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| February 22, 2019

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PG&E should get out of the energy sales business, local governments say

February 18, 2019 |

A coalition of Northern California cities and counties is calling for state officials to remove Pacific Gas & Electric from the business of buying and selling electricity, which they say would allow the troubled company to focus on the safety of its poles and wires and reduce the risk of deadly…

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The state and local tax deduction cap probably isn’t going away — despite Trump’s comments

February 16, 2019 |

President Trump again indicated this week he might be open to revisiting the controversial new limit on state and local tax deductions that hits many middle-income residents hard in California and other high-tax, Democratic states.

Even so, don’t count on any changes to the Republican tax bill…

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Local Bishop Declares Covington Catholic Students’ Behavior ‘Laudatory’

February 13, 2019 |

The Diocese of Covington’s investigation into the viral Washington DC confrontation between Covington Catholic students and a Native American elder is complete, and the official word from Bishop Rev. Roger Foys is that the students from the Kentucky high school did not initiate the incident and their behavior was what…

Trump says he’s ‘open’ to changing the cap on state and local tax deductions, but Grassley isn’t

February 11, 2019 |

President Trump said he’d consider changes to a cap on the federal deduction for state and local taxes, one of the most divisive provisions of the 2017 Republican tax overhaul.

Trump told regional newspaper reporters in response to a question Wednesday that he’s “open to talking about” revisions…

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Spectrum is planning a 20% fee hike for local channels as pay-TV customers dwindle

February 3, 2019 |

We’re so accustomed to having our cable bills routinely go up by absurd amounts, it hardly seems like news when a cable company inflicts more pain on customers.

So perhaps Spectrum subscribers won’t be surprised to learn that the monthly fee they pay for access to local channels will rise March…

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Here’s how local governments are replacing California’s biggest utilities

January 27, 2019 |

Seventy miles north of downtown Los Angeles, where the Mojave Desert gives way to the San Joaquin Valley, three newly built wind turbines stand atop a ridge overlooking State Route 58. Strong gusts emerge from the mountain pass below, making this an especially windy spot in one of the windiest…

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Israeli Exchange to Launch Crypto Payments API Service for Local Businesses

December 30, 2018 |

Israeli Exchange to Launch Crypto Payments API Service for Local Businesses

There is a new option on the way for Israeli companies that wish to accept orders from cryptocurrency users while they keep managing their books in fiat. A local bitcoin exchange, Bits of Gold, is launching an API service for regulated crypto payments.

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New Tools for Israeli Businesses

Israeli Exchange to Launch Crypto Payments API Service for Local BusinessesTel Aviv-based cryptocurrency exchange Bits of Gold has developed an application program interface (API) service meant to enable companies to accept payments in crypto and receive the value in Israeli shekels or U.S. dollars. The exchange has also developed a complimentary service that allows businesses to get paid in shekels and receive the value in cryptocurrency.

The trading venue expressed hope that the new service will allow more companies to enter the field and thus expand the payment options for Israeli crypto users. The exchange also plans to soon launch cash registers that will enable retailers to accept crypto payments as well. And the company will also begin offering a Bitcoin clearing service for businesses in the second quarter of 2019, Bits of Gold CEO Youval Rouach told the local Globes  newspaper.

“Crypto transfers are not a complicated matter but the regulatory demands, which include identifying the client, make it complicated,” explained Bits of Gold VP Tomer Niv. “Our service allows to use Bitcoin and comply with the rules of the regulator, without developing a vast payments system for each business.”

The Crypto Situation in Israel in 2018

Israeli Exchange to Launch Crypto Payments API Service for Local BusinessesWhile the number of individual investors who entered the market declined, the number of companies that use Bits of Gold’s services remained quite stable in 2018, according to its CEO. And the exchange also continued to grow during the year, hiring more software developers and costumer service personnel, reaching a total staff of 21 people. However, the company also gave up on plans for buying another bitcoin ATM as well as offering clients an option to trade on a combined basket of top cryptocurrencies.

The CEO of the Israeli exchange thinks that the local securities and anti-money laundering authorities are doing a good job with regards to developing rules for the field, even making Israel an international leader in terms of crypto regulation. However, he notes that as long as the Bank of Israel doesn’t make a clear stand on the matter, commercial banks will continue to make it hard on the industry.

A recent report revealed that only 5 percent of the people in Israel invested in or used digital coins in 2018. Moreover, a total of 44 percent of Israelis say they either don’t know what Bitcoin is or just don’t understand the concept. In contrast, 42 percent of the people have reported using the direct money transfer apps that the big banks in Israel have been pushing hard over the last year in an attempt to stay relevant in the digital age.

Is the crypto industry in Israel going to recover in 2019? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Taiwan votes in local elections amid pressure from China

November 24, 2018 |

Taiwanese began voting in midterm local elections Saturday seen as a referendum on the independence-leaning administration of President Tsai Ing-wen, amid growing pressure from the island’s powerful rival China.
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Facebook looks to support local news

November 19, 2018 |

As Facebook faces increasing scrutiny for misinformation on its platform, its UK arm is looking to help bolster local reporting. – RSS Channel – World

In Russia, McDonald’s Serves Local Fries and a Side of Realpolitik

November 9, 2018 |

Once an ambassador of American culture in post-Soviet Russia, McDonald’s is now navigating rising U.S.-Kremlin tensions. To stay above the fray, the chain is taking a new tack: Go Russian. What’s News Europe