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| November 19, 2017

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Who inspires you the most?

November 18, 2017 |

Their missions vary greatly: To provide loving homes for orphaned children, feed those in crisis or mend war’s psychological wounds. – RSS Channel – World

Divorce Is Most Expensive in This State

November 16, 2017 |

If your marriage is on the rocks, here’s hoping you don’t live in California. 24/7 Wall St. looked at the average cost of a divorce based on data from a lawyer marketing service—including attorney fees, court filing costs, and other legal fees—and found that the Golden State is…

This Is America’s Most Dangerous Highway

November 14, 2017 |

Sorry, Florida drivers. Teletrac Navman is out with its list of the 25 most dangerous highways in the US, and three of the five worst are in the Sunshine State, Click Orlando reports. The absolute worst? Florida’s Interstate 4, which is just 132 miles long—it connects Tampa, Orlando, and…

This May Be the Most Secretive State in the Nation

November 14, 2017 |

Kansas doesn’t just try to manage the flow of information to the public about government doings, it throttles it. After a months-long investigation, the Kansas City Star concludes that Kansas “runs one of the most secretive state governments in the nation.” The newspaper finds that this lack of transparency has…

Aaron Hernandez’s CTE Was Most Severe Ever Found at 27

November 9, 2017 |

Former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez suffered severe damage to parts of the brain that play an important role in memory, impulse control, and behavior, a researcher who studied his brain said Thursday. Dr. Ann McKee, director of the CTE Center at Boston University, said she could not “connect…

10 of the World’s Most Surprising Major Exports

November 9, 2017 |

Did you know 40.9% of Haiti’s exports are knit T-shirts? Using data from the Observatory of Economic Complexity, the Telegraph broke down and mapped out the major export from every country in the world—with some surprising results. Here are 10 of the most unexpected top exports in the…

The Republican tax bill’s small-business problem — most won’t benefit from the special new rate

November 4, 2017 |

The House Republican plan to cut taxes for small businesses has a big problem: Most apparently won’t benefit from it.

The typical small business, whether it’s a sole proprietorship, partnership or limited liability company, doesn’t pay taxes itself, but its owners do as individuals.

And already…

L.A. Times – Business

In Lithuania, ‘Most Important Find Since Dead Sea Scrolls’

October 28, 2017 |

A professor of Jewish history doesn’t mince words: “It’s the most important find since the Dead Sea Scrolls,” David Fishman tells Fox News . He’s referring to a trove of Jewish documents that were long assumed to have been destroyed in Lithuania during the Holocaust—but they survived, only to resurface…

Paul Newman’s Rolex Now Most Expensive Watch Ever Auctioned

October 27, 2017 |

Pre-auction estimates for Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona—an icon in the watch world—went higher than $ 1 million. But it ended up selling for 17 times that, Esquire reports. Its $ 17,752,500 sale price after 12 minutes of bidding set a world record, making it the most expensive watch…