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| October 17, 2018

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PR: Contentos Announces Investment From Binance Labs

October 3, 2018 |

Contentos Announces Investment From Binance Labs

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Decentralized global content ecosystem, Contentos, has been catching the attention of major industry players, receiving a multi-million dollar investment from Binance Labs.

Shanghai, China – Contentos, a decentralized global content ecosystem, announces today a multi-million dollar investment from Binance Labs. Launched by Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, Binance Labs is an incubator and social impact fund that invests in top projects that are using blockchain technology to transform diverse industries.

“The idea for Contentos began when I noticed a serious need for a decentralized content ecosystem offering transparent and fair monetization of creators’ content, and no third-party censorship or removal of content,” said Mick Tsai, CEO and co-founder of Contentos. “The Contentos team is thrilled to have the support of Binance Labs in pursuing our goal to revolutionize the preservation and monetization of digital content, while working towards creating a more positive ecosystem for all content creators, influencers, and content consumers.”

As of now, Contentos is one of the first open-source-code blockchains that includes content distribution amongst its capabilities. Contentos aims to provide a decentralized ecosystem for content creators to have creative freedom and to leave their digital footprint without the risk of third-party interference. Unlike similar projects building new products and features to adapt to blockchain technology, the Contentos team has already integrated with three successful products, LiveMe, PhotoGrid, and Cheez, and is currently available to users around the world.

Ella Zhang, Head of Binance Labs, said, “We are dedicated to identifying the real use cases to implement blockchain technologies. There’s a clear pain-point to be solved in the content creation industry, and we see Contentos is the right team with critical resources to solve the problem.” Through direct investments, collaborations with other industry partners, and the Labs incubation program, Binance Labs is committed to helping top BUIDLers jump start their ideas and realize the full potential of blockchain technologies.

Recently, Contentos also announced partnerships with Ontology and NEO Foundation. Contentos’s partnership with Ontology acts as a collaborative effort to use both companies’ expertise to expand upon existing blockchain research, application development, and community-building. With the NEO Global Capital partnership – a subsidiary of the NEO Foundation – there will be more opportunities for Contentos to explore technology-based solutions for developing capabilities. The Contentos team is excited to see that their strategic efforts, thus far, have been positively received by a number of leading investors and prominent figures from the blockchain community. With their new partnerships and investments, Contentos is confident in the direction they are headed as they continue to develop their comprehensive protocol to promote the integration of blockchain and social media.

For more information about Contentos:

For media inquiries, please contact Jesse Lucas at Melrose PR, (310) 260-7901 or

About Contentos
Contentos is a public blockchain project specifically designed and built for the global digital content industry. By leveraging blockchain technology, Contentos aims to resolve major challenges that centralized content platforms face today, such as content distribution, monetization, authentication, and copyright management. Contentos seeks to empower creators by monetizing their content and encouraging collaboration with advertisers, fans, and other creators as well as rewarding positive contributions to the community.

About Binance Labs
Binance Labs is a social impact fund and an initiative to incubate, invest, and empower blockchain and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs, projects, and communities. Our mission is to solve the problems that matter most to the ecosystem and change the world for the better.

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Forever 21’s first venture investment goes to Los Angeles style subscription start-up DailyLook

September 27, 2018 |

For the first time in its 34-year history, Los Angeles’ homegrown fast-fashion giant Forever 21 is investing in a start-up.

Along with local venture capital fund Upfront, Forever 21 is leading an $ 8-million investment in DailyLook, a fashion subscription service in downtown L.A.

As part of the…

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NantWorks to create mobile gaming platform through investment in developer Daybreak

September 7, 2018 |

NantWorks, the Culver City company controlled by Los Angeles Times owner Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, has purchased a minority stake in Daybreak, the San Diego game developer behind multiplayer online franchises including “EverQuest,” “Star Wars Galaxies” and “H1Z1.”

NantWorks will also have a controlling…

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Determination born of childhood hardship pushed a temp worker to chief operating officer of a top investment firm

August 26, 2018 |

Jeannine G. Vanian, 51, is chief operating officer of Kayne Anderson Rudnick, a boutique investment advisory firm in Los Angeles that manages nearly $ 24 billion in assets for institutional, broker-dealer and high-net-worth clients. The 29-year-old company has 90 employees.

In 2017, Kayne Anderson…

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‘America First’ investment theme may be concealing risks in U.S. stock, credit markets

August 26, 2018 |

“America First” seems to have become an investment theme by default, as money managers turn to the U.S. in a fraught global environment. The danger is that movement may be concealing risks in the world’s safe haven.

The prospect of the strongest economic expansion since 2005 has helped draw investors…

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Millennials are making a costly investment mistake

July 25, 2018 |

Millennials think cash is the best long-term investment. Unsurprisingly, they’re not seeing good returns.

Almost 1 in 3 millennials said cash instruments, such as savings accounts and certificates of deposit, are the best place to invest money they won’t need for the next 10 years. That compares…

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How OfficeMax’s former CEO lost more than $4 million, thanks to Wells Fargo’s investment advice

July 21, 2018 |

Wells Fargo’s wealth management unit has been ordered to pay $ 8.6 million in damages and fees to a client — the former chief executive of retailer OfficeMax — who lost millions of dollars in risky Puerto Rico bonds recommended by his financial advisor.

Sam Duncan, the former CEO of both the office…

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Largest Association of Investment Professionals Adds Crypto to Curriculum

July 17, 2018 |

Largest Association of Investment Professionals Adds Crypto to Curriculum

CFA Institute, with over 150,000 members, is adding cryptocurrency topics to its curriculum for the first time. The course material will be released in August. A record 227,031 people in 91 countries and territories reportedly registered to take CFA exams this year.

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Crypto Added to CFA Curriculum

Largest Association of Investment Professionals Adds Crypto to CurriculumThe world’s largest association of investment professionals, CFA Institute, “is adding topics on cryptocurrencies and blockchain to its Level I and II curriculums for the first time next year,” Bloomberg reported.

A global, not-for-profit organization, CFA Institute offers a range of education and career resources including the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and the Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement (CIPM) designations. Its membership stood at 156,800 at the end of FY2017.

Citing that a majority of the candidates came from Asia, the news outlet elaborated:

A record 227,031 people in 91 countries and territories registered to take CFA exams in June…Material for the 2019 exams will be released in August, giving candidates their first opportunity to start logging a recommended 300 hours of study time.

Crypto – ‘Not a Passing Fad’

The CFA curriculum is organized into three levels. Level I tests “knowledge of the ethical and professional standards.” Level II tests how these standards are applied to situations analysts face. Level III tests how they are applied “in a portfolio management and compliance context.”

Largest Association of Investment Professionals Adds Crypto to Curriculum

Each level currently consists of 10 topics such as quantitative methods, economics, corporate finance, equity management, fixed income, derivatives, and alternative investments.

Largest Association of Investment Professionals Adds Crypto to CurriculumThe crypto addition is part of a new reading called Fintech in Investment Management, Bloomberg conveyed. The institute decided to include it “after industry participants showed surging interest in surveys and focus groups.”

Stephen Horan, the institute’s managing director for general education and curriculum in Charlottesville, Virginia, explained that “the CFA material on crypto and blockchain will appear alongside other fintech subjects including artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and automated trading.” Citing that “more crypto topics, such as the intersection of virtual currencies and economics, may eventually be added to the curriculum,” he asserted:

We saw the field advancing more quickly than other fields and we also saw it as more durable…This is not a passing fad.

A 27-year-old financial economics student at Columbia University who took the CFA Level I exam in June, Kayden Lee, was quoted by the news outlet saying that “it will be beneficial for us since there’s been a huge expansion and adoption of crypto in our investment universe.”

What do you think of CFA Institute adding crypto topics to its curriculum? Let us know in the comments section below.

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London School of Economics Launches “Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption” Course

July 10, 2018 |

London School of Economics Launches “Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption” Course

The London School of Economics, one of the leading academic institutions for higher learning in the world, is the latest university to offer a course on cryptocurrency. For just £1,800, and about sixty hours of learning, you too can be a certified crypto academic.

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Certificate Crypto Course

London School of Economics Launches “Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption” CourseThe London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) has launched a new online certificate course titled “Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption” headed by Dr Carsten Sørensen, Associate Professor of Information Systems and Innovation. LSE has thus joined the growing list of top notch institutions offering crypto classes such as Cambridge, NYUNorthwestern, Stanford, Wharton and Georgetown, as well as others.

The new LSE crypto educational option seems to be quite accessible as there are no prerequisites for the course and its cost is also not unreasonable at just £1,800. It starts on 14 August 2018, and will take six weeks to complete (excluding orientation) with an estimated commitment of about seven to ten hours per week. This course is also certified by the United Kingdom CPD Certification Service, if that is relevant for you.

“Understand the Causes of Things”

London School of Economics Launches “Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption” CourseExplaining the rational behind the course, the institution states that, “For over one hundred years, LSE’s motto has been to ‘understand the causes of things’. This online certificate course pairs practical cryptoasset knowledge with the theoretical thought leadership for which LSE is renowned.” In practice, the classes listed seem to offer rather practical investment skills, like how to interact with cryptocurrency exchanges, how to use wallets, and how to evaluate the analytics of an ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

In a more broad perspective, students will also explore how cryptocurrencies will shape the future of money, markets and industries. And the course is meant to provide the information, knowledge and frameworks of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies – needed to understand how they operate and the implications for business and the economy. And just to be on the safe side, the institution adds that, “You will not be given cryptocurrency investing advice, or investment or financial advice of any nature.”

Are you interested in attending an academic cryptocurrency course? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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Crypto Custody Poses Barrier to Institutional Investment

July 10, 2018 |

Crypto Custody Poses Barrier to Institutional Investment

Cryptocurrency analysts are increasingly arguing that the lack of custody services provided by leading players from within the finance industry pose a significant barrier to institutional investors seeking exposure to the cryptocurrency markets.

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Lack of Crypto Custody Services Comprises Serious Issue for Institutional Investors

Crypto Custody Poses Barrier to Institutional InvestmentA number of finance professionals have argued that a lack of cryptocurrency services being offered by institutional custodians poses a significant barrier to widespread institutional investment in the virtual currency sector.

Blake Estes of Alston & Bird LLP stated “For chief investment officers, there’s only downside risk in cryptocurrency,” adding that it “would take a leap of faith with a new custodian with no brand recognition. That presents a real risk for them,” during a recent interview with Pensions & Investments

Mr. Estes of Alston & Bird shares this opinion, stating that “So much of the security of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency rests with who stores that private key, who controls the vault. Blockchain (the technology behind the transfer of assets) itself can’t be hacked, but it all still boils down to who ends up holding the keys. I’d tend to think that pension funds will not venture into uncharted territory until they’re certain about the security of who has custody of the keys.”

Analysts Argue Cryptocurrency Sector is Not Yet Developed Enough for Institutional Custodians

Crypto Custody Poses Barrier to Institutional InvestorsMark Kinoshita, senior vice president of Callan LLC, believes that the virtual currency industry is still a long way from witnessing institutional custodians offering services to cryptocurrency investors.

“I don’t know that (custodians) are focused on cryptocurrency; I think they’re more focused on blockchain and distributed ledger technology and their use in operations. They’re joining consortiums that are looking at uses in things like cross-border services, clearing, and settlements. Rather than comment on cryptocustody, they’re working with partners in fintech and insurance firms to determine applications of blockchain and (distributed ledger technology) to streamline clearing and settlement processes. They’re still at the exploration stage,” Mr. Kinoshita said.

John Lore, managing partner, Capital Fund Law Group PC, New York, agrees that the cryptocurrency sector is not yet developed enough for institutional custodians, stating “it’s really too soon to determine what cybersecurity risks will need to be dealt with, there aren’t enough custodians who are capable of handling that risk yet. […] If you want a long-term storage of assets in a digital wallet, there are regulatory ways of doing that, but none that are recognized across the large custodians, Once there, it’s an asset that’s very easy to lose, through computer failure or hacking. At the core, that’s a major risk issue.”

“Vicious Cycle” of Custodianship in Crypto

Crypto Custody Poses Barrier to Institutional InvestorsJonathan Benassaya, founder and CEO of IronChain Capital, attributes the lack of institutional custodianship in the cryptocurrency sector to “vicious cycle” in which “Investors want the infrastructure from custodians,” however, “custodians want investors before they build the infrastructure.”

Despite such, Mr. Benassaya expects that custodians “are not so far” from entering the cryptocurrency industry, stating “You read about cryptocustody because of general news about data hacking and security. They want it safely stored in a vault, like gold. […] The level of custody in crypto is the same as with other assets, except that crypto is self-cleared through the blockchain. Custodians are not so far away from making this happen.”

Do you agree that a lack of trusted custodians providing services to cryptocurrency investors poses a significant barrier to widespread institutional investment in virtual currencies? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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