in Cuba has been treated for hearing loss, following disclosures that a group of American diplomats in Havana suffered the same. US officials believe they were caused by an advanced sonic device, per the AP . Global Affairs Canada spokeswoman…

OJ Simpson’s Parole Hearing Underway

July 20, 2017 |

OJ Simpson’s big moment has arrived. A hearing is now underway at which he’ll try to convince members of the Nevada Board of Parole that he should go free. “I haven’t made any excuses in the nine years that I’ve been here and I’m not trying to make an excuse…

ER Doctors Are Sick of Hearing the Term ‘Dry Drowning’

July 14, 2017 |

There have been many reports lately about so-called “dry drowning,” “delayed drowning,” or “secondary drowning,” like when a boy in Texas died several days after swimming last month. But many experts, including emergency room doctors, the World Health Organization , the Red Cross, and the CDC, say there’s a big problem…


Charlie Gard’s parents storm out of court hearing

July 13, 2017 |

The parents of baby Charlie Gard stormed out of Britain’s High Court Thursday amid an emotional hearing as they fight to take him to the United States for experimental treatment for a rare genetic disorder. – RSS Channel – World