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| July 21, 2019

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Keith Thurman Rips Floyd Mayweather, You Ducked Me and You Know It!

July 19, 2019 |

Keith Thurman says Floyd Mayweather is straight CHICKEN — accusing the boxing legend of running scared before he retired and now he’s calling Floyd out. “If he wanted a real fight, he would have saw me years ago,” Thurman tells TMZ Sports. “You…

Trump’s opinion on UFOs: Nope — but you never know

July 6, 2019 |

Does President Trump believe the truth is out there?
FOX News


Charles Barkley Conflicted On Reparations, ‘I Don’t Know How You’d Do It’

June 25, 2019 |

Charles Barkley — who’s become extremely political over the years — says the issue of reparations for slavery is a “serious subject” … but admits he doesn’t see a real clear way to make it happen.  The issue of reparations for the…

Pelosi: I Didn’t Know About Any Plan to Strike Iran

June 22, 2019 |

Among those surprised to learn that the US came within 10 minutes of launching a strike on Iran was Nancy Pelosi. The House speaker told reporters Friday that she was not informed of any such plan after she and other lawmakers were briefed at the White House on Thursday. “We…

Rob Schneider hits back at Adam Sandler, says ‘it would be fun’ to pin him for murder: ‘I know his secrets’

June 15, 2019 |

Rob Schneider is sending a friendly cease and desist to his old pal Adam Sandler after the actor and stand-up comedian got word that if given the chance to “destroy” anyone, Sandler named Schneider as his mark. 
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Howard Kurtz on Michael Wolff’s questionable book: ‘I don’t know what business he thinks he’s in’

June 1, 2019 |

Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz criticized “Fire and Fury” author Michael Wolff on Friday, accusing him of failing to verify or fact-check important claims in his latest book. 
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You Know About Antibiotics and Meat. How About Oranges?

May 26, 2019 |

We hear a lot about antibiotics used to produce our meat. Oranges, not so much. But that’s the reality, reports Andrew Jacobs for the New York Times . It’s all due to citrus greening disease, which is caused by a bacteria that is spread to orange and grapefruit trees by way…