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| April 25, 2017

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Class Shouldn’t Start Until 11 for Most College Students

April 19, 2017 |

The world is making its college students wake up too darn early, according to a study recently published in Frontiers in Neuroscience . NPR reports researchers sampled dozens of college freshmen and sophomores to figure out what time of day was best for their brain performance. While most colleges have classes…

Most Important Gear for Women Campers Isn’t What You Think

April 15, 2017 |

“Taking a [poop] in the woods is funny and easy to talk about,” Heather Hansman writes for Outside Magazine . “Periods are not.” That why Hansman says the “one item that made the biggest difference” during a recent two-month river trip through the wilderness wasn’t a tent, or knife, or bug…

America’s 7 Most Endangered Rivers

April 11, 2017 |

“If we don’t protect and restore our rivers, we won’t have reliable clean drinking water supplies,” says a rep for American Rivers , a conservation group out with its annual list of the most endangered rivers in the US. Each river included on the list has regional or national significance and…

Cosby’s New Infamy: Kids’ Books Among ‘Most Challenged’

April 10, 2017 |

A celebrity once beloved among young people now finds himself on a list of books parents and other community members most wish to see removed from libraries: Bill Cosby. Cosby’s “Little Bill Books” series is among those making the American Library Association’s annual top 10 “challenged books,” per the AP…

North Korea Promises ‘Most Ruthless Blow’ to US

April 8, 2017 |

President Trump may be considering putting American nuclear missiles in South Korea—or even assassinating Kim Jong-un. Military and intelligence officials tell NBC News the National Security Council has presented Trump with options on responding to North Korea’s refusal to curtail its nuclear program. The options all represent big changes…

Most Wells Fargo board members should go, says influential advisory group

April 8, 2017 |

An influential shareholder advisory firm has recommended that Wells Fargo & Co. investors vote against most of the company’s incumbent board members in an upcoming election — a stinging rebuke that the bank’s board called “extreme and unprecedented.”

In a report issued Friday, Institutional Shareholder…

L.A. Times – Business

Babies in This Country Cry the Most

April 3, 2017 |

New research into the amount of time that infants in various countries spend crying found that the littlest ones in usually placid Canada were the most colicky. British babies came in second, followed by Italy. The most tranquil tots, meanwhile, live in Denmark and Germany. Writing in the Journal of…

Most Pay-TV Subscribers Keep It for One Reason

March 25, 2017 |

The day of the couch potato is gone in one sense: We’re not necessarily on couches when we binge on video content. But it’s alive and well in another: We’re watching a heck of a lot of content, usually while multitasking. These are among the findings in a new survey…


Is this the most powerful man in the world?

March 25, 2017 |

Phil Black looks at how hacking, military might and Putin’s personality have helped the Russian President wield power across the world. – RSS Channel – World


‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Suffers Most Epic Fail, Maybe of All Time (VIDEO)

March 22, 2017 |

A “Wheel of Fortune” contestant named Kevin went down in game show history Tuesday night by flubbing a puzzle with just one blatantly OBVIOUS letter to go. Hilarious brain fart, Kev. Get your mind out of the gutter, and one more thing:…