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| July 16, 2018

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Embassy warns Americans to keep a low profile

July 13, 2018 |

The US embassy has taken the unusual step of issuing a warning to American citizens in the UK to “keep a low profile” during the visit of President Donald Trump. – RSS Channel – World

Car-sharing firm says LAX and Enterprise are colluding to keep it out of airport

July 12, 2018 |

In the latest dispute over how to regulate the sharing economy, a peer-to-peer car-renting company filed a lawsuit against Los Angeles International Airport on Thursday, claiming the airport wants to impose the fees and permit requirements of a full-blown rental car company on the online firm.

L.A. Times – Business

U.S. allows Nestle to keep taking water from Southern California forest

June 29, 2018 |

U.S. officials offered Nestle, the maker of Arrowhead bottled water, a three-year permit this week to keep taking millions of gallons of water from a national forest in Southern California — but with new restrictions designed to keep a creek flowing for other uses.

The offer announced by the U.S….

L.A. Times – Business

Why bitcoin exchanges keep getting hacked — and how to protect yourself

June 25, 2018 |

The price of bitcoin took a tumble early Wednesday after a major South Korea-based cryptocurrency exchange, Bithumb, admitted that hackers made off with more than $ 31 million worth of virtual currency.

The incident is the latest in a long string of thefts at the online portals where investors trade…

L.A. Times – Business

Big Move in One State Could Keep Trump Off 2020 Ballot

June 22, 2018 |

Gayle Goldin wants to make sure future presidential candidates fully reveal any potential conflicts of interest. That’s why the Democratic state senator from Rhode Island is now sponsoring a bill that would require Oval Office hopefuls to release five years’ worth of tax returns—meaning President Trump could see his…

Woman Preemptively Sues NASA to Keep Her Treasure

June 13, 2018 |

Call it one small step for lunar dust owners. A Tennessee woman is suing NASA preemptively to keep a vial of what she believes is moon dust that was given to the family by Neil Armstrong. Filed in federal court, the suit is an attempt to prevent NASA—which says…

The Hard Part for Trump: Making North Korea Keep Summit Promises

June 8, 2018 |

President Donald Trump’s effort to wrestle a commitment from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to yield his nuclear weapons program in exchange for security guarantees is just the start of a complex process. What’s News Asia

Kiwis to Matt Lauer: You Can Keep the Ranch … for Now

June 8, 2018 |

He may have lost his job and his reputation —but Matt Lauer gets to keep his Kiwi ranch, at least for the moment. The New York Times reports that the ex- Today show co-host, who’s accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women, can retain the lease on the Hunter Valley…

Why China can’t keep growing like mad forever

May 28, 2018 |

China, not the U.S., is the world’s largest economy.

Though the U.S. is still tops when measured at market-exchange rates, China is about 20% larger after adjusting for the lower cost of goods and services there. The latter metric is what really counts, both in terms of standards of living and,…

L.A. Times – Business