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| January 22, 2019

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Ivanka Trump receives five more trademarks in China, fueling ethical concerns

January 22, 2019 |

The Chinese government granted Ivanka Trump’s company preliminary approval for another five trademarks this month, as her father’s administration pushes ahead on U.S.-China trade negotiations.

Four trademarks, including child-care centers, sunglasses and wedding dresses, were approved Sunday. A…

L.A. Times – Business

Dr. Marc Siegel: Diabetes and America – We can’t afford more deaths because of rising insulin prices

January 20, 2019 |

As insulin continues to become more and more expensive, many people with diabetes who require it can’t afford it and find they have to ration its use. Tragically, news reports say some people have even died because they’ve reduced their expensive insulin dose to save money.  
FOX News

His Insulin Cost More Than $1K Per Month. Is That What Killed Him?

January 19, 2019 |

Alec Raeshawn Smith was shocked to be diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 23. The incurable autoimmune disease, which often strikes in childhood, is far less common than type 2 diabetes, which does not always require patients to take insulin. Type 1 diabetics must take it; before the hormone…

Berlusconi Is Back for One More Try

January 19, 2019 |

The octogenarian Italian businessman turned politician said he will run in the European Union parliamentary election. Mr. Berlusconi’s pitch to Italians included a call to throw out the country’s populist government and defend Europe’s Christian roots. What’s News Europe

Winter storm sweeping across US, with more than 100M Americans in its path

January 19, 2019 |

A massive winter storm swept across the Midwest on Friday, bound for New England, where it was projected to dump as much as 2 feet of snow over the weekend. The National Weather Service said more than 116 million people live within its path.
FOX News

Tesla to Slash More Jobs in Effort to Lower Model 3 Price

January 19, 2019 |

Tesla is cutting its full-time workforce by 7% to help lower costs so it can sell the Model 3 sedan at a lower price. Shares fell 13%. US Business

Nazis Stole More Than Art. Now, Try Returning It

January 15, 2019 |

“People have looked away for so long, but I don’t think they can anymore.” So says a Nazi-looting expert about millions of works stolen during World War II—not paintings by master artists, but books once owned by Jewish families and institutions. Researchers in Europe and America are finding ways…


Zimbabwe fuel protests turn violent after prices more than double

January 14, 2019 |

Protests have broken out in Zimbabwe’s two main cities over a sharp hike in the price of fuel announced by the government. – RSS Channel – World

Marie Kondo Craze: Thrift Stores Much More Cluttered

January 13, 2019 |

It’s a good time to turn into a hoarder: Marie Kondo is sweeping the closets and junk drawers of newfound neat-freaks nationwide, and the contents of newly tidied spaces are turning into something of a boon for thrift stores and consignment shops. Since the tidying guru’s Netflex series, Tidying Up…

Tucker Carlson: Democrats feel illegal immigrants who ignore our laws are more American than you are

January 10, 2019 |

You could call Democrats’ response to President Trump’s border cris speech ‘manufactured.’
FOX News