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| July 16, 2018

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Arrest Finally Made in Notorious 1988 Murder

July 16, 2018 |

Police in Indiana believe they have finally caught a suspect whose sickening crime has haunted investigators for more than 30 years. Grabill resident John D. Miller, 59, was arrested early Sunday and police say he has confessed to kidnapping, raping, and strangling 8-year-old Fort Wayne girl April Tinsley on Good…

Swindler Posing as Prince Made One Dumb Move

July 15, 2018 |

The Miami Herald has an interesting tale of an international swindler now locked up and awaiting sentencing for posing as Saudi royalty. The craziest part of the story is that Anthony Gignac, who was born in Colombia, might still be free if he hadn’t made his intended target suspicious with…

Royal Find: the ‘Most Controversial Chocolate Ever Made’

July 14, 2018 |

When Eddisons CJM put a tin of World War I chocolates up for auction last month, there was one person who wasn’t terribly impressed. “A lady from London wrote and said, ‘Hundred-and-three-year-old chocolate is not so special,'” auctioneer Paul Cooper tells the Daily Express . That’s because that woman had…

A Lot of Money is Being Made From Detained Immigrant Kids

July 12, 2018 |

Detaining immigrant children has morphed into a surging industry in the US that now reaps $ 1 billion annually—a tenfold increase over the past decade, per the AP. Health and Human Services grants for shelters, foster care and other child welfare services for detained unaccompanied and separated children soared from…

Arrest Made in ‘Highly Complex’ Probe of 8 Infant Deaths

July 3, 2018 |

Seventeen newborns died at a UK hospital over a 15-month period, while another 15 suffered “non-fatal collapses”—and police say they’ve finally taken a “significant step forward” in figuring out what happened. The BBC and CBS News report an arrest has been made of a female “health care professional,” accused…

How Amazon Made Pharmacies Ill

June 28, 2018 |

Amazon’s purchase of online pharmacy PillPack sparked a sharp selloff in drug supply chain stocks, as the deal shows the retailing behemoth is serious about entering the pharmacy business. What’s News Europe

1935 Footage of FDR Made Head of His Library ‘Gasp’

June 28, 2018 |

For seven seconds, the footage shows an American president walking to a White House railing to wave at a crowd. But “when I saw [it] … I gasped,” says Paul Sparrow, director of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum, which has acquired the silent film of the 32nd president…

The ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Song That Made James Corden Cry

June 22, 2018 |

A day in the life of James Corden often involves cajoling celebrities into his car as he cruises in Los Angeles, where they enjoy conversation and belt out songs together as part of the ‘Carpool Karaoke’ segment on Corden’s Late Late Show . This week, however, the British comedian is airing…

Malicious Monero Miners Made Off with 5% of Coins in Circulation, Over $175 Million

June 15, 2018 |

Malicious Monero Miners Made Off with 5% of Coins in Circulation, Over $  175 Million

‘Fair’ mining and privacy altcoin, Monero (XMR), shed $ 175 million as a result of malicious miners hijacking what amounts to an eye-popping 5% of XMR in circulation. The findings come by way of a cyber security researcher in Northern California, investigating a noticeable trend uptick in mining thievery generally.  

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5% of Circulating Monero Snatched by Malicious Mining

In preparation for the company newsletter, Unit 42, Palo Alto Networks researcher Josh Grunzweig blogged, The Rise of the Cryptocurrency Miners. It’s his effort to document a growing trend over the last year, malicious mining. Mr. Grunzweig’s frequent investigations on the subject caused him to dive deeper into the particulars. He came away with two critical findings: 1, malicious mining has indeed grown, and in direct relation to the giant price spikes of 2017; 2, Satoshi Pulse ranked 14th most valuable coin by market capitalization, Monero, has lost over $ 175 million, 5% of its present circulation, to malicious mining activity.

Malicious Monero Miners Made Off with 5% of Coins in Circulation, Over $  175 Million
Breakdown of cryptocurrencies targeted by malicious miners. Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks is a publicly traded (NYSE: PANW) cyber security company, focusing mostly on proprietary firewall solutions. It boasts almost $ 2 billion in revenue last year, with a global service reach of 50,000 customers in 150 countries, employing more than 5,000 people around the world. 

Mr. Grunzweig “extracted a total of 2,341 Monero wallets from the analyzed sample set,” he explained in the post. “Unlike some other cryptocurrencies, it is impossible to query the Monero blockchain to extract a single wallet’s current balance without the owner’s password. This is by design: a result of how Monero was originally designed. As such, I needed to take a different methodology in order to determine how much money attackers were able to mine.”

Japanese Police Begin Coinhive Investigation

“Fortunately,” he mentioned, “in addition to the wallets, I was also able to determine which mining pools were used for various mining efforts. Looking at the top ten mining pools used by this malware, I determined that all but one allows for anonymous viewing of statistics based off of the wallet as an identifier. This anonymous viewing is intentional, as it allows users to anonymously connect and use various mining pools without inputting any personal identifiable information.”

Malicious Monero Miners Made Off with 5% of Coins in Circulation, Over $  175 Million
Instances where a new cryptominer sample was discovered over time. Palo Alto Networks

Almost in passing, he refers to one “interesting note,” namely “that the total Monero represented roughly 5% of all Monero in circulation at the time of writing. This of course doesn’t take into account web-based Monero miners, or Monero miners that we do not have visibility into. As such, we can assume that the actual percentage of Monero in circulation that was mined via malicious activity is actually higher.”

He concludes by suggesting the malicious trend has leveled off some due to prices plummeting in recent months, noting it “is clear that such activities have been incredibly profitable for individuals or groups who have mined cryptocurrency using malicious techniques for a long period of time. A total of $ 175m has been found to be mined historically via the Monero currency, representing roughly 5% of all Monero currently in circulation.” Research revelations came around the same time Japanese police announced they’re investigating suspects employing Coinhive, a mining script used in Monero, focusing on thefts similar to those mentioned above.

What do you think about Monero? Let us know in the comments. 

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