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| April 23, 2018

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Rising interest rates sounding alarm bells for debt-laden consumers

April 16, 2018 |

A healthy economy can be a dangerous thing.

Americans have a history of loading up on debt in good times, then paying dearly when the bills come due. Adding to the pain: A booming economy is often accompanied by rising interest rates, which make mortgages, credit cards and other debt much more…

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Ratkovich Co. sells interest in mixed-use Bloc project in downtown L.A.

April 4, 2018 |

Los Angeles developer Ratkovich Co. has sold its interest in the Bloc office, hotel and shopping complex in downtown Los Angeles to one of its financial partners, National Real Estate Advisors.

The two companies announced the deal for the Bloc, formerly known as Macy’s Plaza, in a joint statement…

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Interest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Jobs Peaked in December 2017

April 2, 2018 |

Interest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Jobs Peaked in December 2017

After steadily increasing throughout 2017, searches for crypto jobs have failed to sustain and even reversed course. It seems that a lack in daily all time price highs this year has pushed out not just “weak hands” speculators but some of those dreaming of a bitcoin career as well. 

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Interest in Crypto Careers has Peaked

Interest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Jobs Peaked in December 2017Many people’s desire for bitcoin and cryptocurrency jobs has apparently fallen sharply ever since the markets have turned sour, this according to figures released recently by the dedicated search engine for job listings Indeed.

According to the data, searches for “bitcoin” peaked at 39 searches per million on Indeed in the week ending December 14. And that same week searches for “cryptocurrency” peaked at 46 searches per million. But starting in mid-December both began to fall. From mid-December through March 15, searches for “bitcoin” have declined 76% and “cryptocurrency” by 41% (see chart below for details).

Unsurprisingly, these figures follow the same pattern seen when examining web traffic at cryptocurrency exchanges, google searchers and client interest at brokers offering bitcoin CFDs.

Interest in “Blockchain” Jobs Hangs On

While searches for the terms “bitcoin” and “cryptocurrency” have cooled down considerably, “Blockchain” interest remains relatively high. At 47 searches per million, interest in blockchain jobs is only down slightly from its recent peak in late-February, but remains essentially unchanged during the three month period to March 15. Andrew Flowers, an Economist at the Indeed Hiring Lab, speculated that: “The sustained interest in blockchain jobs is perhaps a sign that job seekers believe non-financial companies will pursue blockchain applications, even if financial companies see cryptocurrencies as a fad. Rightly or wrongly, blockchain is seen by job seekers as a viable innovation whether or not bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are.”

Interest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Jobs Peaked in December 2017

Data released earlier this year showed that employers want to explore developing capabilities derived from the technology behind bitcoin, and thus most vacancies look for people with relevant tech skills. The top ten related roles on the site, by descending order, were: Developer, Recruiter, Software Engineer, Director IT Digital Strategy & Innovation, Java Developer, C# Developer, Senior QA Engineer, Solution & Proposition Architect, Senior Developer, and lastly Project Manager.

What advice would you give those who want to have bitcoin-related careers? Is this a good time to enter the business? Tell us in the comments section below.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Indeed.

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Bitcoin ATM Installed in Georgia Amid Growing Interest in Crypto

March 30, 2018 |

Bitcoin ATM Installed in Georgia amid Growing Interest in Crypto

A new automated teller machine now offers Georgians a fast and easy way to buy and sell bitcoin and litecoin. Support for bitcoin cash has been promised, and other cryptos will also be added in the future. The ATM has been set up at a burger restaurant in the heart of the Georgian capital Tbilisi.

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Bitcoins and Burgers

Cryptocurrencies in Georgia have been gaining popularity in recent years. The country has become a regional leader in the adoption of bitcoin and blockchain technologies. A new cryptocurrency terminal has been set up in Tbilisi offering the opportunity to exchange bitcoins and litecoins with the Georgian lari. The company behind the initiative promises to provide support for bitcoin cash and plans to introduce other cryptos, like ethereum.

Bitcoin ATM Installed in Georgia amid Growing Interest in CryptoThe new BATM has been installed at the New York Burger restaurant between Tkvarcheli Street and Merab Kostava Street in the Georgian capital, not far from the 26 May Square. It is operated by a local firm called TPS. The company provides exchange services through cash terminals and an online trading platform.

According to Coinatmradar, another crypto ATM, which also supports bitcoin and litecoin transactions, can be found on 12 Shalva Dadiani Street in Tbilisi. Both teller machines are manufactured by the Prague-based company General Bytes.

Bitcoin ATM Installed in Georgia amid Growing Interest in Crypto

More and more people in the Caucasus believe cryptocurrencies are the future of money. According to Giorgi Cheishvili, programmer at TPS, the popularity of digital coins is growing every day, and the Georgian market reflects the global trends.

“Many people want to exchange their cryptos and a growing number of Georgians are interested in buying cryptocurrency,” he told the local news outlet Marketer. In his opinion, Georgia is a leading country when it comes to opportunities to obtain bitcoin and the like.

“Many are interested in crypto innovation and business,” noted Anthony Sollimon, manager of the New York Burger restaurant. “We want to create a convenient environment where they will be able to make the necessary transactions,” he added.

A Regional Crypto Leader

Bitcoin ATM Installed in Georgia amid Growing Interest in CryptoGeorgia is considered a pioneer in crypto legalization among countries in the South Caucasus. In the last several years, it has implemented blockchain technologies, both in the private and the public sector. Since 2016, the country’s land register has been maintained on a blockchain. Georgia is also home to one of the first bitcoin mining farms in the region.

Special courses are currently offered in Tbilisi for those who want to expand their knowledge of cryptocurrencies. Members of the Georgian crypto community have invited experts from EU countries to take part in the educational program.

Georgia’s neighbor Armenia has been trying to catch up in recent months. A bill to regulate cryptocurrency mining was introduced in Yerevan in February, as reported by The proposed legislation offers crypto miners tax exemptions and other incentives. Operators of mining facilities will not be required to apply for any permissions or licenses. According to local experts, the draft law will effectively legalize cryptocurrency transactions.

Do you think the availability of bitcoin ATMs helps the adoption of cryptocurrencies? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.   

Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Coinatmradar, Google Maps.

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Fed increases key interest rate and signals faster pace of rate hikes next year amid stronger economic growth

March 22, 2018 |

Federal Reserve officials see a stronger U.S. economy and signaled Wednesday that would mean a slightly faster pace of interest rate hikes in coming years.

For the moment, they’re sticking with plans for three small hikes in their benchmark interest rate this year while adding one more hike in…

L.A. Times – Business

Fed Raises Benchmark Interest Rate

March 21, 2018 |

The Federal Reserve is raising its benchmark interest rate and signaling that it’s sticking with a gradual approach to rate hikes under its new chairman, Jerome Powell. The Fed is boosting its key short-term rate by a modest quarter-point to a still-low range of 1.5% to 1.75% and…

Stocks wobble as investors wait for Fed news on interest rates

March 21, 2018 |

U.S. stocks are mixed Wednesday morning as investors wait for news on interest rates from the Federal Reserve. The Fed is widely expected to raise rates, and investors will be watching closely for clues about how many more increases the central bank may make this year and also for the Fed’s assessment…

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Person of Interest in Custody Following Fatal School Shooting

March 8, 2018 |

A 17-year-old student is in custody as a person of interest in Wednesday’s fatal shooting at an Alabama high school, reports. According to ABC News , police are pursuing charges against the teen but aren’t releasing any additional information on his or her identity until charges are filed. The…

Interest in Cryptocurrency Jumped 15-Fold in Kazakhstan

March 4, 2018 |

Interest in Cryptocurrency Jumped 15-Fold in Kazakhstan

Interest in cryptocurrency in Kazakhstan has surged fifteen-fold this year compared to 2017 according to a study by Yandex. The number of online searches began to rise significantly in June of last year for a number of cryptocurrency-related search terms.

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Crypto-Related Search Queries Increase

Interest in Cryptocurrency Jumped 15-Fold in KazakhstanA multinational corporation specializing in Internet-related services and products, Yandex, recently conducted a study of search queries by Kazakhstanis on topics related to cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and crypto mining, Zakon reported.

Kazakhstanis are most actively searching combination words involving “cryptocurrency,” the study revealed. Users frequently search for courses in cryptocurrency, crypto exchanges, how to buy crypto, how to mine them, and other related search terms. The news outlet elaborated:

In early 2018, Kazakhstan residents made about 15 times more requests with this word [cryptocurrency] than in the same period of 2017.

For the search term “bitcoin” specifically, “users ask Yandex 7 times more than in early 2017,” the publication detailed.

Specific Searches

Among the topics with the most number of searches are bitcoin, blockchain, initial coin offerings (ICOs), and crypto mining, the study revealed.

Interest in Cryptocurrency Jumped 15-Fold in KazakhstanHowever, Kazakhstanis also asked Yandex specific questions such as “can a schoolboy work for bitcoin?”, “what is a blockchain in simple words for dummies?”, “how much does mining pay really?”, and “where to get money for a mining farm?”

Searchers are also concerned about crypto mining malware, asking Yandex “how to find out if I have a mining virus,” as well as searching for software and solutions to protect themselves against this type of malware.

Last year, the number of crypto-related searches rose significantly in June and September, the news outlet noted, adding that:

10 times more often users from Kazakhstan began to ask Yandex about video cards for mining and how to mine.

The biggest jump in interest on this topic occurred between June and July of last year, Yandex further revealed, noting that “The query ‘to buy graphics cards’ saw the biggest increase last month”.

As for ICOs, search requests including this word by Kazakhstanis have grown “4 times more often than a year earlier,” the news outlet described, adding that the number of such requests has been growing since November of last year. Moreover, people are searching for “ICO projects,” “prospective ICO,” and “ICO support.”

Last month, four employees of the country’s Ministry of Finance were caught mining cryptos.

What do you think of the surge in interest in cryptocurrency by Kazakhstanis? Let us know in the comments section below.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock and Yandex.

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Citigroup will refund customers $335 million after discovering it charged too much credit-card interest

February 26, 2018 |

Citigroup Inc., one of the world’s largest credit-card issuers, said it will refund $ 335 million to U.S. customers whose annual percentage rate should have been lower.

The lender determined that a method it was using to calculate APRs didn’t properly reflect the full benefit customers should have…

L.A. Times – Business