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| February 21, 2019

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Supreme Court Won’t Take Kennedy Clan Murder Case

January 7, 2019 |

The Supreme Court announced Monday that it’s leaving in place a decision that vacated a murder conviction against Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel. Skakel was convicted in 2002 of the 1975 bludgeoning death of Martha Moxley, who lived across the street from the Skakel family in Greenwich, Conn., and whose body…

Cher reveals she wanted to get Kennedy Center honor during Obama years, not Trump

October 1, 2018 |

The phone call telling Cher she was a Kennedy Center honoree was certainly welcome — but she admits she wanted to get it earlier.
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Skateboarder Cory Kennedy gets 4 years in prison for fatal DUI crash

September 1, 2018 |

Cory Kennedy, a popular pro skateboarder who has appeared in the films “Pretty Sweet” and “Beware of Sasquatch,” has been sentenced to four years in prison in connection with a fatal DUI crash.
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John Bolton previews the Trump-Putin summit; Leonard Leo on frontrunners to replace Justice Kennedy

July 1, 2018 |

President Trump’s national security adviser on expectations for the Helsinki summit; Key adviser to President Trump helped draw up that list of 25 names from which the president says he will choose his next Supreme Court nominee.
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Conservatives See a Lesson for the Left in Kennedy

June 28, 2018 |

The fallout from Anthony Kennedy’s bombshell decision to retire from the Supreme Court continues to resonate, with President Trump saying he’s “honored” that Kennedy has given him an opportunity to pick a successor. Of course, getting him confirmed is another issue, and the Hill digs into the political logistics in…

Trump: I’m ‘Honored’ Justice Kennedy Is Stepping Down

June 28, 2018 |

President Trump praised Anthony Kennedy during a rally in North Dakota Wednesday evening and said he is “honored” the Supreme Court justice made his bombshell retirement decision when he did. “I’m very honored that he chose to do it during my term in office, because he felt confident in me…

With Kennedy Gone, Many Predict Roe v. Wade Is Doomed

June 28, 2018 |

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement Wednesday, and President Trump wasted no time: The process to replace Kennedy on the high court will “begin immediately,” the POTUS told reporters, according to USA Today . Trump said he will review an existing list of candidates that was developed when he…

Sen. John Kennedy: Gun rights are being threatened by big banks

June 15, 2018 |

Taxpayers have long memories, especially when it comes to how their hard-earned money is spent. I bet taxpayers remember providing more than $ 812 billion to Citigroup and Bank of America, two Wall Street banks, in 2009 to bail them out during the 2008 financial crisis.
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Court Reverses Itself in Kennedy Clan Murder Case

May 5, 2018 |

The infamous murder case involving Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel has just taken another, and perhaps final, turn. Connecticut’s Supreme Court on Friday vacated his murder conviction in the 1975 slaying of neighbor Martha Moxley, ruling 4-3 that his defense team did a lousy job representing him, reports the Hartford Courant…


Rep. Joe Kennedy III Fishes for Phone in Trash

April 26, 2018 |

Rep. Joe Kennedy III put new meaning into dirty politics when he had to go digging for his phone through a fast food restaurant’s trash can. People who were there tell us JK3 had finished eating an early dinner Wednesday at Santa Rosa Taqueria on…