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| January 23, 2018

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Ancient Greek Monument Just Got Even More Impressive

January 19, 2018 |

The Greek island of Keros surely impressed ancient visitors, with terraces and buildings made of gleaming white stone jutting out of the Aegean Sea. As it turns out, what couldn’t be seen may have been even more impressive, reports the Guardian . An international team has uncovered a sophisticated plumbing network…

This out-of-this-world diamond-studded rock just got even weirder

January 16, 2018 |

A tiny chunk of stone that looks like nothing else ever seen in the solar system might be even weirder than scientists thought.
FOX News

$450M Mega Millions Winner Is Just 20 Years Old

January 12, 2018 |

America’s newest multi-millionaire is just 20 years old and credits “the power of positive thinking.” Florida’s Shane Missler was announced Friday as the winner of last week’s $ 450 million Mega Millions jackpot—the 10th largest lottery jackpot in US history, the AP reports. And while he didn’t come forward until…

Oldest Mudslide Victim Had Just Turned 89

January 12, 2018 |

The oldest victim swept away in a California mudslide was Jim Mitchell, who had celebrated his 89th birthday the day before. He died in the Santa Barbara County enclave of Montecito with his wife of more than 50 years, Alice. The youngest, 3-year-old Kailly Benitez, was one of four children…


National Championship Game Draws Slew of Celebrities, Not Just Trump and Kendrick

January 9, 2018 |

The college football National Championship looks Hollywood friendly — ’cause there’s a few celebs at the game … and we don’t just mean Donald Trump and Kendrick Lamar. Some other big names at the big game in Atlanta include Quavo, Samuel L.…

Rock Art Dating Back Millennia May Be More Than Just Art

January 8, 2018 |

We can’t exactly chat with ancient humans about their lives, but their art gives us glimpses, and a new find in India sheds literal light on a cosmic event they may have witnessed. Quartz cites a new study in the Indian Journal of History of Science in which scientists say…

Sydney Just Had Its Hottest Day in 80 Years

January 7, 2018 |

Even as much of the United States remains in a deep freeze, temperatures on the other side of the world are reaching near-record highs. In Sydney, Australia, the thermometer topped out at 117.14 degrees Fahrenheit Sunday, falling just short of the record-setting 118 degrees that struck the city back…

Someone in Florida Just Won 10th Largest US Jackpot Ever

January 6, 2018 |

The winning ticket in the latest Mega Millions drawing was sold in Florida, the AP reports. One ticket matched all six numbers in Friday night’s drawing and will claim a $ 450 million grand prize. The Florida Lottery says the winning ticket was bought at a 7-Eleven convenience store in Port…

Mitt Romney Just Changed His Location to ‘Utah’

January 3, 2018 |

Mitt Romney hasn’t publicly said whether he plans to run for the Senate now that Utah’s Sen Orrin Hatch is retiring , but he may have provided a clue via Twitter: Hours after Hatch announced the move, Romney changed his location from “Massachusetts” to “Holladay, Utah” in what Bloomberg sees as…

New Code Release Means Bitcoin Cash Addresses Are Just Around the Corner

January 3, 2018 |

New Code Release Means Bitcoin Cash Addresses Are Just Around the Corner

The bitcoin cash community moved one step closer to having their own address format today with the release of Bitcoin ABC 0.16.2. The full node implementation of BCH includes a switch to a proprietary address format to distinguish it from bitcoin core. It is hoped that this will eliminate issues of BCH being sent to Segwit BTC addresses in error and help further distinguish bitcoin cash from the rest of the cryptocurrency market.

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Moving to a New Address

As reported two weeks ago, the bitcoin cash community is gearing up for “Change the Address” day, which is scheduled to take place on January 14. That’s when the address format proposed by Bitcoin ABC developer Amaury Séchet will be adopted. Today, those plans were formalized with the release of Bitcoin ABC 0.16.2. It includes a number of improvements to the bitcoin cash protocol, but the most notable is the addition of Cashaddr.

New Code Release Means Bitcoin Cash Addresses Are Just Around the Corner

This utilizes the bech32 codebase and will apply benefits over and above a less confusing wallet address format. For instance, the new address system will make it easier to create QR codes and will pave the way for multi-party smart contracts to be added further down the line. A basic bitcoin cash address conversion tool is already in place, which demonstrates how the new address format will look. Security researcher Dean Pierce has also created his own version, which shows how legacy BCH addresses compare to their new bech32 counterparts.

The new Bitcoin ABC code is available for scrutiny now ahead of its implementation later this month. With the growth of Localbitcoincash, increased merchant adoption and codebase enhancements, 2018 looks set to be a good year for fans of the peer-to-peer cryptocurrency.

What do you think about ‘Change the Address Day’ scheduled for January 14? Let us know in the comments section below.

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