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| October 19, 2018

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Here’s How Roseanne Barr’s Character on ‘The Conners’ Dies

October 17, 2018 |

Spoiler alert … Roseanne Barr’s character on “The Conners” was killed off by an opioid overdose.  The series premiere of the ‘Roseanne’ spin-off jumped right into Barr’s death … with writers wrapping up her storyline a…

Can Mr. Wonderful hack it as a husband? Here’s how to know

October 13, 2018 |

A list of 22 rules – commands, really – that a woman wrote out for her boyfriend to sign and follow has gone viral and has been the subject of news stories around the world.
FOX News

Melania: Here’s Who I Wore That Jacket For

October 13, 2018 |

ABC News on Friday night aired what it says is Melania Trump’s “first extensive sit-down interview since becoming first lady.” It had already released excerpts where she discussed her husband’s alleged infidelity , her distrust of some White House staffers , and her thoughts on the #MeToo movement . One of the portions…

Newt Gingrich: Here’s a leader with a plan to genuinely control our southern border. He needs our support

October 13, 2018 |

Republicans want to control our southern border to make America safer, while Democrats favor open borders.
FOX News

Intel Firm: Here’s News on the 2nd Poisoning Suspect

October 9, 2018 |

One of the two suspects in the poisoning of an ex-spy in England is a trained doctor who works for Russian military intelligence and traveled to Britain under an alias, investigative group Bellingcat reported Monday. Bellingcat says on its website that the man British authorities identified as Alexander Petrov is…

Here’s why two siblings who inherited mom’s house should prepare for an ugly family feud

October 7, 2018 |

Dear Liz: My mother left her house to my brother and me. He wants to use it as a rental property. I have no interest in being a landlord or in ownership. He doesn’t want to buy me out, so I’d like to sell my half interest. What are the tax issues I need to prepare for, and does my brother need…

L.A. Times – Business

Here’s why Amazon raised its minimum wage to $15 an hour

October 4, 2018 |

If, like me, you’ve been dying to hear some good news, then you surely welcomed Amazon’s decision to raise its minimum wage to $ 15 for all its 350,000 workers, including seasonal employees and temps, according to the company.

The decision is to some extent “bespoke,” in that Amazon is a uniquely…

L.A. Times – Business

Here’s What the 4-4 Supreme Court Has on Docket

October 1, 2018 |

It’s the first Monday in October, which means the Supreme Court will be gaveled into session for its new term—even if the fate of the ninth potential justice remains in limbo . The general consensus in coverage is that the upcoming docket is relatively tame in terms of hot-button issues,…

Here’s What Not to Do When Late for a Flight

September 27, 2018 |

He really didn’t want to miss his plane, and now he’s in jail as a result. The crazy tale is out of Dublin, where an unidentified man in his 20s showed up at the boarding gate Thursday morning too late to board his flight to Amsterdam, reports ITV News . Authorities…

Here’s the President’s Crazy New Limo, Complete With Blood

September 26, 2018 |

President Trump is being driven around New York Tuesday in a brand-new presidential limo—one with what NBC News calls “an unprecedented level of security.” The Detroit Free Press , meanwhile, says it’s “one of the most exclusive, impenetrable and expensive cars in the world.” The 20,000-pound, $ 1.5 million…