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| July 23, 2017

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Pope Francis Has a Message for Whiners

July 14, 2017 |

Is Pope Francis getting tired of hearing about everyone’s problems? Probably not, but a new sign posted on his apartment door at the Vatican warns there’s “no whining” allowed inside. The sign was actually a kind of gag gift from Italian psychologist and self-help author Salvo Noe, who met the…

US Bombers Send Message to North Korea

July 8, 2017 |

Two US bombers flew to the Korean Peninsula to join fighter jets from South Korea and Japan for a practice bombing run as part of a training mission in response to North Korea’s ballistic missile and nuclear programs, officials said Saturday. US military officials described the mission Friday as a…

Study’s Message to Americans: ‘Our Air Is Contaminated’

June 29, 2017 |

Just because air pollution falls below legal limits does not mean you’re safe. Indeed, there is no “safe” level of air pollution as pollutants cause an increased risk of premature death even when detected at a fraction of the legal limit set by the EPA, a new study finds. “We…

Ohio Websites Hacked With Pro-ISIS Message

June 26, 2017 |

Ohio Gov. John Kasich does not love the Islamic State and does not intend to hold President Trump accountable “for every drop of blood flowing in Muslim countries,” but that’s the message that greeted visitors to his website Sunday. The Republican governor’s website was among numerous Ohio state sites hacked…

Pound’s Message to Investors: Wake Up and Smell the Election

June 7, 2017 |

Investors are scrambling to protect themselves against big moves in the British pound ahead of this week’s election, the outcome of which many had taken for granted. What’s News Europe


‘Love from Manchester:’ Royal Air Force message to ISIS on bomb

May 28, 2017 |

Members of the British Royal Air Force are sending a message to ISIS in a storied way — scrawled on the outside of a bomb. – RSS Channel – World

SOS Message Has Australian Police Scratching Their Heads

May 26, 2017 |

Police are searching for answers—and possibly missing people—after an SOS signal was spotted recently in a remote part of Western Australia, the BBC reports. A helicopter spotted rocks spelling out SOS in an area called Swift Bay. According to the Sydney Morning Herald the rocks are 75 miles…

Dove’s New Bottles Have a Message, and Some Hate It

May 9, 2017 |

Dove’s latest ad idea doesn’t appear on its bottles—it is the bottles. The company has rolled out “limited edition” body wash in the UK packaged in bottles of various shapes, the idea being that women come in various shapes, too. “Every woman’s version of beauty is different and, if…