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| July 19, 2019

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Anorexia Isn’t Exactly What We Thought

July 18, 2019 |

Turns out anorexia isn’t all mental—a possible relief to sufferers who are blamed for having a devastating illness, the Guardian reports. In a new study , researchers analyzed the DNA of 17,000 people with anorexia against 55,000 without, and flagged eight genes connecting anorexia with psychological conditions like…

Ignore Crypto Twitter – Life as a Nocoiner Isn’t That Bad

July 17, 2019 |

Life as a Nocoiner Will Be Dismal According to the 'Last Chance' Bitcoin Crowd

Crypto Twitter (CT) is filled with half-witted commentary and price predictions by so-called luminaries, maximalists, and influencers. As the price of BTC has dropped to four figures, the usual tweets from CT thought leaders has insisted that this is the last chance to buy bitcoin for under $ 10,000.

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This Is Your Last (Last) Chance to Buy Cheap BTC

The price of BTC is under $ 10K and you would think from some of the cryptocurrency influencers on CT that there’s a fire sale going on. Type the phrase “last chance bitcoin” and you will find a ton of BTC enthusiasts insisting that this is the final opportunity to purchase bitcoin for less than $ 10K. “Last chance to buy bitcoin under $ 10,000 — This is a remarkable opportunity, don’t miss it,” Knut Svanholm exclaimed on July 16.

Ignore Crypto Twitter – Life as a Nocoiner Isn't That Bad

Well known BTC influencer Anthony Pompliano, better known as “Pomp,” tweeted that his takeaway from this week’s congressional Facebook hearings was to “buy bitcoin.” In response to Pomp’s tweet, CT was reminded once again that the current BTC price dip is a “last chance” moment. “It’s one of the last chances if not THE last chance to buy bitcoin so cheap — Buy the fucking dip,” one individual wrote. Another Twitter account dubbed Fiat Minimalist‏ stated:

This could very well be the last chance ever to buy Bitcoin under $ 10,000.

Not everyone in the crypto ecosystem is so exuberant and some believe the recent trend of BTC hopium tweets is deceitful and childish. The Twitter account‏ explained how Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin for uncensorable peer to peer cash, but BTC “ends up attracting toxic dumbass retarded screeching, ‘Moon! Lambo! Today is your last chance to buy Bitcoin under $ 10K,’” types. “Satoshi is sad, very depressed. At least Bitcoin Cash is on the right path,” the account added.

Ignore Crypto Twitter – Life as a Nocoiner Isn't That Bad

One would have hoped that people had learned not to tweet such predictions after the well known crypto luminary Charlie Shrem claimed last year that: “May 2018 will be the last time we see bitcoin under $ 10,000.” Shrem’s tweet was retweeted more than 2,700 times, but was at the receiving end of many jokes after BTC’s price dropped well below that price range. Still, people have continued to shout the “last chance” mantra every time. “Unpopular opinion: Bitcoin isn’t dropping below 10k again — That was your chance,” one person opined on July 15. In response, another individual wrote:

It’s true — you had your last chance — for those of you [with] whole bitcoin goals…get it now before your goal is impossible to attain.

Ignore Crypto Twitter – Life as a Nocoiner Isn't That Bad

Bitcoiners Are Royalty, Altcoiners Are Scammers and Nocoiners Are Just a Waste of Time

Besides the “last chance” gang of pumpers, BTC maximalists have been explaining what it will be like for “nocoiners” in the future. Nocoiners is the name BTC maximalists have given to people who have zero bitcoin and who may never own any. One BTC supporter declared that even giving crypto to nocoiners was a waste of time because they’d probably spend it. “That’s why I think sending free bitcoins to nocoiners is a waste! Cashing out now to buy a kitchen — LOL — It literally couldn’t be any worse — I mean… a kitchen,” they wrote.

Ignore Crypto Twitter – Life as a Nocoiner Isn't That Bad

The popular maximalist Pierre Rochard‏ explained that “bitcoiners start out sounding a little crazy, but the more you hear them out, the more sense they make — nocoiners are the opposite of that.” Then, this week BTC developer Jimmy Song revealed on Twitter that he believes there are three types of people: “Bitcoin maximalists, nocoiners, and people who are scamming or are being scammed in the name of innovation, tolerance, and open-mindedness and are very defensive about their project.” However, in response to Song’s statements, Joshua Davis said that nocoiners are literally the only group identified there “not constantly trying to sell you shit.” Even though nocoiners are labeled as despicable types, some maximalists still believe there will be a wave of nocoiners rushing in to buy bitcoin at any moment.

“The mainstream media reporting on BTC hitting $ 10,000 will cause a wave of nocoiners to FOMO in,” one guy insisted on June 21, after BTC captured the $ 10K mark again. “We can amplify that by getting the hashtag #BitcoinIsBack trending.”

Ignore Crypto Twitter – Life as a Nocoiner Isn't That Bad

The maximalist and “last chance to buy at this price” thought leaders have been tweeting these tropes for months now with no shame. CT account Trolly McTrollface‏ roasted the maximalist position on nocoiners, writing: “It’s paramount for every Bitcoin bagholder to believe that nocoiners are all dumb, incapable of change, or brainwashed/bought by the bankster lizards. The fact banks have invested billions in blockchain R&D, tested it and realized it’s shit, doesn’t fit the ‘moon moon’ scenario.”

It’s hard to fathom how new people entering the space must perceive the vitriolic maximalist tweets about altcoiners and nocoiners being destroyed by the bitcoin master race. Ludicrous forecasts insisting that BTC will never be under $ 10K or any other arbitrary number again don’t help anyone.

What do you think about the “last chance” gang and the hatred of nocoiners? Do you think behavior like this is attractive to the world outside of crypto? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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